Add a little extra glamour to your life with some metallic home decor. Mix and match golds, coppers, and brasses! 

“All that glitters is not gold...” A very wise man, Shakespeare, knew what he was talking about. Not to say that gold is outdated or overrated in any way. In all honesty, it’s a precious metal that has a natural, timeless elegance. Yet designers are always trying to think outside of the jewelry box when it comes to glitz and glamour.

Throughout history, prized materials, like gold, have been the motivation behind many important events. Gold's reflective surface has a natural radiance that projects raw energy and grace. In the past, gray and silver finishes led the way in decor, but now metallic tones are heating up with lots of brass, copper, and gold finding their way into interiors. Different, yet alike, these fiery metals evoke a sense of warmth and beauty.

From small accessories to large furniture pieces, metallic details add an instant touch of high-style. Luckily, these metal surfaces work kind of like neutrals, so they can be incorporated into your decor in numerous ways. Whether paired with bold hues or natural shades, that extra bit of shimmer always stands out. The polished versions have a vintage character, and are a popular choice for nautical and country motifs.

You don’t have to go out of your way to find authentic items made from these metals. Nowadays you can transform old household accessories or thrifty finds with contact paper, wallpaper, or a can of spray paint.

Striking Gold

Wars have been fought over it, love has been expressed with it, and it has transformed almost every civilization known to humankind. Gold is the first metal to gain world-renowned popularity because it occurs naturally. The Egyptians wore it, the Romans were the first to have it as currency, and Spanish conquistadors destroyed empires in search of it. Almost every region of the world has been involved in some sort of “Gold Rush”. It’s safe to say that all eyes are on the prize with this gilded treasure!

I like to think of gold as an accent that should be used in small quantities. To me, overwhelming amounts can come across as gaudy—and that’s not an accent at all. Consider it a tool used to add a little something extra to a space and not the main attraction!

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I have a gold stapler and scissors on my desk at home similar to this office space. One day I was looking at those ugly blue scissors and that chunky old stapler and remembered a little can of spray paint I had laying around. A DIY idea and can of metallic gold paint later, I had new desk accessories that I could use as part of the layout on my desk instead of throw in a drawer!

The sconces and hardware on the freestanding sink are a fantastic addition to this speckled bathroom! Gold was the best choice because it’s bold enough to stand out against the Dalmatian printed wallpaper, but also subtle enough to go with the flow. Any other metal, like silver, would have taken away from this adventurous powder room.

Going for the gold means using metallic decor to your advantage! It’s time to get shiny!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Thursday, April 28, 2016
Metallic Home Decor Gold Kitchen Sink Faucet and Blue Cabinets with Marble Counters and Backsplash

Via freshome

One of the easiest ways to update a kitchen is by swapping out the hardware. This marble marvel made the right decision in going for the gold with a new faucet and drawer pulls! Love!

Metallic Home Decor Gold Accent Chair in Entryway Foyer with Red Dresser and Lamps

Via house to home

Metal furniture has been stealing the show lately. I’m sure you can see why just by looking at this golden ticket! It’s an extremely versatile piece. It can be used in an entryway (like this), as an accent chair in a bedroom, or as a vanity chair. Plus, it’s got that whole C-3PO thing going for it, which adds to its appeal!

I will always stand by the fact that less is in fact more and that’s exactly what this small table proves to us! Wooden furniture is super easy to dress up or dress down all thanks to a splash of paint. To get this look, find a gold metallic paint for wood, grab a brush, and unleash your inner artist on your dining room chairs and/or table! Voila!

I am FLOORed by how much I love floor cushions. I think they’re the bee’s knees and then some. Sure, we have rugs and hides, but cushions are an awesome addition to add to any set of living room furniture! This shiny gold version gives what could have been construed as a masculine living area, a bit of feminity. I dig it! Its strategic placement ensures that it will make a statement!


The origin of the word “copper” comes from the Ancient Roman cyprium because it was primarily mined on the island of Cyprus. It was one of the first metals to be discovered due to its natural occurrence. Like gold, it is one of three elemental metals that have a color other than silver or gray. In many early civilizations, it was used for jewelry, tools, and construction. To this day, modern societies have a use for copper in almost every aspect of life.

Copper is a natural metal that can range from light orange-red to reddish brown. Unlike its golden counterparts, copper tends to be a favorite with more alternative stylists. Depending on the finish, it can have a rustic or contemporary quality. Real copper develops a dark tarnish when exposed to air for long periods of time. This weathered appearance is actually just a natural patina. Darkened copper gives off a more dramatic vibe that is great for industrial, Old World, and eclectic designs.

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Lately, the kitchen has been a prime residence for the element to dazzle in. Copper pots, pans, mules, bar accessories, and mixers are just a few favorites to accentuate a kitchen.

Metallic Home Decor Copper Kitchen Appliances in White Kitchen

Via seventy nine ideas

Mixing and matching metallics IS allowed. On my delicately styled nightstand I have gold, copper, and silver all in one place. This black and white striped bathroom seems to feel the same way I do about using a combination of metals. The hammered copper tub is definitely the main attraction, but the gold chair and chrome details on the sink work together to create a completely luxurious vibe!

Modern furniture isn’t shy about carrying shiny tones on their backs. You’ll know it’s true simply by gazing at the back of this desk chair. It’s completely covered in copper and really glams up the workspace in front of it.

Sometimes metallic furniture doesn’t follow the ‘go big or go home’ mantra and the shimmering works best as an accent. I may be biased because my love for copper runs deep, but I’ll take two vases and a pendant light on the side, please! They may not be as functional as a bathtub or chair, but I’m not against flowers and a well-lit bedroom. That’s for sure!

Metallic Home Decor Copper Side Accent Table Living R

Via Mechant Studio

Bold as Brass

Unlike the other two pure metals, brass is a metallic alloy, or compound, made of copper and zinc. Copper is the main element, so brass is generally considered a copper alloy. It wasn’t until the Roman era that brass was intentionally produced, but there is earlier documentation, throughout Asia and Europe, that suggests accidental manufacturing. Brass-making hit a peak during the Renaissance and post-medieval periods in Europe. Today, brass is used mostly for hardware and construction...oh, and in the musical wonder that is “Brass Monkey” of course.

Brass has a yellow appearance that is very similar to gold. It’s a versatile choice that looks great in polished or antiqued forms. The antiqued finish has a matte, subtle sheen, while the polished version has a striking luster. If the rich yellow nature of gold is a little too much for you, brass has a less saturated tone that is still vibrant.

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I like to think of brass as the happy medium of shiny metals; sitting directly in the center of gold and copper. It’s the neutral color on the metallic spectrum…you can’t argue with Switzerland! Fashioning objects that are both large and small, this metal can take the heat making it the perfect addition to any kitchen! Kitchen design is tough because to be very honest there’s not a whole lot of options when it comes to decorating. That’s precisely why a brass vent range hood is just the ticket!

Metallic Home Decor Brass Vent Range Hood Stovetop in Kitchen

Via style + substance

A decorative mirror or a hanging planter outside are just two of many brass home decor accents that you can add!

Metallic Home Decor Brass Coffee Accent Table in Living Room

Via CocoAndCashmere

Coffee tables are kind of a big deal, which is exactly why having a brass version is never off-limits. Especially when paired with a tufted couch that is 100% velvety goodness. Love brass, love velvet, love your living room. Simple as that!

Every bedroom deserves a little metallic nightstand decor and a lamp is a fab place to start! I already told you about the magic of mixing metals, but if you want to play it safe with just one, brass has your back!

Apparently it also has your front, sides, and mattress, too! A brass bed frame is simple in structure but doesn’t skip out on making a statement, that’s for sure. I think it would be pretty to pile the comfy layers high on this bed—lots of pillows and blankies.

Timeless and simply chic, the metal revival is here to stay. You can’t go wrong with a little sparkle and shine.

How do you feel about the glitz and glam metallic decor brings to the home? Do you prefer subtle touches or bold statements? Share, comment, and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

**Featured image via Comfy Dwelling