Continuing with more awesome Marvel room decor, let’s take a look at how Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, would decorate his space!

Hello! I’m back with part 3 of my Marvel decor series! I have really enjoyed this series so far, and decided to tackle some Marvel room decor that would be a little harder to replicate - Bruce Banner or the Hulk, the enormous green rage monster. This awesome superhero/science geek doesn’t have a lot of show time in the new Marvel movies, but there was that movie done back in 2008 staring Ed Norton (which was actually pretty cool) and then the TV series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno as Banner and the Hulk, respectively. One thing we don’t see very often is Bruce Banner's home decor. There are some tiny glimpses, but really most are when he’s bouncing from space to space, so it’s not really his decor, you know? Today, I’m going to show you some of those glimpses, and then go over how I really think the Hulk/Bruce Banner would decorate a home. I like to think he has his own home now, wherever he is hiding out. So, let’s talk home decor, Bruce Banner style!

Marvel Room Decor Bruce Banner and The Hulk Avengers Assemble Cartoon Room Full of Glass Figurines


In the animated series, Avengers Assemble, we do get a look at the Hulk’s room in Avenger’s Tower, and I had to include it for the sheer joy it gave me. In the series, we don’t really see Bruce Banner, just the Hulk, and he’s more of a funny, child-like bit of comic relief. And, although it may not be my favorite portrayal, it has its moments where I love it (like the way he interacts with Hawkeye - you gotta watch to see for yourself). But in this version, Hulk collects glass figurines, such a juxtaposition from the clumsy, large, and super strong being that can destroy buildings in an instant. The one thing I really love about this is that the room is extremely minimal. I always pictured Bruce Banner having minimalist decor in his superhero bedroom. After being exposed to gamma radiation, it makes sense that he would for the sheer simplicity of not having the Hulk smash up all his stuff if he lost control. Maybe not quite this minimal (where’s the bed?) but you get the idea. If not, we’ll I’m going over this rendition of Marvel room decor below!

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Marvel Room Decor Bruce Banner and The Hulk Minimalist Industrial Style Bedroom

Via Rilane

I also have it in my head that Bruce Banner would slide over into a more industrial minimalist style. Why? Check out those walls. They look like they’ve been replastered and covered many times. How often do you think the Hulk would wake up on the wrong side of the bed and take it out on the poor wall? With Hulk decor like this, even the touch-ups just add to the industrial flair. I also like the idea of gray. It’s soothing, and I think it would help keep Bruce Banner calm as he is drifting off, so the Hulk doesn’t accidentally show up! This is a nice example of Marvel bedroom decor, or at least a good place to start!

Marvel Room Decor Bruce Banner and The Hulk Minimalist Style Open Design Living Room and Kitchen Area with Natural Lighting

Via HomeDesignBiz

I think Bruce Banner would also choose more open designs. I love this living room and kitchen area. It’s so spacious. I love the minimal aspect of it, and the natural lighting, which makes people happy. Though if there happens to be pesky neighbors, the curtains can be shut tight. I really like the plant, too, though I think Bruce might be into something a little less high maintenance than flowers. Perhaps some aloe vera, ivy, or even succulents. Something green, definitely. Speaking of green, I do think those couches and chairs would be more of a green hue instead of blue, wouldn’t you agree? That would definitely make this seem more like a Hulk-inspired home decorating style.

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Marvel Room Decor Bruce Banner and The Hulk Industrial Shelving Wall Unit DIY


I also think that if Bruce Banner had shelving in his home, it would be industrial. I like this shelf here because it’s simple, and it’s also anchored to the wall. You can totally DIY these things yourself pretty easily, and customize them to fit your needs. Like if you want to house your glass figurine collections here, you can make it so. This shelf is totally industrial, and really helps with the whole minimalist decor style I think Bruce Banner would have. This space also has exposed brick, which is a great element of industrial decor. You can fake having brick walls by using tiles, or even wallpaper or decals.

Marvel Room Decor Bruce Banner and The Hulk Outdoor Meditation Space with Pillows and Curtains

Via Freshome

In the 2008 film, The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner gets into meditation to help control his transformation and Hulk-rage. He might even have a meditation room, which would be totally awesome. I love this one because of the great natural lighting, but it also has curtains so Bruce can keep to himself. There are also lots of pillows for maximum relaxation, and if he gets startled and the Hulk comes out, there aren’t many projectiles. How hard can one throw a big fluffy pillow anyway? The only concerns for the Hulk I would have are the two large concrete planters that could easily become high velocity projectiles if he feels threatened. They’ll be safe for the likes of us who haven’t been exposed to high levels of gamma radiation and don’t turn into enormous green rage monsters, though. So, you can totally have cool and awesome planters to vamp up your meditation room, and turn it into a great superhero room!

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Marvel Room Decor Bruce Banner and The Hulk Alter Ego Poster by Danny Haas

Via The Blot Says

Since I just love awesome posters that call on the comic side of the character, I absolutely need this print. It took me forever to find it, and although I’m still not sure if you can buy it, I found it! 10 points to Julie! I love how it’s in the traditional colors of the comics, and that it’s in a super awesome minimalist style without losing the content of the poster. Plus, I just love the alter-ego thing it’s showing. It makes me happy. If you can find it, or even find something similar that still brings in the comic book flair to your Marvel superhero decor, do it! I think adding in Marvel wall decor to your space really solidifies the character you’re trying to emulate. Plus, you get cool comic book decor like this!

There you have it, folks! My rendition of the space that would belong to Bruce Banner, while still making room for the potential appearance of the Hulk! What are your favorite parts, or what would you change? Do you have a character you would like to see in a Marvel home decor post? Feel free to comment below and let me know, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. As always, stay nerdy, my friends!

**Featured image via Screen Rant