Can’t get enough of New Girl fashion? Check out this post about fashion trends inspired by New Girl and our favorite characters! 

"... It's Jess! ..." 

This is the last post for my series on "Fashion Inspired by Our Favorite TV Shows." We started with Mad Men and the 1960s, then we talked about Friends and the 1990s, and now we are on to the modern day with New Girl inspired fashion!

*** Before I begin, I just want to warn y’all that I may include some spoilers since I am up to date with the show.***

I love New Girl, and all of my friends who have also watched it love it, too (one of our goals is to play True American together). New Girl is quirky, fun, and you just can’t help but get emotionally involved in the lives and relationships of all the characters (Cece and Schmidt’s wedding, anyone?!). I love New Girl because I can relate to Jess’ awkwardness, Cece’s sassitude, Winston’s love for Ferguson (his cat), and all the rest of the characters! This is the show I watch when I need a pick-me-up after a hard day, and the episodes are short enough that you don’t feel like you’ve wasted hours watching Netflix (I struggle with this).

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Back on topic! I’m going to show y’all some New Girl fashion inspired trends from four of our favorite characters: Jess, Cece, Schmidt, and Nick. Now, this is the first time in the series that I’m including fashion worn by men. I decided to write about Schmidt and Nick because 1) Schmidt is very fashionable and 2) Nick is his opposite. And besides, who doesn’t want a little Nick and Schmidt in their life?

Outfit #1 from our New Girl outfits is from Jessica Day since she is the reason this show exists (Who’s that girl … It’s Jess!). One of my favorite things about Jessica Day’s fashion is that all of her outfits are whimsical and fun (even her glasses are nifty!). Her signature look is a ¾ sleeve cardigan tucked into a mid-thigh length skirt with flats. If the weather is cooler, sometimes she’ll wear tights. She loves to wear different patterns and bright colors, but she always looks classy and professional.

While searching for outfits, I actually read somewhere that is she is one of the most fashionable TV characters (alongside Betty Draper from Mad Men - whoop!). So of course Jess has inspired fashion trends! The look I’ve chosen is exactly what I’ve previously described - a cardigan tucked into a skirt. It’s simple (and fun!) to dress like Jess! Jessica Day outfits and other different ideas for how to dress like her are all over Polyvore and Pinterest. Go check them out!

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As a fellow glasses wearer, I must say that I love love love Jessica Day’s glasses. Love! I am seriously thinking about creating a Jessica Day Halloween costume this year!

Schmidt is very into designer clothing and fashion, which is why he always looks so good! He has a great sense of style and loves clothing items like cardigans, well-tailored suits, and even has specific items designated for certain things (aka his driving moccasins). The outfit I’ve chosen is a plaid button-down shirt paired with dark jeans. This style is very Schmidt. Though I am a woman, I feel like replicating Schmidt’s signature look isn’t hard! Look for slim-fit button downs and dark jeans. You can’t go wrong with dark jeans and a blue button-down. With this outfit, you’ll be looking like Schmidt in no time!

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New Girl Fashion Cece Black Dress Outdoor Party Winston Coach Jess Schmidt and Nick Copycat Outfit

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Next up is Cece, Jess’ BFF and Schmidt’s wife (eek!). Cece is a model and is obviously very into fashion, just like her husband and bestie. The outfit that I’ve chosen is actually very simple but still chic: a little black dress. This is very Cece because it’s stylish and elegant even though it isn’t embellished with a design. Her style is the opposite of Jess’, so it makes sense why Cece would wear a solid black dress! She looks beautiful, and you can never go wrong with a black dress that you can dress up or down!

Nick Miller dresses the most casually of the group. He isn’t really into fashion (and sometimes not even personal hygiene or cleanliness), but we still love him! He is silly and determined when he wants to be. He is never afraid to express how he feels, but if he feels uncomfortable, he’ll just Nick Miller his way out of there. Anyway, back to fashion! I picked this outfit because it is my favorite one of his. He frequently wears Henley style shirts, and I think they look great on him because they reflect his chill personality. You can’t go wrong with a Henley whether you want to dress casually and chill like Nick or dress it up and unbutton it a little like Ryan Gosling (you’re welcome, ladies).

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New Girl Fashion New Girl Cast with Cece Winston Schmidt Jess and Nick in the Bathroom

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Don’t you wish you could get the New Girl wardrobe? Same!

Well, that wraps up my series on fashion inspired by our favorite TV shows! Please comment and let me know which of the three blogs was your favorite, which character you dress the most like, and of course, tell me which New Girl character is your favorite style inspiration! Are you going to dress like Jessica Day? Be a fashionista like Cece? Let me know! Share this post with your friends. I hope y’all had as much fun reading these posts as I had writing them!

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