If you’re like me, you want to set a New Year’s Resolution, but you know you will give up by January 30th. Never fear! Here are some resolutions you might actually keep!

Hello, wonderful readers! Wow, I can’t believe how long I have been writing here. It’s been well over two years now. Who knew? I feel like I have shared so much about myself, and today I sit here stuck, trying to find something new to write about. What is something that I haven’t talked about? Then it hit me. It’s the end of the year, holidays are coming and going, and the New Year is approaching. Light bulb. New Year’s Resolution season is nigh. Oh man. I will be the first to confess that I have tried so hard to get the whole resolution thing down, but literally by week 2 or 3 I have completely forgotten about my awesome resolution(s). So, technically I don’t do resolutions anymore. I set a goal instead. And honestly? I’m still pretty bad about it but hey, I am doing better than before, so that’s progress! Today I’m going to share some interesting and different goals that I have either done or thought about doing to inspire you for your New Year’s resolutions (or goals) for the next year. Let’s get crackin’!

New Year’s Resolutions Goals for the Year Mindfullness Drinking Coffee Meditation

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Be More Mindful: You’ll notice as we go through this post, these goals are a little more abstract. They aren’t “add 30 minutes of meditation to my day at least 3 times a week” or anything with numbers. I’m an RPTS major, someone who studies quilters and writes. I don’t do numbers. Instead, I think about my New Year’s resolution in a different way.

Let’s take this one. Be more mindful. There’s so much that can be taken from that. I would look at this goal and instead of making it about minutes, I would think of it like “when I drink my coffee in the mornings, I will try not to multitask and only drink my coffee.” If you need the numbers, maybe try to do that once a week in January, twice a week in February, three times a week in March, etc. until you are able to manage it every day (success!!!). Then, maybe move to meals. When you cook. When you brush your teeth. When we start to slow down, and only think about the task we are working on, it’s essentially meditation. You start to sharpen your mind, relax, and are able to think more clearly during the day.

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Of course, I encourage meditation in all forms, and I wrote a great post on getting into meditation a while back. But, essentially it’s this exact thing. Start small. And if you have a bullet journal or activity tracker, definitely color that box in to help you feel more accomplished while tackling your New Year goals!

New Year’s Resolutions Goals for the Year Giving Back to the Community Donate Volunteer

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Give Back More Often: I donate a lot of items throughout the year. I crochet hats for kids fighting cancer, knit slippers for those same kids, and make scarves for competitors in the Winter Special Olympics in Texas. I also donate clothes and shoes to a local theater and the Ronald McDonald House.

Giving back can mean so many things. Maybe you help out your elderly neighbor when he or she is trying to mow their lawn, or donate clothes you don’t wear to a shelter. You and your family can volunteer at a soup kitchen, or help out at a community theater. When I donate my time and items, I write it all down so I know what I have done. At the end of the year, I can go back and see all of the good things I have accomplished. I don’t specifically think of my New Year’s resolution as “I need to do 200 hats this year.” Instead, I think to myself that I need to make as many as I can. And some years, it’s 150 hats, sometimes it’s over 300. You can surprise yourself when you just set out to do more.

New Year’s Resolutions Goals for the Year Living Green Eco-Friendly Sustainability

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Live More Green: As someone trying to live more green and sustainable, this will probably be my new resolution for the next year. There are tons of ways to be more eco-friendly, and even monthly or weekly challenges you can do to help out. Plastic free July, Zero Waste Weeks, and many others are out there that you can do whenever. What I love about these is that you pledge to do what you can. 

For instance, last Plastic Free July I pledged to use my reusable items more, and use as little plastic as I could. I still used plastic, but it’s okay. I got into the habit of using my reusable bags, bottles, and straws and I’m still pretty good about keeping them on hand. You can maybe have the goal of recycling more, or using more green cleaners or household items in your home. Maybe start small and try to take your reusable water bottle and coffee cup everywhere so you use less plastic. Check out my sustainability posts for great ideas on how to start small. Even a little bit helps and you get into a habit, which is so great!

New Year’s Resolutions Goals for the Year Get Moving Yoga Exercise Beach Sand Waves

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Get Moving: Exercise goals are the top New Year’s resolutions. Gyms get so many more memberships at the beginning of the year, and yet people don’t normally stick with it. And that’s okay. A realistic goal that I found to be way more helpful was to just get moving. Not “go to the gym three times a week” or “run 2.5 miles a week” or whatever, but to just move more.

Here’s where those awesome activity trackers in bullet journals can come in handy. I would make a column about movement, and every time you go do something, like walk your dog, or go to the park with a friend, walk to class, or take a yoga or Zumba class, color in that box. Encourage yourself to move. Take a new fitness class, or go to a dance hall or club with a buddy and just get that body moving. It doesn’t matter how you move, as long as you move. When you start moving, it’s hard to stop. Eventually, you’ll be at the goal you wanted, going to the gym or working out in your favorite way (like yoga for me) several times a week because you crave the movement, not the workout.

New Year’s Resolutions Goals for the Year New Hobby Craft Learn a New Hobby Embroidery

Start a New Hobby: This one has always been a fun one for me because I love learning new crafts. Two of my only New Year’s resolutions that I actually kept were the ones where I wanted to learn a new craft: when I taught myself how to spin yarn in 2011, and when I taught myself to knit socks while spending Christmas and the 2015 New Year’s in California. 

I love to learn new things. So, I try to learn something new every year. I don’t know what it’s going to be for this coming year, but hey you have 12 months to learn something new. Maybe it’s embroidery, calligraphy, or how to design a graphic online. Maybe you want to work with your hands and learn to work with wood. Find something you have always wanted to learn, and try it. Even if you don’t end up loving it, you learned something new!

New Year’s Resolutions Goals for the Year Be More Kind Kindness Resolution Love

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Be More Kind: This one I think is super important. Be kind. Be kind to your family, your friends, people on the street, your coworkers, and even yourself. Make an effort to do something for others, even if it’s just going to coffee with a friend and buying their latte while they’re struggling with finals or stress from work. Offer to help a woman with her kids load her groceries into her car, or maybe the old war vet needs an extra hand getting cases of water into his car and someone to talk to that day. Maybe you need a day to yourself, and that coffee or that book you’ve been eyeing has been calling your name. Be kind to yourself, and those around you. It’s not something that can be put on a checklist, but it’s something everyone should try to do. And I think one of the most important things.

I strongly encourage you to be kind to yourself too. Infuse some alcohol and make a cocktail you’ve been wanting to make. Take a bubble bath. Go for a run. Whatever makes you happy, and you can then do kind things for those around you.

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And that’s all the new resolutions I have for today! What do you think of these goals for the New Year? Are they something you think is possible for you? Are there others that you think are just as important? Let me know in the comments below, and share this with fellow lovers of goals and resolutions. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Foolish Fire and Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash