Transform your metropolitan apartment or home into a woodland wonderland with these modern cabin decor accessories! 

Ever dream of living in a rustic cabin, but not ready to take the plunge into full on rural living just yet? If your answer was yes, then modern cabin decor is for you! Here are some subtle additions and accessories that you can add to any room of your urban house to instantly transform your space into a rustic getaway.

Modern Cabin Bedroom Decor

Modern Cabin Decor Bedroom Home Decor Mirror Wooden Bed Rustic Home Design Interior Oversized Repurposed

Via Paperblog

This absolutely stunning reclaimed wood mirror is the cabin staple piece your bedroom has been yearning for. The reclaimed wood adds a rustic touch and pairs so nicely with mixed white fabrics and fur textures. The refurbished vibe further adds to the rustic aura of this modern day cabin bedroom. Because of its massive size, this mirror doesn't call for additional backup (aka superfluous accessories that take up space) to get its rustic point across.

Modern Cabin Decor Bedroom Home Gray Bed Headboard Rustic Comforter Home Design Interior Wooden Pallet DIY

Via Mountain Modern Life

Natural wooden headboards paired with modern industrial lighting are an illuminating idea when it comes to rustic modern cabin bedroom decor! This rustic style headboard can be refurbished from old wooden pallets and has the potential to be a fun rainy day project for the DIY-er at heart. These natural wooden accents really *pop* when set against neutral-toned gray walls and bed sheets.

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Modern Cabin Decor Bedroom Home Gray Bed Headboard Rustic Comforter Home Design Interior

Via Mountain Modern Life

If you don’t want to splurge on a full out bed frame just yet, consider faux wooden wall prints as an alternative to real wooden accents! Flattened wall decals and prints such as the lumber-like graphic above this headboard are an awesome and low maintenance way to channel the great outdoors without the hassle of completely rearranging or replacing your furniture.

Modern Cabin Decor Stools Home Design Rustic White Fireplace Wooden Cushion Logs Tea Kettle Fire Winter

Via Wind Mill

When it comes to gathering around the fireplace, stools made of painted wooden stumps are the perfect seating accessories for your modern cabin decor. The great thing about these “stump stools” is that they can also double as adorable matching bedroom nightstands as well! Paint these babies any color you like for a pop of color or classic white for a touch of modern glam and you’re ready to go. These stools work just as well in their natural state too!

Modern Cabin Bathroom Decor

Modern Cabin Decor Bathroom Door Sliding Barn Rustic Wooden Plant Potted Sink Tub Bathtub Lighting

Via Studio M

Wanting a little secrecy for when your powder room is occupied? Sliding barn doors are an absolute essential when it comes to modern bathroom cabin decor. Pair these doors with wicker laundry hampers and plant accents to create an earthy atmosphere of natural materials. If you want to go the extra mile when it comes to bathroom fixtures, look out for a classic white farmhouse sink to pair with your country clawfoot tub.

Modern Cabin Decor Jewelry Rustic Antlers Wooden Metal Necklace Bracelet Storage Interior Design Home

Via A Beautiful Mess

In the market for alternative cabin-themed jewelry storage? Upcycled antlers and doorknobs fixed to a metal backing offer a country chic way to display not only your family’s jewels but to hang towels as well! This DIY project can be altered as the knobs can easily be mixed up and rearranged to fit your eclectic decorating needs (with the help of power tools, of course).

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Modern Cabin Decor Rustic Antlers Wooden Metal Interior Design Home Bathroom Bath Tub Towel Black White

Via Blood & Champagne

This absolutely stunning tub totes an antler centerpiece that ties this modern rustic decor together. Antlers are a fabulous addition to modern lodge decor and there are tons of tutorials on how you can DIY these beauties (even faux antler DIY alternatives) and make them your very own!

Modern Cabin Entryway Decor

Modern Cabin Decor Entryway Rustic Nails Wood Design Home Numbers DIY Project Front Door Metal

Via Decor Hacks

What better way to greet your cabin visitors than a custom rustic wood and nails house number? Re-do your house numbers on a budget with this DIY! The process is fairly straightforward and adds rustic charm to your cabin entryway. The same process can be applied to designs such as the initials of family members or the outline of your home state to add a little cabin flair in a pinch.

Modern Cabin Decor Wreath Holiday Christmas Antlers Rustic Lodge Mountain Design Ornaments DIY


This decorative doorway antler wreath is sure to spice up your season with its homey charm. You can accessorize your antler wreath by adding elements such as flowers, pine cones, or ornaments as the seasons change.

Modern Cabin Living room Ideas

Modern Cabin Decor Family Photos Frames Rustic Wooden Pallet DIY Project Gallery Lodge Home Decor


Frame your family photos with natural repurposed wood for that rustic touch. Upcycled wooden pallets act as a natural backing like the ones we see in this photo, and are a simple way to add a cabin feel to your gallery space. These rustic frames also double as a bookshelf or as an opportunity to display your beloved knick-knacks.

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Modern Cabin Decor Living Room Couch Towels Blanket Ladder DIY Rustic Homey Throw Pillows Interior

Via The Everygirl

Need a place to stylishly store your blankets during the winter in your snowed-in cabin? Simply recycle an old wooden ladder to achieve this rustic blanket alcove look. This particular piece can be kept in your living room to keep your couch throws or in your bathroom as a towel holder. Modern rustic cabin decor is all about introducing wooden elements into your space and this blanket ladder gets the job done.

Modern Cabin Decor Living Room Aluminum Furniture Bench Furnishings Rustic Contemporary Art Wooden

Via Jeannie Jeannie

These rugged wooden and metal benches are sure to stun with their modern cabin look. These particular pieces of furniture were made by Tel Aviv designer Hilla Shamia. The process entails pouring molten aluminum molded around natural wooden logs to create this look. You can learn more about these exquisite pieces and the process here.

Modern Cabin Kitchen Decor

Modern Cabin Decor Kitchen Home Interior Shelf Shelving Wooden Repurposed Plates Dishware Mugs Cups Cabinetry

Via DIY in PDX

When it comes to your kitchen or pantry shelving options, look no further! These floating kitchen shelves are the go-to rustic option to display your dishes and favorite mugs. This lovely refurbished wood addition is sure to liven up otherwise drab kitchen cabinetry and is an attractive focal point. Read how these kitchen additions were incorporated into a real-life space here.

Modern Cabin Decor Lighting Edison Light Bulbs Contemporary Kitchen Room Home Design Electricity


Solid natural wood slab lighting fixtures are the perfect option for illuminating your kitchen island. Edison bulbs are the best way to approach your kitchen lighting situation and add a warm comfy glow to any space. Wooden slabs such as this one are available online from Etsy OR you can hand make and customize your very own lighting fixture! How magical would it be to add a touch of your cabin’s natural landscape through this illuminating DIY project?!

Modern Cabin Decor Mirror Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Entryway Rustic Reflective Contemporary Repurposed


This absolutely GORGEOUS natural edge wood framed mirror would be the perfect addition to the wall space of your modern cabin kitchen. The way the naturalness of the wood meets the clean metallic shine of this mirror is the best of both modern and country living. This avant-garde mirror is without a doubt the automatic focal point of any room.

Well there you have it folks! I hope you've been inspired by some of these rustic modern cabin pieces. Which of these accessories would you like to incorporate into your home? Do you have any modern cabin DIYs or cabin ideas you'd like to share and add to the list? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your cabin-loving crowd!

**Featured image via Brit+Co