Summer is here, meaning it’s time for long movie marathons with your BFFs! Let’s completely nerd out and create some epic movie marathon parties! 

Oh, summer! It seems like yesterday I was writing blog posts about spring, and now here you are! School’s out, the weather is heating up, and it’s time to party! One thing I love to do over the summer is to get my friends together and completely nerd out with a movie marathon. You know the drill. Chillin’ all day on the couch watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings (now including The Hobbit!), Star Wars, or Marvel movies in chronological order as per the Marvel universe (trust me: so worth it!).

If you’re even a quarter of the nerd I am, you can totally appreciate the nerd movie marathons I have. The one thing I sometimes struggle with is the fact that I want to make this a fun get-together with my geek peeps, but it’s a long day of movie watching. So, what can you do to make the time fly?

Well, I did some looking and found some awesome ideas I’m going to share with you in a series of posts on how to host epic movie marathon parties. What I’m going to cover is how to add awesome decor, themed food and drinks, and yummy desserts to your movie marathon! I’ll stick to the movie series I mentioned earlier, but that doesn’t mean these are the only nerd movie marathons you can have, or that you can’t tweak my ideas and create your own epic bash. Today, let’s start simple. Let’s talk party decor!

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Harry Potter

Movie Marathon Harry Potter Floating Candle Decor Cupcakes Party Table Decorations

Via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Harry Potter is and probably always will be one of my favorite book series, so I'm always watching the movies. Theoretically, you can watch them all in one day, but that’s kinda rough. A 24 hour movie marathon is doable for the select few crazy enough to try it (like myself). But, it’s probably easier to split up your Harry Potter movie marathon into a couple days. For that, you could set up this pretty awesome table. I love that it sort of embodies the Great Hall, with the floating candles and all. They wouldn’t take long to hang up, and they won’t really get in your way if you choose to have a longer marathon. The banner is neat too, and another one of those easy to make decorations. I love those things!

Movie Marathon Harry Potter Spellbooks DIY Decor Night at the Movies Pumpkins


I love old books, and I especially love how these are not actual old books, but are made to look like they are. Fascinating! Plus, they’re all the books used in the Harry Potter series, which would make an awesome addition to the party decor for your movie marathon! You can actually find printables of these book covers online, or make them yourself. Simply cover some other books you have (it doesn’t have to be permanent) and you can totally have your own collection of books on magic.

Harry might not have understood how cool books could be, but Hermione sure did, and she would probably love these. Except for the fact that they aren’t real books, in which case she would most likely pull one out of her bag and read to her heart’s content. The rest of us can enjoy these awesome replicas!

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The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

Movie Marathon Lord of the Rings LoTR Party Business Sign Night at the Movies Home Theater

Via Shower of Roses

This sign would be perfect to have on your door if you were having a Lord of the Rings movie marathon! This was always one of my favorite things from the books, because I always found it so awesome that although hobbits are very introverted creatures that like to be left alone, they sure could throw a party! This sign would be easy to make, as you can print it out or even paint it by hand, and it would totally add a hobbit-esque atmosphere to your home! And now, there’s the series of movies on The Hobbit, so you can really embrace the whole hobbit hospitality and party mentality!

Movie Marathon Lord of the Rings LoTR Places Sign Wall Decal Night at the Movies Home Theater

Via My Geekery

I've always loved signs like these. This wall decal is especially awesome, since it is strictly Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sites! It would be easy to put up and later remove, but I’ve also seen some signs made from wood. You could totally DIY something like that if that’s your thing, and you can keep it around either for decor in your home all year round or just for marathons. Whichever you prefer. I would totally keep it out all year, but that’s just me!

Star Wars

Movie Marathon Star Wars DIY Flying TIE Fighter Decor Night at the Movies Home Theater

Via Made Everyday

So I was scrounging the internet looking for awesome decor for a Star Wars movie marathon, and I came across this adorable Padawan with his light saber. How precious. I’ll give you all a moment to give a collective “daww” at this cute kid. Okay, now to why I actually chose this photo. Check out those kinda corny but awesome DIY TIE Fighters! They’re a bit childlike, I know, but they would be totally fun to make. And you could toss them at your dad’s head and start a TIE Fighter battle if you’re watching the marathon together, which is what would happen at my place.

Any night can be movie night! What movie marathon are you having? We have ideas!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, July 31, 2016
Movie Marathon Star Wars BB8 Paper Lantern DIY Decor Night at the Movies Home Theater

Via Desert Chica

I think BB-8 is my favorite character in the new Star Wars movie. He’s just adorable. So when I saw this DIY BB-8 lantern, I just had to include it. Plus, it would make a simple and fun decoration to add to your marathon party!


Movie Marathon Marvel Avengers Superhero Table Decor Night at the Movies Home Theater

Via Craving Some Creativity

Marvel is one of those franchises that keeps growing and growing, and because there are so many films, they make some of the best movie marathons! I love the set-up of this party food table. You could easily make it showcase whatever series or sets of Marvel movies you’re watching for your marathon.

Could go more reds and blacks if you’re watching Daredevil, or even Deadpool. Switch it up with greens and purples if you want more Hulk stuff. And you could swap out the Avengers logo for S.H.I.E.L.D.’s logo if you’re gonna marathon the show, which I totally recommend. Agent Carter would be easy too, just add more Captain America memorabilia and more blue. Perfect!

Movie Marathon Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline Night at the Movies Home Theater


There are so many ways you could do a Marvel movie marathon. You could go with certain heroes, like the Iron Man trilogy, Spiderman, Captain America, etc. You could even do an Avengers movie marathon, where you can watch just the Avengers films, or go with all the heroes in the films as well. Or, you could do like I want to… watch all Marvel movies and shows in chronological order as per the cinematic universe (not possible in one day, but that’s ok). Check out the graphic above to see the full order. It’s pretty awesome, and it’s on my movie list. But, back to decor.

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Movie Marathon Marvel Table Bunting Superhero Symbols Night at the Movies Home Theater

Via Not Just a Mommy

This is a simple way to decorate for a Marvel marathon. This would be easy and fun to make, and you can customize it for whatever you’re watching. All Avenger logos for the bigger movies, or logos for the particular hero you’re watching. The possibilities on customizing this one are endless, and would be so much fun!

Well, there you have it! Some neat and nerdy ideas on how to decorate for different movie marathons! Which fandom is your favorite, and what decor ideas did you like? Comment below to share with me, and don’t forget to show this post to your friends and family, especially the nerdy ones like me! Until next time, stay creative (and nerdy), my friends!

**Featured image via Celebrations