Friends, this is the last part of our Myers Briggs Personality Types and home decor series. Last but not least, check out the Sentinels’ style preferences! 

Wow, are we on the fourth (and final) part of this series already? Seems like it went by so fast! (Quick refresher: according to Myers Briggs personality typing, there are 16 personality types, which can be grouped into 4 broad categories - Analysts, Diplomats, Explorers, and Sentinels.) Parts 12, and 3 covered the home decor preferences of the AnalystsDiplomats, and Explorers, respectively. Today, of course, we are covering the last personality type - that is the Sentinels!

Sentinels, much like Diplomats, are very caring and concerned with people. They love to have people around, and are naturally very nurturing. Sentinels differ in the sense that they are more conscious of what’s going on around them in the present, and prefer to have their organization reflect that. However, since all Sentinels possess the ‘J’ or ‘Judging’ trait, they like to meet deadlines and plan for the future as well, so they have the best of both worlds! I actually have many friends and family members who are Sentinels! Sentinels are definitely people who cherish both good relationships and order in their lives.

So in regards to home decor, there are a few things that most Sentinels try to strive for:

#1 Design People-centric Spaces

Myers Briggs Personality Types and Home Decor Neutral Bedroom with Large Bed Canopy Chandelier Sunburst Mirror Bedside Lamps

Via Houzz

Sentinels are very much interested in the lives of others in the sense that they are naturally very nurturing and caring. This luxurious bedroom is a perfect example of what a Sentinel’s home decor would look like. This bedroom is elegant, classic, and inviting. It's also very open, as there is not a dividing wall between the living area and the bedroom! This design would be pretty common amongst Sentinels, as they love having guests and making their home as open and inviting as possible. This certainly does that!

Guests can come in and visit and are easily able to take a seat and chat. It’s definitely a place I wouldn’t mind visiting and resting in for a weekend! The simplicity of the decor is also something to note. There are not a lot of unnecessary items in this living room and bedroom area, and no clutter whatsoever. That helps to keep this space simple, elegant, and classic. Also, Sentinels like to have only what is really necessary in their homes so they reduce clutter!

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#2 Create a Peaceful Home

Myers Briggs Personality Types and Home Decor Neutral Contemporary Living Room with Fireplace Blue and Yellow Flowers

Via VT Interiors

Sentinels desire for their homes to be places of peace and tranquility. Home decor that is open, bright, and calming is perfect for Sentinels. This living room would be an ideal place for a Sentinel to come home and rest in. There are lots of comfortable couches and chairs, which are perfect for having guests over for long periods of time. Plus, it’s also inviting and a great place to relax with friends. You can’t have uncomfortable seating if you want people to stay and chat with you! The colors in this space also add to the inviting atmosphere. The soft blues and yellows mixed with cream are just a gorgeous color scheme. Also, those flowers are all magnificent, and perfectly go with the decor! That’s also a great way to make a place feel more comfortable for guests, because plants are naturally inviting and help clean the air!

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#3 Appreciate Classic, Traditional Decor

Myers Briggs Personality Types and Home Decor Neutral Bedroom with Bed Canopy Monogram Pillows Portrait Traditional Bedroom Area Myer Briggs Home Decor

Via Mrs. Fancee

Sentinels enjoy traditional and classic home decor because of its timeless style. Traditional home decor has a sense of history that most Sentinels appreciate. To have something antique with a story behind it is something that Sentinels truly treasure. This can be anything from photographs, paintings, and other art to antique furniture they have given a new home. They also tend to decorate with these pieces in mind, making their decor fit with their antique pieces rather than the other way around. They do like when their decor tells a story, and this is one of the best ways to do that. Again, there are not a lot of items here. It’s simple, yet so classic and chic. The perfect bedroom for a Sentinel!

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#4 Crave Order and Practicality in the Home

Myers Briggs Personality Types and Home Decor Shelving with White Dishes Artwork Decor Flamingo Painting

 Via The Fox & She

Since Sentinels are so sensory aware, order is important in their homes. On top of that, since Sentinels carry the ‘J’ or ‘Judging’ trait, they are very conscious of deadlines. Because of that, keeping things orderly, simple, and practical is super important. You can’t have a peaceful, tranquil home if everything is disorganized and out of place.

Open shelving is a great way to accomplish that, since they can see everything that is put away. Nothing is hidden, so nothing gets forgotten about. Everything has a place, it’s orderly, and there isn’t anything unnecessary in their homes. It would not be surprising to see open shelving full of practical items in every room in their home! You might also see many calendars, white boards with notes, and other ways for Sentinels to keep their deadlines out and visible so they can be as organized as possible.

Friends, there you have it! Sentinel influenced home decor for your reading pleasure! If you like psychology, Myers Briggs types, and interior design, I sure hope you enjoyed my Myers Briggs personality types and home decor series and that you found my points on each personality type’s home decor style to be accurate.

Thanks for sticking around! Don’t forget to add your comments below and to share this post with a friend or loved one. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

**If you're wondering what your Myers Briggs personality type is, you can find a free Myers Briggs personality type test here. Featured image via House Beautiful