Bibliophiles, story-lovers, and bookworms, we've got a treat for you - amazing book decor! From stunning libraries to cozy reading nooks, there's something for everyone. 

Who remembers that scene from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast when Belle walks into the massive library in the Beast’s castle? I do! (Just in case you haven't or you want to see it again, I've included a clip below!) Ever since I first saw that scene, my inner-nerd has been dreaming of having a huge library of my own. I can’t deny it, I’m a complete bibliophile!


There are many things I truly adore in this world, two of them being books and amazing home decor. After going on one of my usual inter-webs explorations, reading blogs and exploring Pinterest, I happened to stumble on some images that combine my two loves. Yes, books and home decor have harmoniously come together to create up-to-date and inspiring living spaces. Here are some of my favorite ideas on using books for decoration!

Book Decor Minimalist Home Library Book Home Decor Gray Interior Built In Bookshelves

Via Freshome

Here’s a minimalist library space that I simply adore because of the amount of natural light that flows into the room. Note to self, incorporate as many floor to ceiling window panes in my dream library as possible. I mean, who doesn’t love reading with tons of natural light illuminating the pages. Actually, correction, who doesn’t love reading?

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Book Decor Circular Book Library Book Home Decor Trophy Head Wood Floors Ladder Office Space

Via Roomble

This circular office and library combo is very unique. I do have to say that this library decor is not suitable for any bookworm with a fear of heights. Regardless, this space is quite original and interesting to look at. Imagine sitting in that green office chair looking up at all your glorious books. It’s a nice thought to ponder. Plus, I have always had this thing where I wanted a library big enough to have a ladder, and this would definitely fit that bill!

Book Decor Library Slide Book Home Decor Wooden Shelves and Floors

Via BuzzFeed

How fun is this library space? Who would have thought of incorporating a slide into a library? Whoever it was, I have to say, they're a genius. This would be great for anyone who likes to let out their inner-child whenever they read or for those who are too tired to walk down the stairs to get their favorite book. Or, people like me who would use any excuse to keep going down that slide! This has got to be one of the best book decoration ideas yet!

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Book Decor Bathroom Bookshelves Book Home Decor Wooden Tub with Cabinets

Via BuzzFeed

Taking warm baths while reading can be so relaxing. Here’s a great book decoration idea in the form of a bookshelf right behind the bathtub so that whenever you're taking a soak, you have easy access to all your favorite novels. However, this bookshelf does come with a cautionary warning. It may induce long hours in the bathtub, which could make you prone to pruning. Furthermore, it can also result in long hours being spent in the bathroom, which may not be suitable for those sharing a single powder room. Lastly, be careful not to get your precious books wet! Other than that, this idea is completely awesome.

Book Decor Modern Library Book Chair Book Home Decor

Via Homedit

This modern book chair is beyond cool. The ambient lighting that resonates off the chair creates a super chill reading area. Whoever invented this is a genius as well. Who would’ve thought of combining a bookshelf, comfy chair, and book light? Let’s not forget to mention that they combined these three things in a super cool and modern way. I wouldn’t mind lounging around in one of these while I crack open one of my favorite books!

Book Decor Books as Decoration Rainbow Color Coordinated Bookshelf

Via Apartment Therapy

I have always been in awe of these types of bookshelves. I love the way the colors flow across the shelf. It’s just a beautiful form of book decor. I myself would not be able to set up my library like this, because I am very particular about having my books in series order, but I just love the way this looks! If you want a beautiful way to add flowing color to your library, then you should try this. These decorative books especially look great on a white shelf!

Book Decor Upcycled Lamp Book Home Decor Books as Decoration

Via BuzzFeed

I understand that not every book lover out there can afford to have the library of their dreams quite yet. I have some good news for all you on-a-budget bibliophiles! You can still incorporate books in your home decor. Check out this upcycled, rustic book decor lamp that can be totally transformed into a DIY. This quaint lamp would be perfect for your study area or favorite reading place!

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Book Decor Home Decor Pillow with Books Colorful Books as Decoration

Via BuzzFeed

Here’s another budget friendly and unique book inspired home accessory! Why not pile a bunch of these book-y pillows on your couch for an interesting and quirky look? This is perfect for all you die-hard bookworms out there. There are decorating styles for everyone, no matter how much you love books, so you’re bound to find book interior design that’s perfect for you!

Book Decor Staircase with Book Covers DIY Book Stairs Lettering

Via ThatMakesAStatement

My final book decor idea I want to share is this staircase. I absolutely love staircases done like this! You can customize it to use your favorite books too, so it’s very personalized. If you're a book lover, and have a staircase that isn’t as nerdy as you like, you can totally do this to your stairs. You can even buy the stencils online to make it easier for you. Cool, right? This would just be amazing to add to a book lover’s home!

There you go bookworms! I hope you’ve been inspired by these spaces and home accessories. If you were, please let us know! Feel free to share this blog post with your book club friends or at your local library. Sharing is caring!

**Featured image via Bookshelf Porn