According to Tammy Taylor, “Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it’s her nails that make the statement.” Chrome and metallic nails are one of THE 2017 trends to get your hands on!

Nail art trends make waves, just like most fashion trends. Metallic nails are an absolute must-have for 2017. Over the past few years, nail art has made leaps and bounds when it comes to designs and technique. The appliques are more detailed than ever, and the techniques are continuously evolving.

Now’s the time to shine with metallic and chrome nails, like the gorgeous nail polishes above! This reflective look has an edgy and industrial vibe that will suit all of your personal style needs. The good thing about metallic nails is that they come in a variety of finishes and colors. There’s a little something for everyone, depending on your mood!

The Application: Since nail art has been completely transformed from its original days of purely coming from a nail polish bottle. There are numerous ways to get this shiny look. I’ll briefly discuss and illustrate three of the most popular ways to make sure you nail it!

1. Nail Polish

Metallic Nails Silver Nail Polish and Manicure Application OPI DIY White Polish

Via Girl with Curves

Nail polish comes in numerous metallic and chrome colors. This is a great option for those who like to do their own nails. On the other hand, you can always head to your local nail salon and have a professional apply a metallic nail polish of your choice. Most salons have their own nail polish collections to pick from, but you’re usually welcome to bring your own if you have one picked out ahead of time.

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2. Stickers & Glue On Nails

A couple other mess free, DIY options are nail wraps and glue on nails. They may not be completely mess free, but there’s a lot less polish to deal with during the application process. 

Nail wraps are basically form-fitting stickers that will shape to your natural or fake nail. They are sealed on with a top coat of clear polish. Glue on nails are false nails that are secured to your natural nail with a nail adhesive. Both of these options and their necessary supplies can be found at your local beauty supply store or in the beauty section of a pharmacy or grocery store.

3. Dip Powder

Metallic Nails Silver Dip Powder Nail Manicure Gel Nails Mirror Chrome

Via Nail Designs

The newest addition to the metallic nail process is an application using dip powders. These can also be done at home, with the proper tools, or professionally at your local nail salon. This method is pretty recent, so you might want to call and make sure your salon offers this application process first.

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The Finish: Generally, I’ve noticed two different finishes when it comes to these stylish nails. The first finish I’ll go over is the chrome finish. The chrome finish looks very similar to other metallic nails EXCEPT it’s almost perfectly smooth and has very little grit to the texture. It’s just about as polished in appearance as you’d expect a new piece of metal to look. I’ll go on to show you a few sets of chrome nails and how I’d suggest you accomplish each look for yourself!

Metallic Nails Pink Chrome Nails Engagement Ring Square Shaped Nails Manicure

Via Glamour

This rose gold set of nails is a soft shade of pink with a polished finish that could easily suit most fashion needs! It’s radiant and lustrous without being too vibrant. If you want to replicate this look, I’d recommend the dip powder technique for this one. It doesn’t demand a long nail, so you can avoid an artificial nail. The finish is flawless, so I’d definitely recommend letting a professional master this look for you or maybe doing a nail wrap.

Metallic Nails Blue Iridescent Chrome Coffin Ballerina Nails Manicure

Via Wildflowers

Now, this metallic blue nail art set is shaped into the popular “coffin” or “ballerina” style. The color has an almost aurora borealis like effect where it glistens in different shades of violet, blue, and green when exposed to light. Unless you have long natural nails and don’t mind getting them shaped, I’d let a professional tackle this one as well.

Metallic Nails Silver Chrome Stiletto Nails Mirror Obsessed Evil Queens

Via Revelist

This set of “stiletto” nails is in a glistening silver tone! I would definitely recommend letting a professional shape your nails or apply fake nails to achieve this look. You could likely go with the metallic nail powder or pre-painted glue on nails!

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The metallic finish is sort of like a brushed or exposed piece of metal that has been weathered. It doesn’t have to be drastic and chunky because that wouldn’t be too flattering on a pretty set of freshly manicured nails; yet, it has the little bit of texture to it that really gives off a more industrial, edgy metal look! 

I’ve found that the metallic finish is best accomplished with a nice metallic polish. There are loads of different colors and shades to choose from. You can layer them on or apply a simple sheer coat. It’s really convenient because it can be easily removed with nail polish remover! I literally knew a girl that wore a different nail polish every day… I don’t think that’s a great option with professional dip powders, glue on nails, or nail wraps. I’ve gone ahead and included a few of my favorite brands that I know, 100%, carry metallic nail polish! This way you’ll have a clear visual of what to look for and expect.

Metallic Nails Dark Grey Pewter Glitter Nail Polish from OPI


You're chic at the chalet in this stunning pewter." Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous by OPI

I’m a big fan of OPI nail polish! Their “Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous” polish is a beautiful mix of pewter and subtle hints of glitter. It has a dramatic, almost gun-metal color that is glamorized with some extra shimmer and shine! I’d recommend 2-3 coats of this for a deep tone that’s even and not too patchy.

Glam #manicures don’t have to cost you a pretty penny! Check out these #metallic nails.

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Metallic Nails Rose Gold Nail Polish from Essie

Via Fustany

Penny for your thoughts? Not necessary. This statement-making authentic copper metallic nail lacquer says it all." Penny Talk by Essie

These rose gold nails are one of my favorites! I actually own this nail polish and love to wear it from time-to-time. I’d consider it a classic statement piece for fellow nail polish lovers. The beauty of “Penny Talk” is that you can wear it light or pack it on for a more radiant manicure! Essie metallic nail polish comes in a wide variety of other colors as well.

Metallic Nails Gold and Glitter Nail Polish from OPI Swiss Collection 2010


Swiss gold in the cold." Glitzerland by OPI

OPI does it again with this dazzling gold nail polish! “Glitzerland” has a shimmery metallic finish. Gold is eye catching as it is, so this soft shade takes on an almost neutral vibe and keeps it tasteful! You can easily use one coat for a super soft subtle gold shimmer, or apply 2-3 for a bolder look.

Can’t wait to get those nails all glitz and glammed out, right? I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite chrome and metallic nails! Please comment and share some of your own manicure experiences!

**Featured image via ProcratinatingPolishr on Flickr. Three separate images were combined with no alterations.