You’ll go MAD over these mid-century modern designs from the set of Mad Men

The '60s were a turbulent time in America’s history—politically, musically, stylistically… Nonetheless, it’s a time many seek to recapture. I myself am OBSESSED with '60s furniture! I have tried my hardest to incorporate anything with a sixties vibe into my bedroom—from a set of aqua luggage boxes I use for storage (on a side note, people need to bring back aqua and mint green appliances PRONTO! They are to die for...) to my collection of vintage lipstick tubes and rhinestone compacts. There’s just something about that era that seems so fun. No wonder so many girls these days dress up mod style for Halloween! Unfortunately, the closest I think I’ll ever come to traveling back to the 1960s is to live vicariously through TV (for now…hurry up science) via a little show you might have heard of - Mad Men!

Few shows on television have even come CLOSE to capturing this ephemeral era, but Mad Men has done just that. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last ten years (no judgment), you’re familiar with this AMC classic, especially its award-winning set design. Every little detail that was put into the design of the show’s mid-century interiors was intentional. The rooms are treated almost as characters on the show; at times expressing more than the lines can and reflecting the personalities and emotions of the characters themselves. It’s nearly impossible to catch every subtle detail the creators put into making this show, but we can try. 

Today, I’ll guide you through three distinct styles from the show, and hopefully you will become inspired by these mid-century modern looks along the way!

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Don Draper's Bachelor Pad

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design 1960s Don Draper Mad Men Home Decor Interior Design


It’s hard to deny that Don Draper was the epitome of masculine. With a drink in hand, it never took long for this guy to seal the deal, business or otherwise. Accordingly, he needed a living space that reflected his masculinity, while still remaining true to the depth of his character. In this space, it’s easy to visualize him draped across his Pollock chair, taking a drag from his cigarette and maybe, if but for a second, finding peace in this fabulous interior.

Like Don himself, there’s an ongoing battle in this interior with living in the past and managing the present, and challenging yourself to find harmony with both, which is exactly what mid-century modern furniture of the 1950s and ‘60s seeks to achieve. Orange is being used as the focal color here, and the room is defined by its iconic Knoll and Herman Miller furniture and soft lighting. And, these mid-century inspired lamps are great mood-setters for late night parties and weekend soirées!

If you’re a consummate brooder with a masculine vibe, then this style of home decor will fit you to a T! Just remember to mix both traditional and modern elements in your interior design.

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Megan Draper's California Bungalow

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design 1960s Megan Draper Mad Men Home Decor Interior Design Hippy Bohemian Bungalow Folk Art

Via Los Angeles Times

Channel your inner Megan Draper with this down-to-earth look full of personality and eclectic taste! Just looking at this room I can hear The Mamas & the Papas, California Dreamin'. Megan’s bungalow is boho meets hippy, and blends bohemian mid-century modern fabrics and diverse colors. This set is the perfect mix of old meets new, which in a way defines Megan’s character as she eventually becomes the new woman in Don’s life (then again, who hasn’t been the new woman in Don’s life?).

Maybe you’re a world traveler who collects bizarre souvenirs or maybe you have big dreams and a huge case of wanderlust. If you want to reflect that in your space (decorate for the life you want not the life you have, right?), then Megan’s apartment style is the look for you. This living room, inspired by the 1960s craft movement, is giving me a serious DIY-vibe. Why not get your hands dirty with a little arts and crafts to make this look your own? Try it out here.

Are you a Mad Men fanatic? Check out these mid-centiry modern looks from the set!

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Roger Sterling's Industrial Office Space

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design 1960s Roger Sterling Mad Men Home Office Decor Interior Design Abstract Art

Via Miss at la Playa

Being the silver fox that he is, Sterling’s office had to reflect his silvery chrome appeal. Admittedly a challenge for the set designers to visualize at first, this truly is a mid-century modern office space with a futuristic feel! In fact, the set designers went into so much detail to achieve this look that they even recreated the geometric abstract painting style of artist Bridget Riley.

You too can achieve a similar industrial mod look with geometric space age wall designs, an Eames executive chair, and silver desk accessories. You can really SEE yourself in these chromatic accessories, right?!? Haha...I’ll stop now!

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If there’s anything I’ve learned from the set design of Mad Men, it’s that your living space should reflect who you are. How do you define your character through your living space? Let me know in the comments below and share this post with the world to express which character's mid-century decor style defines YOU!

**If you're interested in finding out more about the set design on Mad Men, check out this post! The featured image is via Flea Market Insiders.