Two down and two to go. What Myers Briggs personality types are we analyzing today, you ask? We’ll be looking at the Explorers’ home decor preferences! 

Hey friends! If you’ve been keeping up, this is part 3 of our Myers Briggs personality types and home decor series. (Quick refresher: according to Myers Briggs personality typing, there are 16 personality types, which can be grouped into 4 broad categories - Analysts, Diplomats, Explorers, and Sentinels.) Parts 1 and 2 covered the home decor preferences of the Analysts and Diplomats, respectively. Today, we’re talking about Explorers! Explorers are such a fun personality to ‘explore!’ What’s fun about Explorers is that they are moved by the excitement in love. Generally four types of people make up the Explorers category:

The traits all Explorers have in common are the sensing and perceiving ones. The sensing function means they love to experience things. Colors, textures, and cool decor items are among the many things that Explorers will love because of their sensing function. Combine that with the perceiving function, and that just increases.

What’s great about this Myers Briggs type in regards to home decor is that generally Explorers are the true interior designing personalities. This personality has a natural knack for interior design and what looks nice. So you know their home decor ideas are going to be pretty awesome, and probably include things no one else would have thought of. Their decor style is very fascinating to me, because it includes things that I would never have thought to combine, but they look fantastic!

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Here are some things I’ve noticed about most Explorers and their taste in home decor and interior design styles:

#1 Not Afraid of Color

Home Decor Myers Briggs Personality Types Eclectic Colorful Living Room Leather Couch Pink Accent Chair Hardwood Flooring

Via Ingenious Look

I love Explorers' tastes in home decor because they are adventurous when it comes to color just as they are adventurous in most things they go about doing in life. Here’s a great example of an Explorer’s home interior design preferences. Look at the vivid colors, bold prints, unique lighting fixtures, and one of a kind typographic wall art. There are a lot of things going on in this living room that many would be hesitant to combine; however, when it comes to the Explorer personality type, they aren’t afraid to pair the unexpected. Why? Because they're adventurous! 

Explorers aren't afraid of having bold home accents! You'll typically find their home decor to be full of color, especially bold or jewel toned colors, and there will be a lot of it! Colors you wouldn't think of mixing yourself will be found in an Explorer's home. It just blows my mind, and I love their creativity!

#2 Not Afraid to Make Bold Statements

Home Decor Myers Briggs Personality Types Gallery Wall Purple Striped Wallpaper Pink Flowers Table Lamp

Via Mrs. Fancee

With such a bold and adventurous personality, Explorers aren’t afraid to mix and match unique pieces of artwork into their wall decor. Other Myers Briggs personality types might try to shy away from such bold mixes, but Explorers love eclectic style! I’ve noticed that most Explorers tend to opt for more contemporary, urban home decor styles with some eclectic touches. As an Explorer, don’t hesitate to mix and match your favorite artwork. Continue to be bold in your home interiors just like you’re bold in how you live life!

Gallery walls are very common within Explorer homes. I mean, how else will they display all their eclectic pieces? And because they have a natural knack at home decorating, they tend to find all this out on their own. They just go with what is in their heads, and they end up being very stylish and chic with their decor. Going back to the previous image, you can also find many other decor items that are bold and very Explorer-like! Those awesome light fixtures, the bright pink chair, and even the typography on the walls are items you would find in an Explorer’s home.

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Now that we’ve recognized what Explorers often lean towards in their own home decor, here is a valuable tip that any adventurer at heart can use in their own home decor:

Less is more!

Home Decor Myers Briggs Personality Types Urban Bedroom Brick Wall Colorful Bedspread


As an Explorer, at times you’re going to want to try everything and have a ton of variety. Home decor is all about keeping a balance. It’s great that you are adventurous in your style and taste! In fact, being so open to try so many things is, in my opinion, a strength. But, it’s important to not let wanting to try everything get in the way of a visually harmonious home. The room above is a great example of trying a lot of different design concepts in terms of color, art, lighting, textiles, and textures. However, note that everything is balanced!

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So remember Explorers, keep your home and decor in balance. You can still have all of your bold colors and art in your decor without overdoing it and having more than you can handle. Think about that when decorating your home, or when going through all your stuff. However, don’t lose your fun, spunky design style by trying to replicate minimalism. Do what works for you!

Friends, that concludes our post for today. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading—especially all you Explorers out there! If you enjoyed this post, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Plus, if you know anyone who seems like they have the Explorer personality type, make sure to share this post with them. Thanks for reading!

**If you're wondering what your Myers Briggs personality type is, you can find a free Myers Briggs personality type test here. Featured image via Most Beautiful Things