Have any extra mason jars lying around? I know I do! Check out these fun ideas for mason jar decorations that will spice up your home decor all year round! 

Howdy, friends! Do y’all love mason jars as much as I do? I only recently discovered how practical and awesome they are, so my obsession has only begun. I know that they are traditionally used in the kitchen as canning jars, but because they’re made of sturdy glass, are cute, and come in many different sizes, they can serve so many other purposes!

Today, I want to focus on mason jar decorations. They can be used for so many decor purposes - weddings, mason jar centerpieces for any type of party, mason jar gifts, home decor - you name it. Check out some of the decor ideas that mason jars can be used for!

Mason Jar Decorations Hanging Wall Mason Jars Plants Vines DIY Planters


I really like the idea of using mason jars as planters. This particular home decor item is the perfect DIY idea because you can paint the mason jars any color that you’d like and put any plant that you’d like (and that will grow) into the jars. You can hang them inside or outside, and you can make as many or as few as you’d like! This mason jar wall decor idea is perfect for those who have a rustic, country home decor style.

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Mason Jar Decorations Blue Seashell Broken Glass DIY Craft Beach Inspired Crafts

Via A Pumpkin & A Princess

When I first saw this mason jar, it reminded me of two things: 1) my Talavera tile blog post and 2) my mom. It looks similar to shattered Talavera tile, and the only difference is that the tile shards used to decorate this mason jar are blue and not multi colored. This is something that my mom would love to do. She loves decorating things with broken glass shards. This mason jar looks perfect for a home with beach/summer decor or as an accent piece! I’d use it as a vase for my favorite flowers. If blue isn’t your color, you can also use any other colored glass shards. Super cute!

Mason Jar Decorations Pink Floral Mason Jars White Rustic Centerpiece

Via The Craft Patch

This is what I’m talking about when I mention using mason jars as vases. These particular mason jars were painted white to create a more rustic look, but you can leave them clear and fill the bottom with floral beads or anything else you’d like (if you’d like to fill them with anything, that is)! This mason jar decoration idea is great for home decor or even for wedding centerpieces.

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Mason Jar Decorations Mason Jar Water Candles Clear Sticks Tablescape

Via Country Living

I love when mason jars are used as candle holders, but I really like this idea because this mason jar has floating candles! This particular mason jar candle holder reminds me of a cabin in the woods. It’s also a great idea for fall decor. You could add little elements of fall such as acorns or tiny fake pumpkins that won’t melt/be affected by the water and heat. The cool thing about making water candles in a mason jar is that you can decorate the bottom portion with anything you’d like and the water will create a cool reflection! Be creative and have fun with this idea.

Mason Jar Decorations Fall Autumn Seeds Pumpkin Corn Acorns Candles

Via Country Living

Mason jars are great for seasonal decor! Take note of the image above - different fall seeds and items are used to fill the bottom of the jars. This is a spin on the water candle idea. The only thing missing is the water! I really like this jar idea because it looks extremely elegant, and it’s better for those of us who tend to spill anything and everything that we hold in our hands 🙂 … Be creative! You can do this for any season. For Christmas, you could put small ornaments or even old Christmas tree lights that don’t work anymore! These would look great as dining room table decor.

Mason Jar Decorations Christmas Scene Silhouette Candle

Via Shabby Art Boutique

Speaking of Christmas, check out this idea! These mason jars are decorated with Christmas scene silhouettes. Isn’t that such a cool idea?! You could get super creative with this and cut out whatever Christmas scene you want! This particular candle scene is a simple house and pine trees. It may be simple to make, but imagine how the candle would glow against the silhouette -- so gorgeous!

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Mason Jar Decorations Car Christmas Car in Jar Snow Globe Holiday Tablescape


I saved my favorite idea for last. This was the image that got me started on using mason jars as decor items. I love the idea of placing little knickknacks (in this case, a vintage toy car) into a mason jar and decorating it to look like a Christmas scene. I’d do this and place it on a mantel or a shelf and maybe make an entire Christmas village out of it. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Is there a specific mason jar decoration that you absolutely loved? Comment and let me know! Be sure to share this post with your friends so that they can also get some mason jar home decor inspiration!

**Featured image via Robert Wojtowicz