Welcome to my (future) dream home! If I had unlimited money and resources, this is what it would look like. Come on in and explore! 

Since I talk about other people’s style so much, I figured that I should probably discuss my own at some point. Well, it isn’t easy to put into words, but I’m going to do my very best. Overall, I have pretty simple tastes. But I like to get a little (okay, a lot) weird. This is the only way I can think to explain it: My aesthetic is essentially the everything bagel of design. A little bit of this. A little bit of that. There’s definitely a strong modern contemporary presence, but with eclectic and traditional elements tossed in at will. I like neutrals, I like pops of color (jewel tones FTW!)—it would seem I like just about everything… But that’s where you’re wrong. I am extremely picky. I can already tell that when the fiancé and I get to the first house hunting stage of our lives, it is going to be an absolute nightmare (mostly for him).

Anyway, I’ve collected photos of all the things I would put in my very own dream home. It’s ethereal. It’s minimalistic. And a little quirky. Just like me. Enjoy!

Dream Home Herringbone Pattern Dark Wood Flooring

Via Decorchick!

The very first thing I would put in my dream home would be dark herringbone wood floors throughout. Stunning! Flooring is something my fiancé and I can never agree on. I HATE carpet. He loves it. (Gross.) Sigh… When will he realize that I’m just right? About everything!! Carpet just collects dirt and dust, and honestly can you ever get carpet completely clean? He just needs to trust me and realize we are not going to have carpet in my dream house. I might be persuaded to include some nice rugs that can be washed, but no carpet!

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Living Room

Dream Home Black and White Tiled Fireplace in Living Room

Via Dpages

Things I would steal from this room to add to my dream house in a heartbeat: the natural coffee table and the fireplace. I would go for different furnishings and details most everywhere else. But let’s talk more about what I like in this space. That fireplace is probably the first thing you noticed. Gah, it’s just beautiful! I can’t get over how awesome it is. Definitely perfect for a dream house, right? The next thing I noticed was that coffee table. Hello, gorgeous piece of wood! I love everything about it. The color, the shape, and the fact it has three legs. These two elements are definitely going into my dream house plans. For the rest of my living room, I have some better ideas.

Dream Home Light Gray Oversize Armchair for Living Room

Via DecorPad

For example, I would definitely throw one of these in there. The gray color helps to anchor the color scheme. Not to mention the fact that it looks ridiculously comfortable! The extra wide seat would make this a good reading chair for me. You can pretty much sit any way you want in this chair. I have a habit of sitting sideways, with my head on an armrest and my legs swung over the other. What? Does no one else do that?

Dream Home Gray Upholstered Rocking Chair Minimalist Design Study


And, of course, every cozy living room needs a timeless rocker. I think that this gorgeous rocking chair would be the perfect choice for my dream home design. I love rocking chairs. I love gray. It’s a win-win!

Dream Home Teal Velvet Button Tufted Oversized Sofa Couch for Living Room

Via the Tao of Dana

I could take or leave most of the stuff in this photo, but… This. Couch. Is. EVERYTHING. I almost fainted—what a show-stopper. I am speechless. There's nothing I can say to adequately convey the magical nature of this piece of furniture. It would go perfectly with my graphic tiled fireplace, don’t you think? And my gray accent chairs would complement it oh-so nicely! The perfect addition to my dream home design!

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Dream Home Simple Kitchen with Black Cabinets Butcherblock Countertop Copper Hardware

Via A Beautiful Mess

This kitchen is beautiful. So simple. So elegant. If only there was some subway tile action going on in that backsplash. Also: why are people so obsessed with granite countertops? I don’t dislike them, but they certainly aren’t my favorite. A budget-friendly butcher block is the way to go, in my opinion. And the copper finishings! I die... Lastly, as much as I love black; I would probably paint those lower cabinets a dark teal color…

Dream Home Dark Teal Color Hex 003333


Like this one. You know how I dig those jewel tones. Plus, it’ll pull in the color of the couch and make the living room and kitchen mesh. I’m a sucker for home design plans that mesh like that. It’s something I would love to actually accomplish in my future home. We’ll see if I eventually get that far!


Dream Home Bathroom with Teal Clawfoot Tub and Black and White Tile

Via Hi Sugarplum!

The only place where I would break away from my beautiful herringbone wood floors would be in the bathroom. For this tile. I also need that tub. Like, right now. What would I change? I think I would throw in some subway tile to add to the graphic nature of the room. Don’t you agree that it would just add a whole new level of greatness to the design of this bathroom? Don’t believe me? Imagine the walls, if you will, with tile like below, then get back to me.

Dream Home Shower with White Square Tile Walls Black Hexagon Tile Floor Bathroom

Via Door Sixteen

I would also expand and add this shower. I can’t decide if I would carry the other tile through or stick with this sweet hexagon design. They’re both so awesome, but I probably will stick with the other design. I could change my mind tomorrow though. That’s the beauty of dreaming up my dream home. I don’t have to decide today! And the copper finishings even match from the previous photo! Again, making my home design mesh. I’m very proud of myself here. Just need to make those square tiles rectangular, and voila! Love it.

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Dream Home Benjamin Moore Asford Greige Paint Color

Via Benjamin Moore

First of all, as the bedroom should be a peaceful place, I would paint my walls a beautiful calming greige, like Benjamin Moore’s “asford greige.” Soothing, relaxing, with still a bit of color and beauty. This color is absolutely perfect for bedrooms because of these characteristics. Still very neutral, without being boring white.

Dream Home Wallpaper Collective Oil and Water Watercolor Wallpaper for Accent Wall

Via Wallpaper Collective

Then, for an accent wall, I would pick a subtle wallpaper. Wallpaper Collective has an extensive and stunning collection. Love the effect of their “oil & water” design. I have to have an accent wall in my dream home. I love the fun and intrigue it adds to a room. This wallpaper is very soothing. It’s perfect for my dream bedroom!

Dream Home Hanging Chair Bay Window Reading Nook in Bedroom

Via Inspired by Charm

And I most definitely need a hanging nest chair for my bay window reading nook. Like, come on, no brainer! I mean, the natural lighting coming from those bay windows, the gentle sway you can create by sitting in that nest chair... It’s every book lover’s dream come true. And it will be mine. This is non-negotiable. This will be in my dream home. Though, I may add some nice cushioning to the nest chair so I can sit and read longer. Priorities, people. Gotta have ample cushioning in reading nooks!

Dream Home Natural Wood Slab Tree Trunk End Table Nightstand for Bedroom DIY

Via The Art of Doing Stuff

I would like to introduce you to my nightstands. I am currently in the process of DIYing a couple of these myself, so I’ll be sure to post a little how-to when I’m done! This will help bring in the all-natural coffee table I will have in my living room, and keep that natural vibe throughout my home. Plus, I love DIY projects. The more upcycling, recycling, and repurposing I can do in my dream home, the happier I will be!

Dream Home Teal Vintage Peacock Headboard for Bedroom

Via The Family Love Tree

I am on the eternal search for an antique peacock frame headboard that I can spray paint a fun color like this one. Wouldn’t that look just lovely against that watercolor-style wallpaper? And again, there’s me bringing in the teal from the other rooms in my home. I’m just awesome like that!

These are a few of my favorite things - jewel tones, eclectic style, and glam chandeliers!

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Dream Home White Duvet Bedding for Bedroom

Via Nordstrom

As for bedding, I typically go for a simple, minimalistic look. A white quilted bedspread, with a pop of color in the sheets or accent pillows. I think that soft white will look lovely near the teal headboard. I love it!

Dream Home Black Mini Chandelier Bedside Lighting for Bedroom

Via Houzz

And, finally, I love the idea of a bedside hanging chandelier for just a touch of glam! This one is too perfect for words. I mean, go big or go home, right? Why not have a chandelier? That would perfectly top off my dream home design. Maybe I can get it in teal...

Hope you enjoyed my (future) dream home tour. If you did, please share the love and leave me a comment—I’d love to hear from you!

**Featured image via Fashion Squad