Can’t get enough of the fashion from Mad Men (or Mad Men in general)? Check out this blog post about modern-day clothing inspired by Mad Men fashion! 

"...I'd like to buy the world a Coke..." 

That’s right, y’all! We are talking about Mad Men inspired fashion today! This begins part 1 of 3 installments for my first blog post series ever: Fashion Inspired by Our Favorite TV Shows. In these three installments, I’m going to choose a few characters from three different TV shows in three different eras whose fashion really captivates me. If you know me, you may think well, that’s ironic because you always wear flip flops and t-shirts, but if you really know me, you’ll know I have a love for makeup and hair, fashion, and of course, shoes. If you saw my bedroom and closet, you’d totally see what I mean.

I wanted to begin with Mad Men inspired outfits for a couple of reasons. First, it is set in the earliest era of the three shows that I’ve chosen to write about. Second, I love their outfits! Born in the 1990s, I (obviously) never experienced living in the 1950s/60s, so I didn’t get to wear those nifty 1960s mod dresses and other cool 1960s trends. What is truly amazing about Mad Men is that the costume designers did a superb job of replicating the 1960s clothing as the decade progressed. So, for all of us who hadn’t been born yet, we still have the opportunity to “live” during these times and rep our favorite 1960s fashion outfits inspired by Mad Men!

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I’m going to show y’all modern-day fashion inspiration that stems from the 1960s dresses and styles of four of our favorite female characters: Betty Draper/Francis, Joan Holloway/Harris, Peggy Olson, and Sally Draper. Now, let’s get our fash-on!

Betty Draper was the first female character on Mad Men whose fashion and wardrobe really stuck out to me. In my opinion, she really does look like Grace Kelly, especially in the early seasons of the show. She always dressed with poise and style, which was very common of housewives and women in general in the 1950s/1960s. Something that is very cool about modern-day fashion is that vintage pieces and styles are making a comeback, especially 60s attire! Check out this copycat outfit - white button-down, flowy pink skirt, and soft pink heels with a bow. This updated outfit is a subtle play on the late 1950s/1960s fashion that we saw Betty wear. It’s extremely classy, chic, and perfect if you’re feeling extra elegant and want to get dressed up.

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Dress like Joan Holloway! Joan Holloway/Harris is one of my favorite characters. She was so witty and would say exactly what was on her mind - I loved it. Joan was known for her constant usage of bodycon style dresses throughout all the seasons. She also wore many dresses and blouses with scoop necks. One of my favorite outfits of hers is this emerald green dress. It’s just so pretty and looks amazing on her! Check out this modern take on Joan’s iconic dress. It is a black, slimming dress with a flowy skirt and scoop neck - just like something Joan would wear! Pair it with a low heel and you’re good to go!

Mad Men Fashion Peggy Olson in a Red and Blue Dress with Red Heels and White Gloves


Peggy Olson starts off shy and nerdy when we first meet her as Don’s secretary. As the seasons fly by however, she breaks out of this mold and works her way to being Copy Chief at SCDP. It’s super cool to see how her fashion and style transformed from modest dresses in the early half of the decade to the late 1960s mod style dresses. Just like her personality, her fashion went from being timid to bold, which is why I picked this image of her wearing a fierce red and blue sleeveless dress.

A contemporary spin on this dress would be something like the picture on the right. A floral dress with a mock turtleneck is perfect to wear either casually or dressed up. You can wear it with heels (like Peggy did) or with boots (like this model did). I’ve also noticed that mock turtle are making a comeback (which I love because I love high-neck tops, so yay!). I wonder if Peggy’s fashion subconsciously played a role in this … No matter how you decide to emulate this look, just make sure you channel your inner Peggy and be fierce!

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When Mad Men first started, Sally Draper was only 5 years old, and by the end of the series, she was 13. In my opinion, her character experienced the most breakthroughs, and she became an opinionated teenager who was the opposite of her parents. She was strong, stable, and smart. You can see her becoming an adult through her fashion in the later seasons. Sally Draper wears lots of plaid and wool cardigans, but don’t let her school uniform fool you - she is stylish. She is definitely keeping up with the changing times and sixties fashion, which is shown in her clothing. I’ve chosen this 60s mod look from the later part of the decade. This striped sweater paired with a suede miniskirt is a modern update on Sally’s sixties style. This is actually a super simple outfit that is still chic!

If you’re like me and needed a dose of Mad Men since the series ended (it’s been over a year already!), these Mad Men inspired fashion trends are perfect for you! No matter which character is your favorite, you can find and wear all their styles and other sixties outfits in a modern way. Which 60’s trend is your favorite? Comment and let me know which Mad Men female character and style is your favorite, and be sure to share this post with your friends!

**Featured image via NYMag