From pet furniture to furniture inspired by pets, the interior design universe has tons of pet inspired decor that will make a home for your furry friend.

When I was in kindergarten, my dad got my sisters and I our very first dog! His name was Jack and ironically he was a Jack Russell Terrier. I remember growing up seeing Jack’s ugly pet bed and out of place dog igloo in our home and thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Jack’s stuff looked nicer?” Well friends, there’s no reason to fret over unsightly pet furniture because there is tons of fun and unique pet furniture that can fit your home decor style. Today we’re going to be talking about decor trends that cater to our beloved furry friends as well as home accessories inspired by our four-legged pals!

Pet Inspired Decor Brown Modular Dog Crate Brown Wicker Chair Damask Wallpaper Hardwood Floors

Via Freshome

For instance, check out this super cute modular pet crate (and the adorable dog inside)! I love the dark wood finish. This pet crate design would blend in nicely with most home decor styles, especially when compared to a typical ugly greige plastic container (seriously, who picked that color for dogloos??). Take note of how the dark wood of the pet crate blends in beautifully with the wall decor and dark wood wicker seat in this gorgeous sitting area. What's not to love about this dog house decor?

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Pet Inspired Decor Dog Bed with Black and White Pillow Bed with Black and White Comforter Coordinated Interior Design

Via Better Homes and Gardens

Do any of you out there have custom bedding? (I would love to have custom bedding one day.) If you do, why not make a dog bed that perfectly coordinates with your own bedding? I love this idea. I wish that my family and I coordinated our dog Jack’s pet furniture with our own home decor. His dog decor and other pet stuff wouldn’t have looked so out of place. Take note friends; don’t let your pet furniture be a faux pas! Blend your pet decor with your home's decor! Plus, I just love the little raised bed idea. I like how the legs and the inside are painted a bright, fun color. How cute would that be to coordinate with your home decor?

Pet Inspired Decor White Puppy Bed in Living Room Hardwood Floors White Couch Throw Pillows

Via Apartment Therapy

Here’s another fabulous pet bed that looks absolutely beautiful. I love the white bedding and the combination metal and wood stand. I can totally imagine this pet bed in a contemporary, industrial, or even eclectic style home. I like that this bed is white because it makes it look really crisp and nice, though it might get dingy more quickly (unless you have some good bleach handy!). Wouldn’t it be fun to take that bed and use different graphic prints, patterns, or colors? That way, it can go with any decor!

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Pet Inspired Decor Minimalist Wood Cat Bed Pet Pillow Bed

Via designboom

Does your home have a minimalist or modern style? This pet bed and crate combo will perfectly suit your home decor style! I like the look of the sanded unstained wood along with the unique shape. In fact, I think the shape of this pet bed is really what makes it so cool. Obviously this wouldn’t work for really large pets (Garfield level chubby cats!), but if your pet is small enough, this pet bed is absolutely perfect for them! I definitely know someone who would love this for her cats. Props to you if you can build something like this for your furry friend!

Pet Inspired Decor Ornate White Dog Crate Small Dog Carrier Colorful Dog Bed Pillow

Via Maricela Sanchez

I love decorative pet crates and this one is no exception! I don’t know about you, but those metal wire crates are just so boring, and I really never understood why they can’t be pretty. Well, apparently if you find ones like this, they totally can be! If I had a dog in my apartment, I would buy this dog crate for them because it matches perfectly with my apartment’s interior design. I love the cut outs on this dog house because not only are they beautiful and visually stimulating, but they also allow you to see your precious pup!

Pet Inspired Decor Colorful Pet Graphic Art Dog Portrait Indoor Plants

Via BarkPost

Moving away from pet beds and crates, check out this dog wall decor! If you have major love for your pet, this is definitely a fun piece to incorporate into your home decor. I love the vivid colors. This pet wall decor would definitely be an awesome way to add tons of fun character and style to your home! And, you can easily create this yourself with a picture of your own precious fur baby!

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Pet Inspired Decor Custom Pet Pillow Dog Pillow Cat Pillow Couch


If pet inspired art isn’t enough, check out these awesome cat and dog decorative pillows that transform your favorite pet photo into an actual pillow! I love these pillows so much! Not only are they unique, but they will definitely make a statement in your home decor. If you know someone with a beloved pet, this would be an awesome gift for them as well!

I think it’s obvious that we all love our pets and we all love home decor. I hope that’s true for you and not just us! Hopefully you found something in this post that will help you transform your place into a home for not only you, but also your beloved furry friends.

Do you give this post two “paws-up?” Let us know in the comments below! Feel free to share this post with all your friends and loved ones who might be looking for dog decor ideas. Thanks for reading, friends! ‘Til next time!

**Featured image via HGTV