Sick of getting constant polish chips after just a few days? See what love Maegan has to say about lasting nail polish OPI Infinite Shine.

I believe in many things. Firmly. Some are silly and some are serious, yet there is one belief of mine that I cannot nail down (it’ll be semi-funny in a sec) ... that would be manicures, pedicures, polish, acetone, cuticles—pretty much all things nails. If you see me and my nail beds are naked, something is wrong and my world must be turned upside down. Yes, it’s that big of a deal to me. 

Why, you ask? I’ll tell you: one of my mom’s friends told me when I was just a youngin that the key to being a polished, put together woman is to always have polished fingers and toes. That may sound a little harsh and we all have different priorities, but it’s all she wrote. Honestly, when I am not painted, I feel like my life is spiraling out of control and while I realize that sounds dramatic, I’ll say this: I can’t control much of the things that happen to me, but when they do occur, regardless of if they’re good or bad at least my hands and feet will be pretty. I wish I could tell you that was a dramatized statement, but I assure you ‘twas not.

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Via love Maegan

Although I love going to get a mani-pedi, sometimes time and budget don’t allow for that to happen as often as I’d like. In reality, painting my own nails is relaxing to me and it helps that I don’t completely suck at it! The thing that kills me is that normally my polish chips off within a day or two, which is usually enough to get me to justify going to a professional for a nail polish lasting 3 weeks aka shellac

Shellac has become a big thing for a lot of people, including myself, but the other day as I was searching for lasting nail polish brands, I stumbled upon a blog I used to read constantly (yes, I also read blogs, not just write them!) called love Maegan. Some of you habitual blog readers out there might be familiar with it! Where am I going with this? Here. Writer, Maegan Tintari, did a review on a new nail polish by OPI called Infinite Shine, a long lasting nail polish without UV light. It looks like this:

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Via love Maegan

In her long lasting nail polish review, Maegan also gives us a mini tutorial on a pretty polka dot nail art design that’s perfect for summer, while also showing us how to best apply the new lacquer! I am so looking forward to: 1) trying this what seems too-good-to-be-true polish out myself and 2) attempting the design tutorial provided! Ugh the struggle of not being ambidextrous is weighing heavily upon my cuticles right now!

Pro tip: get a small angled paint brush and fill the remover cap with acetone for easy mess-up removal!

I, like so many others, am always on the lookout for simple ways to keep my polish intact. Breaking a nail seems to be a thing of the past; however, peeling off that shellac and getting chippy nails has certainly become an issue. Hopefully, with the help of love Maegan, we can move past this and break down the barrier that is a short-lived mani. 

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Have you tried OPI Infinite Shine? How’s it treating you? If you have any other nail tips for the mani-lover, my ears are wide open! You can get in touch with me to share your thoughts by commenting below. Be sure to share with all your friends and fam, and check out love Maegan for yourself. Have a pretty-polished day!

**Featured image via love Maegan