Ever wanted to create the perfect space to relax and get your meditation practice going? Check out my ideas on creating the coolest meditation room decor!

Hello, and namaste, everyone! I am very excited about this post. I am going to be moving into a house over the summer (yay house!), and all the houses I have been looking at have one more room than I need. So, it’s looking like I may finally be able to create my very own meditation room! I went over some meditation tips previously, but I haven’t gone over the elements you might add to your meditation space to make it easier for you to meditate. Well, that ends today. Today, I’ll be going over some wonderful calming elements you can implement into an existing room to create a meditation area, into an entire room for a grand meditation room design, or just into your home to help create a more calming space. So, let’s go over my favorites, shall we?

Meditation Room Decor Himalayan Salt Lamps Healing Light

Via Healthy Hubb

Himalayan Salt Lamps: Just looking at these things makes me feel more relaxed. They’re said to give off a wonderfully calming energy, and have some great health benefits too. I don’t know if that is all true, but I know I love the look and aura these lamps give off, and I have wanted one for years. I have a tea light holder that is made from Himalayan salt, and it’s gorgeous. But, I really want one of these lamps. You can find them in a more traditional look like these, or even ones that look like a pile of smaller rocks in a lantern or basket. Any of those would be something I would add to my meditation room decor.

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Meditation Room Decor White Wicker Hanging Chair with Blue Cushion and Red Rope Outdoor Patio

Via Homedit

Hanging Chairs: There are two hanging chairs like this one at the yoga studio I go to (Om Grown Yoga, for those in the BCS area who are interested) and honestly these chairs are the best thing ever. They just hang from the ceiling and sway side to side as you sit in them, and they are heavenly. Seriously, you should try one out if you get the chance. So I decided I need one in my yoga meditation room. If I don’t want to sit or lay on the floor, a meditation chair like this would be great to lounge in while I meditate, or read one of my yoga or meditation books. The swaying movement of the chair is what makes it the best thing ever. I kind of need one in my life.

Meditation Room Decor Pile of Colorful Patterned Cushions and Pillows

Via Inside Out

Lots and Lots of Cushions: I have a thing for pillows. I have always owned a ton of pillows and cushions. I have piles of them everywhere. And for meditation, you need a good place to sit and relax. Well, how much more relaxed can you get then when you’re surrounded by a pile of cushions? This is where I would add in some pattern and color to the room. I would probably keep it more jewel toned, because those are my colors, and go with some fun patterns, like these pillows here. Move them around and make a nest when I want to meditate there, and use them to keep me propped up and comfortable. Yeah, that’s going to be perfect meditation decor!

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Meditation Room Decor Lighted DIY Canopy Tent Kids Play Tents

Via handmaidtales

Lighted Canopy: I have always had this picture in my head of having a canopy tent like this in a room somewhere in my home. Why not use it in my meditation room? This canopy would be a great place to set all my cushions, and would give me a perfect little space to sit, get comfortable, and meditate. I love the idea of having lights in it, too. Either something like this with the lighted hoop, or string lights draped across it. I have seen so many pretty ones, I can’t really pick. All I know is that I want lights and a canopy as part of my meditation furniture.

Meditation Room Decor Dark Wood Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy

Via Gadget Flow

Essential Oil Diffuser: I have lost track of the number of posts I have that mention diffusers. I just love them. I really want to get a second one to keep in my bedroom, and then a third for my meditation space. Ah, that would be amazing. I use my current diffuser all the time in my living room/kitchen area. But for meditation room accessories, this would be amazing. I would use different essential oils depending on what meditation practice I was working on. More earthy smells for grounding practices, lavender and mints for stress relief, and brighter smells for clarifying meditations. There are tons of resources to find what smells will help keep you within your meditation, and it totally works for me! Plus, you can use it to create any type of atmosphere you want! Spring, summer, fall, winter; whatever you want!

Meditation Room Decor Bose Bluetooth Sound System Soundlink in Blue


Bluetooth Sound System: One thing I have found I love to have on while I meditate (or practice yoga) is some nice, soft music. Acoustic versions of songs, softer rock, sounds of nature, Tibetan singing bowls; you name it, I probably love it. A great way to get the sound to completely surround you is to use a good speaker system. I don’t have one (yet), but I have always had my eye on this puppy here. It’s small, portable, and has Bluetooth capabilities, so I don’t have to mess with any wires. And not having to mess with wires is definitely something I am all about! I could just set this speaker in my meditation space, sync my phone, and play some good tunes. I love it.

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There you have it, folks! Some meditation room ideas that I love, and hope to implement soon! What do you guys think? I’m so excited about it. I can’t wait to be able to put it all into practice in a real room! Would any of you create a meditation room, or just a space in another room? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. As always, stay creative, my friends. Namaste!

**Featured image via Mother Earth Living