These gorgeous miniature sculptures look like treehouses built by tiny elves and fairies! They’re the cutest addition to any leafy houseplant.

Hello friends! As all of our regular readers know, I love unique art and crafty items. It doesn’t have to be knitted, crocheted, embroidered, or quilted for me to love. I love all types of artsy stuff! And, you also know how much I love plants! So, whenever someone combines the two, you know I’m going to love it. And that brings me to the topic of today's post, artist Jedediah Voltz. He creates gorgeous, intricate miniature treehouses in house plants, cacti, and succulents.

Because I love  cacti and succulents and one-of-a-kind artwork, I just had to share Voltz’s miniature sculptures with you! Before I get all squealy and start going on and on about how cute everything is, let’s just take a look at all the mini treehouses, shall we?

Miniature Sculptures Plant Decor on Succulent in Round Concrete Pot Jedediah Voltz

I love the idea of making tiny sculpture treehouses for succulents. Jedediah Voltz was definitely inspired when he came up with this idea! A lot of succulents and cacti start to look like miniature trees, albeit some are a Seussified version, so they’re the perfect setting for a small treehouse. I think the crazier looking the succulent, the more awesome the treehouse design ends up being. Kudos for even coming up with this idea! 

This particular one here is very cute, with the tall sedum succulent and the concrete pot. I love the open structure of the treehouse. It makes me think this was a home built for a desert climate, especially with the open sides and levels!

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Miniature Sculptures Plant Decor on Succulent in Square Concrete Pot Jedediah Voltz

Can I also say that I love how the pots of each of these plants are so different? I love that some are round and red or green, and others are angular and made from concrete. I think it adds to the artistic quality of the miniature sculptures. Like, this particular house looks very angular and open, and it plays fantastically well off of the concrete planter. I don’t know if this was an artistic choice or just a coincidence, but I really love how it all turned out. Take a second as you scroll through this post and look at the pots of the plants. I’m telling you, they're pretty great. And, of course you have to look at all of the houses too. They’re all absolutely fantastic.

Miniature Sculptures Plant Decor Close Up Jedediah Voltz Dining Room Table and Chairs

Another thing I really want you to look at is the interiors. The amount of detail Voltz puts into these very small treehouses is amazing. From the layered rugs to the tiny furniture and wall decor, everything is gorgeous and so well made. I highly appreciate the level of detail. He didn’t just put together the exterior of a treehouse in these plants and call it a day. No, he created an entire little living space within each one and honestly they are so stinking cute.

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I love when people go above and beyond in their craft and take it from awesome to extraordinary! It just blows my mind that there are even layered rugs and pottery in these tiny sculptures.

Miniature Sculptures Plant Decor on Succulent in Round Green Pot Jedediah Voltz Art

This one is so awesome! It has many layers, so many levels, and each is different. I like that the top layer is the traditional treehouse, and the levels below are more like balconies and platforms instead of more house. It’s a lot of detail again, and those little ladders are so cute! I think this one may be one of my favorites out of all of these mini sculptures. It’s pretty cool, wouldn’t you agree? Kudos to the genius of Jedediah Voltz! He really made a lot of pretty wonderful and unique treehouses for these small plants.

Miniature Sculptures Plant Decor on Succulent in Round Clay Pot Jedediah Voltz

Another pretty mini treehouse on a Jade plant! At least, I’m going to keep saying that because I have said it once and I’m running with it. I like how this plant and wood sculpture are in a simple clay terra cotta pot and not a super fancy one. This one is really like a treehouse. It’s unfinished, it’s open. It has an adorable little tire swing. I mean, the detail is fantastic. There’s also a pretty little deck that would totally be a great place to lounge around and get some sun in if it was life-sized. This is the treehouse that I wanted as a child. Sadly, we didn’t really have trees that were large enough to build a treehouse. But, I can still dream of having a treehouse like this!

Miniature Sculptures Plant Decor on Succulent in Square Red Pot Jedediah Voltz Artwork

I really love this miniature sculpture here. It’s just so cute. I love that it’s on stilts, surrounding this small succulent. I think that’s a Jade Leaf. I’m not exactly sure, but it’s cute and the house looks great on top of it. Voltz really did a fantastic job planning each house out, making sure it looked great with the succulents it was going in, and even ensuring that the pot the succulent was in fit the overall theme of his miniature sculptures. At least, I think that’s what he did. If he just went with it and created all this awesome art without a plan, I am even more impressed with him!

There you have it, folks! Wonderfully fun artistic decor for plants. Which miniature treehouse is your favorite? I have a hard time choosing. I kind of want them all! Let me know about your favorite in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**All images c/o Jedediah Voltz