With the final installment of my Marvel superhero room decor series, we’ll tackle the home decor style of the ever so lovely Russian spy-turned-heroine, Natasha Romanoff.

Hello again, everyone! Welcome back to my Marvel decor series! Today marks the end of the Avengers home decor posts, as I am out of Avengers from the movies. After today, I will have done all of the superheroes from the newest movie installments of the Avengers. I know, we can all be sad about it later. But for now, let’s talk about Natasha Romanoff. Oh, her story was brilliantly written. Russian spy turned good guy, you never really know whose side she is on until the very end. I love her so much. We don’t really know that much about her style though. Today, I’m going to go over how I think she would decorate her home, since we honestly have no clue since there are no pictures, images, or movies that show off her decor. So, bear with me as we go on an adventure to discover the Marvel home decorating style of Black Widow.

Marvel Superhero Room Decor Black Widow Classic Comics Natasha Romanoff Avengers


This is not going to be an easy one, folks. I’m going to base this post off of what we know about Natasha Romanoff and go from there. So, what do we know about Black Widow? Very little, actually. We pretty much know she was a villainous Russian spy who was swayed to do good with the Avengers. Surprisingly, unbeknownst to most, she was born in 1928 and fought in WWII. The Black Widow Program she went through was a lot like the super soldier program Steve Rogers went through, and they’re very similar in those regards. She doesn’t age like normal people, which is why she looks so young. However, other than that, we know nothing about her personal life, not even a glimpse of what her superhero decorations would be. Apparently she is a very good spy in a sleek black leather kill suit. So, that’s what I’m going to start with for this Marvel home decor. Sleek, dark, and minimalist.

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Marvel Superhero Room Decor Black Widow Minimalist Black and White Living Room Natasha Romanoff Avengers

Via Homedit

The simplicity of this sleek minimalist living room really makes me think of Natasha. There is no fuss, no clutter, and everything has its place. I would like to think she would keep her weapons hidden in the shelving back there. Who’s to say there aren’t secret compartments in there? I’m like 98% sure there would be if she owned this space. And hey, she probably has some art or something cool to showcase on the open shelves. Probably not a lot of stuff, and it would probably lean more towards Russian art.

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I like the idea of sleek yet comfy couches, because I like to believe on her days off, she’s researching or reading up on her next mission and needs a place to chill. Also, you can hide a lot of weapons in a couch like that, which is going to be a must for Natasha. The rest of us would probably lose the remote for the TV in there, which is totally fine for our Marvel room decor.

Marvel Superhero Room Decor Black Widow Minimalist Black Kitchen Natasha Romanoff Avengers

Via Poppytalk

Again, simple and minimal. I have a feeling she wouldn’t be too keen on cooking big meals, and since she lives alone, she doesn’t have to cook a lot of food. Since she is so organized with her research, weapons, and everything else in the comics and movies, she would also be very organized in her home. You don’t get much more organized than a kitchen like this. Everything is hidden away, which also makes me think she would have more weapons hidden amongst her dishes.

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Imagine the rest of the Avengers coming to her home, opening a cabinet in here, and realizing it’s booby trapped. I think about that a lot. As for me assuming she hides weapons everywhere, there’s actually a part in some comics where she literally has weapons hidden under a layer of fake skin under her suit that will pass nearly any detection software. So yeah, she hides weapons anywhere and everywhere she can, making this space a pretty good example of Marvel comics decor. Also, I like to think she would be a tea drinker, to help her relax and stay focused while reading up on her assignments.

Marvel Superhero Room Decor Black Widow Minimalist Black and White Bedroom Natasha Romanoff Avengers

Via Decoist

This bedroom also has a very minimalist feel. There is more contrast in here, with the white bedding and the rug. I would think the rug would be red instead of green though, because of the whole red hourglass on the black widow spider thing. It would pay a small homage to that costume, and the addition of white could also mimic the original Black Widow’s costume, which was black and white. That would definitely be a great way to create a Marvel room!

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Although, the original Black Widow was not Natasha, and she was retconned to bring us the version we know and love today. The only complaint I would have about this space is that there are too many windows for a careful spy like Natasha. I don’t think she would want windows where she slept. But, the rest of us would probably like the natural lighting in our Marvel home. I know I would, which is why I kept this one as Natasha’s Marvel bedroom example.

In the spirit of adding some comic decor touches to these Marvel home decor posts, I would probably add in a print like the ones above. They both keep with the more minimal theme. There are many Marvel wall decor prints out there like these that you can find, and some even have pops of red, like the one on the right, or show off more of the classic comic style outfit she wears with the gold wristbands and belt (which I show earlier in this post). You can decide which type would add more flair to your Black Widow style home.

Well, there you have it, folks! My rendition on how I think Natasha would decorate her home. Do you agree with me? Is there anything you would change? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if there is any other superhero home decorating you want me to cover, let me know. I would love an excuse to write more of these! Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends, and as always, stay nerdy, my friends!

**Featured image via Screen Rant