Marvel nerds unite! We’re checking out each of the Avengers to show you their Marvel decor style and how to incorporate it into your home with some comic book flair!

Hello friends! I wanted to start a very special series that I have been patiently waiting to write. We’ve seen Classic Disney decor, Disney Princess decor, and even Enchanted Forest decor. But do you know what I noticed about this? In the last few years, superhero movies, mainly piloted by the ever awesome Marvel Studios, have been soaring to the top of the box office. So, why don’t we have a Marvel decor series yet? I don’t know about you, but I would love to have my home decorated in the style of my favorite Marvel superheroes! Of course, my guest bathroom is already decorated in a sort of Justice League theme, with DC comics prints on the walls and these adorable Little People Justice League heroes (and Joker), but we’ll ignore that for now.

Today, I want to talk Marvel home decor. Hey, Disney owns Marvel, so technically I’m still following this sort of trend we have going on right now with Disney inspired home decor. Disney pretty much owns the world though, so it’s not hard to stick with a Disney theme. After a few moments pondering over how I would actually write up this series, I decided to focus on the main Avengers crew, and give you all some ideas on how to add their style into your decor. Basically, what their rooms would look like with a bit of added comic book flair. I naturally had to begin with the First Avenger: Captain America. Well, technically Steve Rogers. But let’s not argue semantics. Let’s talk Marvel Decor!

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The super cool thing about Steve Rogers’ themed decor is that we get a good glimpse of his apartment in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Plus, in many animated renditions, you also get different parts of his rooms. Not to mention what’s in the comics. But, I’m mainly going to focus on the movies, and meld them with the comics as well as I can.

Marvel Decor Captain America Steve Rogers Apartment

Via Decider

So before I get started, I have to apologize because I just couldn't find any good shots of Cap's apartment, but I guess this gives you an excuse to go check out the movie! To describe Steve Rogers’ apartment for those who haven't seen the movie(s): it has an industrial/minimalist vibe with posters on the walls, shelves full of books, and a super cool record player. A great place to start when going for Marvel Comics room decor, right?

I love the idea of vintage posters. You can totally find reproductions of those Steve would have seen before he became Capsicle. You can usually find them online. Places like Etsy should have many you can choose from. Or, you can get lucky and find them at antique shops and other stores that may sell such items. They don’t have to be war posters. Any vintage poster from the time or even from the movies - think about a poster from the Stark Expo - will do just fine as Marvel wall art! Okay technically that logo came off a shirt I found online, but it would make an awesome poster!

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Marvel Decor Captain America Retro Wartime Propaganda Print Poster

Via Ollie Boyd

This is truly a nod to the comic book style Captain America. I love how it’s a retro reproduction of a wartime propaganda poster. It would look fantastic in a Steve Rogers themed space. This superhero wall art would mesh with the other vintage looking posters that he would have up in his apartment, and bring in that comic book flair like I said I would give you! You can also find posters and metal art that are comic book covers, which would also look pretty cool as Marvel wall decor.

Marvel Decor Captain America Steve Rogers Minimalist Living Room with Gallery Wall of Vintage Retro Prints

Via Indigo Meets Violet

Another thing I noticed about Captain America’s room is that it’s kind of bare. He has the essentials, some pretty awesome shelving, and a record player, but it’s simplistic in nature. There’s definitely a minimalist feel to this superhero decor. But, maybe because of the shelving and the record player, I’m also getting a slight industrial vibe to it. Plus an underlying vintage tone runs through his space with all the deep brown wooden furniture. Classic. 

This space here would be a good place to start when recreating your own Steve Rogers’ style Marvel room decor! I just love the gallery wall with the retro photos and prints. It takes a more modern approach, but it’s pretty neat! You could even take the next step and add in shelving like he has as a room divider. So awesome and practical.

Marvel Decor Captain America Steve Rogers Bookshelf from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Via A Common Reader

In this awesome screen shot from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we are blessed to be able to read the titles of the books Steve Rogers owns. They are mainly World War II novels, and some history and military classics thrown in. This post here goes over the list of books on his shelf. They really go with the running gag that once he thaws out, he tries to catch up on everything he has missed over the past 70 years, and books are a major part of that. If you aren’t really into World War II or history novels, you could just use your own books. The more vintage your books look, the more accurate your shelf will look as per Steve Rogers. I really like how he styled his books, with some laying on their side. It adds interest to the shelf, and helps you fill it up!

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Marvel Decor Captain America Steve Rogers Vintage Retro Working Typewriter with Plant

Via Wanelo

One thing I really love in Cap’s apartment is the retro items like the record player. Of course Steve Rogers has a record player! That would be fantastic to add to an apartment to emulate the home decorating of the ever-loveable Steve Rogers. Record players aren’t cheap, and with the recent hipster craze for records, they’re not always easy to find. So, I came up with some alternatives for you to still get that old-fashioned vibe.

For instance, a typewriter placed on a coffee table or desk, or an old radio sitting on a bookshelf can help create that vintage theme. You can find items like this at antique and resale shops. You can even buy typewriters that are new, but still look like they’re vintage. Places like Etsy and other online stores are your friend. You can find great typewriters like this one for a relatively inexpensive price, and they work! This way, if you want to use your typewriter, you can! I love typewriters. I have one somewhere that needs some tinkering to get working again, but one day I’ll get it up and running. Where is that typewriter anyways? Hmm, I’ll think on it. But I digress. Back to superhero room decor.

Want an apartment like Steve Rogers has? Check out how with these awesome Marvel decor tips! #CaptainAmerica

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There you have it, folks! Awesome ideas on how to turn your space into the home that Steve Rogers would have had, with a touch of comic book excellence of course. What was your favorite part? Personally, I love the vintage posters paired with the retro Captain America wartime propaganda print. Well, I’m off to work on the rest of the series! Don’t forget to comment, and share this post with your family and friends! Oh, and if you have a certain Avenger you want to see a post written for, please let me know! Until next time, stay nerdy, my friends!

**Featured image via Screenrant