Not sure what your home design is trying to say? Why not spell it out with some typography interior design! Check out these living spaces - you'll love 'em! 

I’m the kind of girl who likes to be clear and to the point. When I want to communicate a message, I like to be as direct as possible. Despite the fact that I like being concise about most everything, part of me loves artistic expression, even if the meaning of that artistic expression is somewhat ambiguous. One of my favorite forms of artistic expression is typography! Why you ask? I love it because typography satisfies my lust for art as well as my desire for clear communication. To me, typography is art expressed in direct, clear writing form.

For all of you unfamiliar with what typography is, according to Merriam-Webster, it is “the work of producing printed pages from written material” or “the style, arrangement, or appearance of printed letters on a page.” Now that we’re all educated on what typography is, let’s talk about where typography fits in the world of interior design!

For starters, typography is literally everywhere in interior design! Typography can be used just about anywhere, whether it be in upholstery, wallpaper, or wall art. If you have ever been to Target or Hobby Lobby and seen a framed quote or a giant letter, then you have literally been a bystander of typography! I think the way people are most familiar with typography is in the form of cute framed quotes hung on the wall or neat little home decor trinkets. Regardless of how you’ve personally seen typography in homes or stores, I hope we can all agree that typography is awesome and totally on-trend in the world of interior design!

Typography Interior Design White Living Room with Black Couch and Framed Quotes Floor Lamp Indoor Plants Large Windows Wood Coffee Table

Via The Design Sheppard

This is what typography actually looks like in the world of interior design. Check out the awesome dining nook below. How awesome does wall typography look as an accent wall? Definitely makes a statement, right? Doing something like this would be great for anyone who loves books or enjoys classic literature. What’s great about typographic art is that you can be as personal with it as you want. If you wanted to put your favorite movie quote or family saying on your wall, by all means do it. Typography adds a lot of character to a living space so make sure it’s personal to you. Express what you love through typography art design!

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Typography Interior Design Dining Room with Breakfast Nook Black Pendant Light Wood Dining Table White Hardwood Floors Accent Wall

Via Arcadian Home

Here’s another great example of how to incorporate typography in interior design. I’m pretty positive that everyone has seen word art like this before. This example of design typography is a super affordable way to incorporate graphic art into your home’s design. You could even DIY this by going to your local craft store and getting craft letter stickers and sticking them on a canvas. If you want more of a painted look, simply paint over those craft letters. Once the paint is dry, peel them off, and voila, you have a custom-made typographic art piece. This would be a simple, inexpensive way to create the typography gallery wall of your dreams! You can even use this same technique on the accent wall above if you wanted!

Typography Interior Design Three Chairs with Three Graphic Prints Typographic Prints on Wall Hardwood Floors Gallery Wall

Via Houzz

Here’s another gorgeous example of just how to incorporate typography in interior design. My biggest tip when it comes to typography is to have fun with it! Mix and match your favorite quotes with mirrors, wall art, and decorative frames in a wall gallery like this one. From the decorative golden frames to the girly cursive quote, this wall gallery is super feminine and luxe.

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This is another awesome and simple way to create a great gallery wall. The frames and mirrors could easily be purchased at thrift stores and painted to match whatever decor you already have. Or, if you are digging this chic look, go for it! There is literally no wrong way to add typography into your home.

Typography Interior Design Wall Gallery Gold Mirrors Framed Wall Art Rug Hardwood Floors Gray Couches White Coffee Table

Via Classy Clutter

I love the quirky quote in this home office along with the marquee letters that spell “LOVE.” Fun fact about me is that I love the word “love” so this room has totally captured my heart. I love marquee letters because they serve the purposes of adding art, light, AND visual interest. That’s a total interior design win in my opinion! Plus how often do you see homes with cool marquee letters? Marquee letters could be a decorative feature totally unique to you and your home! And, if you can’t find the letters already made like this, there are tons of tutorials out there that can teach you how to make these lighted marquee letters yourself. How awesome would it be to create your own lighted marquee for your home?

Typography Interior Design Wall Art Love Marquee Letters Framed Quote Glass Desk with Gold Chair Indoor Plants

Via Brittany Makes

If you love inspirational quotes over everything else, I’m right there with you, friend! I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes. In fact, I have a whole wall gallery in my bedroom with vintage photos of my mom, artwork that inspires me, and quotes that motivate me. In this minimalist dining room, these typography quotes literally speak. They add visual interest on top of sharing the interests of the home owner. So you see, you don’t have to already have a set style in your home to have great typography accents. They can boost up any decor style, from eclectic to rustic to minimalist! All you have to do is add it in!

Typography Interior Design Minimalist Dining Room Glass Dining Table with White Chairs Indoor Plants Black Door Wall Clock Graphic Art

Via Lilium Designs

If you aren’t really into phrases or cheesy quotes in your home decor, why not incorporate a cool wooden or metal cut-out of the first letter of your name. You can use your first name or last name, whichever letter you prefer! What I’m trying to get at, is that it is super easy to use typography to really personalize your home. Typography can literally express you word for word (and, in this instance, letter by letter!). Like I said before, it’s great to add into quite literally any type of decor.

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Typography Interior Design Living Room White Couch Pink Accent Chairs Chandelier Wooden Shutters Green Shag Carpet Glass Coffee Table

Via Houzz

There you go, friends! That’s typography and interior design for you. So, whether you’re the type of person who loves quotes or you’re just a fan of monograms, typography can be something that you can utilize to personalize your space. Let’s all get personal with our home decor! Home is where the heart is! Make sure your home decor expresses your heart whether it be with art, paintings, or typographic quotes.

Love typography interior design? “Spell it out” in the comments below. Also, if you have friends and family who love typography, be sure to share this post with them! I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

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