When it comes to home decor, sometimes you gotta let your accent walls shine! These metallic accent walls are sure to bring some well-deserved fun into your home.

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all well. It’s been pretty busy here for me. I’m starting my PhD, teaching yoga classes at various places around town, and still writing here! It’s fun, but it can get busy - so busy that I keep forgetting to finish unpacking from my move. I keep getting distracted by other things, like really cool home accents and decor. I can’t paint anything in the rental house, or hang up too much for that matter, but I can dream, right? One of the things I have had my eye on for a while has been metallic accent walls. There are so many ways to create a metallic accent wall… paint, floating shelves full of cool items, metallic frames, etc. When I was in high school, I took over my sister’s old room and my mom painted metallic silver stars all over the walls. They looked awesome. So, today I’m going to share with you some of the fantastic ideas I have found to inspire you. Ready? Let’s talk about metallic accent decor!

Metallic Accent Walls Silver Birds in Living Room Flock of Cranes Leather Couches Area Rug

This metallic wall art caught my eye and frankly this is just too cool. Instead of painting a whole wall or a geometric design (both of which are cool and I’ll go over!), these homeowners made little metallic paint birds! I wonder if this was like part of a wallpaper or a decal in the first place? That would be super smart, and take less time than painting birds all day! If you love bird decor, though, this is for you. Another way this could work, if you aren’t into birds, would be if you like butterflies, dandelions, clouds, or even stars like I had! The possibilities are endless. Arrows? Those would totally work too. Some sort of superhero logo? Why not! Though please send me a picture if you do that because I so want to see it!

Metallic Accent Walls Silver Damask on Teal Bedroom Wall Pink and White Bedding

This is simply gorgeous. This metallic wall paint is a little more ornate, but man it’s awesome! I love the fancy design of the stencil and how the turquoise wall pops through it. I really like the metallic silver look in bedrooms. It’s just so soothing. In my color theory post, I talked about silver walls and their calming effect. So, why not add metallic silver wall paint to your room for pretty decor and a good night’s rest? What a great idea. This would be easy and fun to replicate on any color wall, and in any design you like. Personally, I am partial to the silver and teal combo because I love teal.

Metallic Accent Walls Gold Alcohol Ink Wall Design Dresser Indoor Plants Hardwood Floors

This is just too cool for words. I mean, I myself am not really a gold person. Gold decor, jewelry, anything gold was never my thing. But this is so gorgeous I may reconsider. I love that it’s got that oil slick/alcohol ink design going on. The metallic gold wall paint shines perfectly against the light wall. It’s so pretty!

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Metallic Accent Walls Striped Wallpaper on Office Wall White Desk Flowers Hardwood Floors

This accent wall is perfect for an office! The straight lines on the stripes really look awesome, especially since they’re silver on gray. This is definitely an office space I would have loved to create. I love geometric styles, and in an office that has a super cool lamp, it’s very cool. Silver wall decor like this is definitely more my style, but I also really like the fact that this has white furniture to play off the silver and gray. Normally I prefer black furniture (you should see my house!), but this looks so great.

Metallic Accent Walls White on White Nursery Design Wallpaper Stencils

So far I’ve been showing some pretty obvious and bold metallic accent walls, and I wanted to also let you guys know that it doesn’t have to be so extravagant and in your face. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can totally add a metallic white design over your white walls. They won’t be obvious until the light hits the design then bam you have a pretty metallic wall! In a way this is very similar to what I had in high school. My walls were this silvery gray-blue, so the metallic silver stars I had weren’t completely obvious, but they shone well in the light. Play around with ideas like that if you want metallic walls, but nothing too bold.

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Metallic Accent Walls Gold Frames on Gray Wall Black and White Photography

Via Houzz

Of course, you don’t have to paint a wall to get some metallic accent love! If you have a lot of pictures in frames, you can totally paint the frames. You can go for gold, silver, metallic shiny white or black, or even a rose gold if that’s your thing. If you have black and white pictures like this, man you’ve got it made! Since I’m more of a silver person, I would definitely go for silver frames, especially since I have a lot of black furniture. Man that would look awesome!

Metallic Accent Walls Gold Framed Mirrors in Bathroom Basin Sink Dark Wall Luxury

If pictures aren’t your thing, remember that mirrors are always perfect for home decor! Mirrors help refract light into even the darkest corners, and can make any room look larger and brighter. They’re fantastic in bathrooms of course, but you can recreate this look in your bedroom, living room, guest room, wherever! I love the fact that the designer used gold in this bathroom against the gray walls. It’s got a sophistication that’s just fantastic. Rose gold would also be pretty, and add a more feminine touch. That sounds like something my sister would love. I’m totally sharing the idea with her now!

There you have it folks! A quick rundown on some different ways to add metallic wall accents! Which is your favorite? I am torn between some of the really cool painted accent wall ideas, and the metallic frames! Let me know what your favorite is in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your peeps! As always, stay creative, my friends.

**Featured image via DecorPad