Do you have a room that also doubles as something else? A bedroom AND an office? Here are some tips and tricks to make your multi-use rooms look awesome!

Hello, friends! Today we’re going to talk about something that I totally struggle with: multi-use rooms. So I have a guest bedroom that doubles as my craft room. Okay, it’s really the other way around. But I struggle with making this seem less like I’m shoving my poor guests into a room stuffed full of yarn, art supplies, and fabric, even though that’s kind of what’s happening. As I’m working on fixing my space to make it seem more balanced, I decided to share with you some great tips and tricks that have been helping me so far!

Multi-Use Rooms Craft Room Freestanding Divider Wall Dividers Hardwood Floors Bedroom

Via Design OCD

Wall dividers are the go-to way to divide up a room! I love these freestanding divider walls that you can move around or remove easily if necessary. This is a wonderful way to hide that corner storage area from your guests. Instead of seeing the storage you have for your office, craft room, or whatever else it is, people who come into that room will see a beautiful divider. It just blows my mind that this craft room here is perfectly ready for guests, all because of the tiny room divider! Doesn’t it just make great small room furniture? This technique also works well in living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas. Bonus points if you find a room divider with slots and you use it to store your scarves, ties, or even hats! That would be a clever furniture idea!

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Multi-Use Rooms Dividing Wall Open Design Desk Chair Chandelier Fireplace in Bedroom


I love this wall divider. It’s a more permanent solution, and really breaks apart this living area and bedroom. The bed sure is hidden this way, but the open design of the divider doesn’t take away any natural light, and keeps the space open and flowing. I really love the desk like set-up on the other side of the divider. What a perfect place to set up your office, computer station, or even just a place to sit and munch on snacks! I would love a set-up like this if I had the space and need to divide a room up that much. Since all my multipurpose rooms are small, such as my guest and craft room, I don’t need a permanent solution like this. However, if you are looking for furniture ideas to use to split up a bedroom and office, this is perfect!

Multi-Use Rooms Room Divider Shelf with Various Sized Shelves Books Knickknacks Living Room


I really love multi use furniture that doubles as storage and decor. This dividing wall can also be used as a shelf for your glass bottles, trinkets, and even your book collection. I do love the open concept of this shelf as well, so I wouldn’t fill it up with a bunch of stuff. However, you could add in some items like they did here! I really like how this shelf has many different sized cubbies on it. They aren’t the exact same size from one shelf to the next, and I like the modern look it gives off. This seems like something my sister would like, and maybe she could implement it into her studio apartment! It would be perfect for small kitchy items and some books, so you still keep that very open concept.

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Multi-Use Rooms IKEA Shelf with Storage Buckets and Boxes Books Knickknacks Plants Bedroom with Hardwood Floors

Via DIYs

I have a lot of these particular IKEA shelves in my apartment. They make great multipurpose furniture for small spaces, and are perfect for storage! I actually have two in my craft room/guest room to store a bunch of my craft items. Those buckets could be a great addition to them because they really help mask the hoarding collecting that I happen to do when it comes to my crafts. And, they can also double as room dividers if you want. These shelves are the best. I have 3x2 and 2x2 sets of these, and I pretty much have them in every room in my apartment. They are that good. They’re great for books, crafts, grad school research papers and books, and anything else you can imagine. Like I said, this multifunctional furniture piece is just awesome.

Multi-Use Rooms IKEA Trofast Storage Shelves and Buckets Craft Room Ideas

Via Retro Renovation

My mother has a bunch of these IKEA TROFAST shelves in her craft room, and let me tell you, they are awesome. There are three different sized bins: the small one that fits in one slot, a medium that fits in two slots, and a large that fits in three. They even have little lids! They work great for craft storage. I have one in my office nook and it even works great for office supplies, papers, notebooks, and other items of that sort. I have another that stores towels in my guest bath, so hey you could even store your extra linens in them. You can get these shelves in this trio stair step design, in long 3x3 stacks, or in single shelves about the size of the middle one. They’re also completely awesome multipurpose furniture. I bet if you wanted to cover up your items more, you could put a fabric curtain over the front and imitate the next look!

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Multi-Use Rooms Closet Curtains Instead of Doors for Storage Colorful Bedroom Multipurpose Space

Via Houzz

I so did this in some of my previous apartments. I took the closet doors off and put a pretty curtain up instead. It can make the room look so magical, fun, and awesome. This is perfect for dual purpose spaces because you can draw back the curtains when you are using one space, like say if you had office stuff in your bedroom. When you’re done, simply close the curtain to make the space disappear! How cool is that? This is also great for those spaces that don’t have a lot of room. This way, you don’t have to have the space to swing open closet doors. These take up less room, and you can really have fun with different types of curtains!

The key to great #homedecor in a multi-use room is to have awesome #storage!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Well, there you have it, folks! Some great tips that I have found to help you make the best of your multipurpose rooms! How do you balance your multi-use rooms? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends. As always, stay creative, my friends!

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