Hostess gifts are the best way to say ‘thanks for having me’ and to get an automatic invite back! Because honestly, who doesn’t like presents?! 

I’m not sure about you, but as a kiddo my mom always emphasized how important it was to send out thank yous. With every birthday present, gift in the mail, and the just-because parcel I received, I would have a small window of time to sit down and get creative with my thank you cards. It was never just “thanks for the present.” They pretty much covered (and still do) the who, what, when, where, why, and how of it all by the time I completed my last penstroke and sealed the envelope. It’s never been a task I dreaded taking on; instead I always take joy in it. Besides, who doesn’t miss getting letters in the mail? Can I send technology a thank you card? A sarcastic one? (Kidding, I know you can’t write technology a letter…obviously...)

Now that I’m older, being invited to friends’ houses for dinner or get-togethers is becoming more of a frequent flyer on my calendar, bringing me to the subject of this post: hostess gifts. Before I go any further, just know that I live for this kind of thing. I think hosting, planning, and attending occasions where good food, drink, and company are involved are the best kind to host, plan, and attend. 

So, naturally, the best way to be appreciative of the hard work that goes into putting a group together for a nice, home-cooked meal (or any other reason to host a party) is to knock on the door with a gift in hand. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “never show up empty-handed,” this is pretty much what it applies to! Lately, I’ve felt like this has become a trend that is dying out or at least becoming less common. So, in an effort to revive this act of kindness, I am going to provide y’all with some ideas for hostess gifts! All are relatively simple; some just take a little more planning. Here we go!

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Gift baskets are among some of my favorite presents to both give and receive. Basically, you stick a bunch of goodies into some kind of carrier and whoever you are giving it to is bound to like at least one thing. Themes always suit this type of gift well. I have three examples coming your way: the lemonade pitcher, the bar in a box, and the at-home spa basket.

Lemonade Pitcher

Who doesn’t like fresh squeezed lemonade? Half the battle is going to the store for the ingredients. When you give this pitcher perfect present, your friend will take to heart the expression “when life gives you lemons” and will make some lemonade. And who knows, they might use it for their next get-together! [Find instructions and printables at The Idea Room.]

Hostess Gifts Lemonade Pitcher Lemons Typography Gift Tag Housewarming Gifts Clear Glass Pitcher Lemonade Recipe

Via The Idea Room

Bar in a Box

If you’re headed to your happy hour buddy’s house, make them a boozy box! This one is fun because they can use the lantern as decor in their home or patio. Throw in a stack of festive cocktail napkins, some paper straws, a bottle of their favorite liquor, and a garnish that suits it. You can also provide a drink recipe for them to try with the ingredients. There’s no doubt about it; they’ll drink up this cool hostess gift!

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Hostess Gifts Home Decor Lantern Bombay Gin Fun Paper Straws Lemon Muddler Cocktail Napkins Thank You

Via Between the Boxwood

At-Home Spa Basket

We all have that person in our lives who lives for those simple moments of relaxation. You know the one I’m talking about. They love the simple yet fine things in life, like bubble baths! This one goes out to them. Make a kit with all of their favorite bubble bath supplies, lotions, a candle, and a robe. The best hostess presents are the ones that you know will be used and enjoyed!

Hostess Gifts Bubble Bath Shower Loofah Lotion Shampoo Spa Essentials Robe Slippers Gift Basket Succulents

Via Style Me Pretty

The three great host gifts above were a lot more detailed and thought out than these next three. But sometimes life gets tricky and planning out those baskets takes time that we don’t have. Because I’m realistic and know that daily schedules are oftentimes overwhelmingly busy, I have a few hostess gift ideas that are quick and easy, while still being thoughtful!

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First up, we have the classic: vino. Who doesn’t like wine? Add a sleeve to it, wrap it in a wine bag, or show off your penmanship with this snazzy idea. Pick out wine you think they’ll like, or even just off the bottle, which is how I choose my wine. Cool bottles are the best!

Hostess Gifts Wine Cabernet Vino Enjoy Thank You Present Housewarming Gift DIY

Via Cool Mom Picks

Next up is one that can be made in bulk for those weeks when you have a lot going on. Rosemary infused olive oil is sooooo easy and tastes really yummy! Handmade hostess gifts win every time. You just need a nice bottle and you’re set. Plus, you can get creative and infuse other herbs into it as well to create a set! You can find these great bottles almost anywhere, and even in bulk online. Then, get to infusing!

Hostess Gifts Rosemary Infused Olive Oil Glass Bottle Thank You Tags Cooking Kitchen Housewarming Gifts DIY

Via Brides Magazine

Lastly, on your way to the party you can make a quick stop and pick up a nice houseplant. Flowers are also an option, but plants last longer and I think that’s a huge plus! You get a little more bang for your buck that way. Or, you can grab herbs that they like, and help them get their herb garden together! It wouldn’t be as cool without this fantastic copper initial... definitely not obsessed with copper or anything. It makes a modern, personalized statement that I love!

Hostess Gifts Plant Copper Initial Garden Supplies Housewarming Gifts

Via Julie Blanner

Gifts that you know will be used and enjoyed are truly the ones that will make the biggest impression. They show that you pay attention and know what the host or hostess likes. If it’s a new friend that you don’t know that well, I would say that any of the last three options will get the job done.

Say #thanks to friends by taking them a hostess #gift that they'll enjoy!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Thursday, December 15, 2016

Of these ideas, which is your favorite? If you have any more fun hostess gifts to tell me about please do! I’m always in the market for gifts for party hosts. I’m really curious about this: do you think it’s worth keeping the tradition alive or is gift giving in this manner over and out? You know where I stand, but I want to know what you think! Let me hear it! Comment/share below!

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