This billionaire, playboy, philanthropist sure has great Marvel home decor, and why wouldn’t he? Join me as we tackle the interior design of the Invincible Iron Man!

Welcome back to another installment of my Marvel home decor series! My nerdy self is really enjoying going over the styles of all my favorite Marvel superheroes! If we’re going to talk about style, and the Avengers, though, there’s no way anyone in their right minds would leave out Tony Stark! The man is a legend when it comes to technology, sustainability, and, well, being a billionaire. He’s one of those characters where we absolutely love his flaws, and Robert Downey Jr. totally is Tony Stark, and portrays him beautifully. We are lucky to have had several movies that show us the fantastic way Tony Stark decorates his home, his business, and even Avengers Tower. This is gonna be fun, folks, and do I have some great ideas to share with you if you’re looking to Stark-ify your home decor! So, barring any more nerdy outbursts about how wonderful RDJ is, let’s move on and talk about Marvel home decor!

Marvel Home Decor Tony Stark Iron Man Stark Tower Interior Gwyneth Paltrow Robert Downey Jr

Via Facepunch

One of my favorite things about Tony Stark is his love of combining tech with everything around him. I love his use of holograms, smart technology, and of course J.A.R.V.I.S.. Barring actually transforming your home into a smart home (I still have nightmares about that 90s movie Smart House), there are still ways to integrate more Stark-like tech. There are apps, small devices, and other items that can make your home smart, and make you feel like you have your own J.A.R.V.I.S.. Technically, your smart phone would help create a smart home, since you can download apps to hook up your TV, lights, and other items in your home. Some video game consoles and TVs even have smart components. Today, I’m only going to talk about one because it’s my favorite, a very easy way to incorporate tech into your home, and it’s just awesome.

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Marvel Home Decor R2D2 Home Projector Star Wars Millennium Falcon iPod

Via Gizmodo

I think having a home projector would be awesome. You can get them in many different sizes, qualities, and even in cool shapes like an R2-D2 one. Let your inner nerd shine by going totally Stark with a home projector, and then picking the R2-D2 home theater. How cool would that be? Maybe I’m nerding out a little too much, but I’m picturing watching all the Marvel movies on this cute little R2 unit, with the movies projecting on a wall and totally feeling like Tony Stark with all my awesome tech. Is that just me, or is that an amazing way to mix some great Marvel decorating ideas with a love of Star Wars? I have a feeling Tony Stark loves Star Wars, so I’m sure we’re good with mixing our fandoms here.

Marvel Home Decor Tony Stark Iron Man Stark Mansion Entry Interior Living Room Gwyneth Paltrow

Via IMDb

Another cool thing about Tony Stark’s decorating style is that it’s modern and minimalist with a dash of sci-fi. I mean, there’s always so much tech, it’s not just minimal or modern. The mansion interior here has a lot of art, and some furnishings, but really it’s kind of bare. That large canvas art in the back is kind of awesome. Art can get really expensive, and we all know Tony Stark really doesn’t have a budget. The rest of us do, so luckily there are some inexpensive ways to add artwork to your home, and create some fun Marvel Comics room decor cheaply!

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Marvel Home Decor Tony Stark Iron Man DIY Abstract Art Colorful Rainbow Art

Via Her Split Ends

If you want some abstract and modern art to add to your newly Starkified Marvel home decorating plans, why not try to make it? DIY pieces like this one are actually pretty simple, and you can find great tutorials online. The internet is your friend. You can also print off pictures or buy posters and set them onto canvases as well. Canvases can sometimes get expensive, but you can catch sales, or even online clearance events and get them for relatively cheap.

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A huge trend right now in modern art is to split the piece onto three canvases, like this one. Isn’t it just great how the image flows across the canvases, yet there’s that gap between them? So awesome, and easy to recreate! My favorite thing about abstract art? There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just pick your colors, glob and swirl on the canvas, and stop when you like it. Ta-dah! A super easy (and super cheap) way to make your own art piece. You could even make your own sculptures with clay, if you really wanted to go all out! Can we take a second to appreciate how subtle this Marvel wall decor would be? Your guests may not realize that it’s Marvel wall art, but you will, and that’s just cool!

Marvel Home Decor Tony Stark Iron Man Modern Minimalist Bedroom Decor with Abstract Art

Via Home Designing

Modern minimalism is a very common theme in Tony Stark decor, so when I came across this bedroom, I knew it had to be added to this post. This feels particularly Stark-like to me, and a great way to create a Marvel bedroom without going all out with the superhero logos. First, the dark bed. In Stark Tower, you’ll notice a lot of his furniture is stark black (sorry couldn’t resist) and deep gray. This just seemed perfect to me. Next, you’ll see the abstract art piece, which is also very prevalent in Tony’s home. If you enjoyed making an art piece already, why not make more, and add them to other rooms in your house. I particularly like this idea, because you can create Marvel bedroom decor in a subtle way. Lastly, I love the exposed brick wall. In the lab at the mansion, you can really see all the exposed rock from the side of the mountain the mansion was located on, and a lot of sleek concrete. I enjoy the exposed brick here because to me it imitated the way Tony would use materials that were already there, like the concrete slabs, and make them part of the decor. A nice stark contrast between the concrete under levels and the sleek, modern upper floors, am I right?

Marvel Home Decor Tony Stark Iron Man Stark Mansion Living Room Interior Grand Piano

Via Home Designing

When we go to the living room, there are some super awesome sculptures, and more art. Also, I really, really love the rounded walls. There’s just something awesome about them. Plus, I think they parallel well with the water feature, mimicking the fluidity of the water. Of course a billionaire has a water feature in their living room. Since we aren’t all fortunate enough to own such luxuries, let’s move away from the water feature and talk more about the room itself, and how you can imitate it.

Marvel Home Decor Tony Stark Iron Man Sci Fi Modern Home Interior Blue Living Room

Via sheknows

I just love this living room. This is the epitome of sci-fi modern home decor! The lighting, the mix of rounded features and jaggedly shaped ones, as well as some fluid shapes. Gah. So awesome. This room really makes me think of Tony Stark. Maybe add in some red and gold accents instead of the purple? That would really help sell the Iron Man look. Then, you could add in your home projector and this living room would have some pretty sweet lights, tech, and be very Stark-like. This would definitely be a great addition to a Marvel home!

There you have it, folks! A lovely start to making your home imitate the decor of the Invincible Iron Man, and the much loved billionaire Tony Stark. I hope you enjoyed this one! What was your favorite part? Do you have an Avenger you want to see done? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! And, as always, stay nerdy, my friends.

**Featured image via Movie Pilot