Matcha recipes are all the rage right now. Matcha is packed full of antioxidants, and you can make anything from lattes to bread to desserts with it! 

I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere. Matcha. Green Tea Powder. Even Starbucks is selling a Green Tea Frappe that’s made with matcha. But, what is matcha? What’s so good about it. And, what can you make with it? Well, friends, I had those same questions a while back when I first heard of matcha green tea. I had no idea what it was, or what to do with it. So, I went to the good ol’ internet and searched. Today, I’m going to share with you what I found out about this awesome green tea powder, like how it’s made, how you make tea with it, and other yummy matcha recipes. So, without further ado, let me get you lovely readers into another type of tea: matcha!

Matcha Recipes Bowl of Matcha Green Tea Powder

Via GoldMatcha

So, what is matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder made from the leaves of the tea plant. Special plants are grown in the shade, and then covered to block as much sunlight as possible to make the leaves turn the characteristic bright shade of green. The thin, brightly colored leaves are then ground into the powder you see above. Because the entire leaf is dissolved into your tea, matcha is actually healthier for you than regular green tea! It has more than 5 times the amount of antioxidants, and is actually listed as one of the most potent and powerful antioxidant foods on the planet. Pretty neat, huh? I personally love the color and smell of matcha. It’s very earthy smelling, and the color is just divine.

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Matcha Recipes Freshly Whisked Matcha Tea with Bamboo Whisk

Via Par Avion Tea

How do you prepare matcha tea?

Making matcha tea is pretty simple. First, you’ll want to make sure you actually have matcha powder, not matcha tea bags. Matcha is made to dissolve into your drink, not steep, so tea bags are not the best thing here. There are two kinds of matcha: culinary grade and ceremonial grade. Culinary grade is great for cooking, baking, and mixing into drinks like lattes and smoothies. Ceremonial grade is a darker green, and is used, well in ceremonies. It’s a higher grade, more expensive, and is made to drink by itself. For the purposes of everything in this post, culinary grade is perfectly fine. You can find great ones on Amazon or even in health food stores now.

So, to make a simple cup of matcha tea, you’ll need 1-2 teaspoons of matcha, 2 oz of hot water (just under a boil at around 176 degrees F), a whisk (the bamboo matcha whisk above is AMAZING) and a small sieve or sifter. You can purchase all the traditional utensils online, and you can actually get small kits that come with bamboo spoons, whisks, a matcha bowl, and even some matcha! Sift the green matcha powder so there are no clumps, and pour in the water. Use the whisk in a zig zag motion vigorously until the tea is nice and frothy. And voila! You now have a cup of straight matcha tea. You can, from here, add in steamed milk if you want a matcha latte (I love saying that out loud), or drink it as is.

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Now that you know how to make a simple cup of matcha tea, let’s go over some other super awesome matcha recipes!

Matcha Recipes Green Tea Frappuccino with Whipped Cream

Via Matchasecrets

Matcha Frappe: Ah, matcha frappes. One of my biggest loves. I have gotten the one at Starbucks, and honestly it was pretty good. But, I like to save a bit of money and make things like this matcha green tea frappuccino when I can. The recipes found here and here are very good. You can, of course, substitute the cow's milk out for the milk you prefer (personally I like almond milk), and to make a super-rich frappuccino, you could even use whipping cream instead. That will give you a super creamy, yummy frappe!

Matcha Recipes Star Wars Rey’s Portion Bread

Via Star Wars

Rey's Portion Bread: This was the first thing I ever made food-wise with matcha. I am kind of a Star Wars nerd (okay, just a nerd in general) and I absolutely loved Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey is my hero. So, when I saw this recipe for the portion bread she eats on Jakku, and it was made with matcha, I was totally down for it. I normally don’t like recipes that are made in the microwave, but this one was actually pretty dang delicious! I introduced it to my dad and boyfriend, and they literally keep running me out of matcha powder!

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Matcha Recipes Traditional Green Tea Swiss Roll Cake with Red Beans

Via KitchenTigress

Matcha Swiss Roll Cake: Swiss roll cakes! One of my favorite desserts to make! I don’t make them often because of the whole rolling thing and I end up making a mess, but I do love these desserts. I bet this matcha green tea cake is absolutely scrumptious. You can find the recipe here. One thing you may notice about this particular Swiss roll is there is something rolled into it. That would be the traditional sweet red bean that is commonly found in Japanese desserts. It’s actually much tastier than it sounds! They’re actually very delicious in desserts. Of course, you don’t have to put red beans in your dessert. They are yummy, but if it wigs you out, just make the Swiss roll. It’s pretty good on its own!

Matcha Recipes Coconut Matcha Energy Bars

Via Modern Matcha

Coconut Matcha Energy Bars: Okay, so I can’t eat these myself because I’m allergic to coconut. But I had to share them because they look yummy. And, I might actually try to make them without the coconut flakes and see what happens! These are packed full of awesome superfoods like hemp seeds, almonds, cashews, and dates. You can find the recipe here, and definitely let me know if you try it with coconut. Let me live vicariously through you, okay?

Grab your #GreenTeaPowder and get ready to make some yummy food with these #MatchaRecipes!

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Matcha Recipes Milk Bread Turtles

Via ful-filled

Matcha Milk Bread Turtles: Aren’t these just the cutest little things you have ever seen? It’s almost a crime to eat them. But, don’t think that’s going to stop me from enjoying these yummy matcha milk bread turtles! The recipe can be found here, and they’re really easy to make. I think these would be fun for any occasion, but if you’re having an ocean or beach themed bash, these would totally rock!

There you have it, folks! A quick lowdown on what matcha tea powder is, and some awesome matcha recipes for you to try out. Is anyone else out there a matcha enthusiast? Comment with your favorite recipe below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Until next time, stay creative, my friends!

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