Are any of you looking at engagement rings and not sure what to pick? Try something new with these gorgeous non-traditional engagement rings. 

Hello, friends! Today’s post makes me super happy. Marriages and engagements just make me smile a ton. I think it’s the inner-romantic in me that loves stories of romance and happily ever afters. Before I start going on a cheese-fest of ooey gooey love stories and induce vomiting for some of you reading out there, let me explain why non-traditional engagement rings inspired today’s blog post.

I realized recently that a good percentage of my friends are currently in serious relationships, are engaged, or have just recently gotten married. Wedding season is REAL, guys. That being said, I’m sure some of you out there have put together in your heads that most of my friends have been either A) showing me their engagement rings or B) showing me pictures of engagement rings that they want. If you guessed that, then good job you smart cookies because that is exactly what's been happening!

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Engagement rings have a long and interesting history, but I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people are opting for non-traditional, unique ring ideas. Say so long to the classic silver diamond ring and check out these unique styles!

Roses are red, and rubies are too!

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring Say I Do Weddings Gold and Diamonds


Rubies are the birthstone of all July babies out there. If you’re the kind of bride who takes pride in her birthstone and you were born in July, then why not opt for a ruby wedding engagement ring? It’s different and totally you because well… the stone represents your birth month. Fun Fact: Jessica Simpson actually has a ruby and diamond engagement ring because she was born in July! Also, for all of you who weren’t born in July but simply love the color red, a ruby engagement ring is still totally an option! If any of you love the style of this ring and its vibrant ruby gem, just hint to your significant other that you’d really love a vintage oval cut ruby engagement ring with a halo-setting.

Something old, something new, and something BLUE!

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Sapphire Woodland Engagement Ring Weddings Silver Diamonds Platinum

Via Jewels Globe

If you want to channel your inner Princess Kate, you may want to opt for a gorgeous deep blue sapphire engagement ring. I think the popularity of sapphires has been steadily growing because of style icons like Princess Diana and Princess Kate. There are so many unique, gorgeous non-traditional engagement rings out there, but I think rubies and sapphires are definitely up there as the most popular and most unique for engagement rings. If you absolutely adore this ring and its historical feel, then I’d suggest putting it out there that you’d love a round cut sapphire engagement ring.

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Oh! Opal is oh-so pretty!

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Vintage Opal Engagement Ring Say I Do With Gold and Diamonds

Via Erstwhile

Opal is totally out of this world! For all you astronomy smarty pants out there, fun fact opal actually exists on Mars! Cool, right? Opal is such a gorgeous stone! I just love the way the two diamonds look on either side of the opal. Also, is anybody else out there lovin’ the way that opal looks with the gold on this ring? I think it’s a super pretty combination. I love the way the flecks of color really stand out against the diamonds and gold! If you were born in October, this stone is actually your birthstone so if you’re into getting birthstones as your engagement ring, this ring is right up your alley. If you're head over heels in love with this creative engagement ring idea, then request an opal three stone engagement ring with diamond accents.

Go green! Green amethyst that is!

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Green Amethyst Marquise Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold Ring with Diamond Accents

Via Gemvara

Isn’t green amethyst beautiful? I think a lot of people recognize amethyst as those pretty purple gemstones, but not many know that amethyst can be green as well. I love the soft green tinge the stone has. Also, this gorgeous ring here is definitely for the practical bride who is money-conscious! This amazing ring only costs $1030! I love the way the green amethyst looks with the rose gold setting. Also, for any of you who are wondering what the cut of this stone is; it’s called a ‘marquise’ cut. Marquise cut stones definitely have a unique, art-deco like quality to them! If you love this ring and the artsy flair it has, suggest to your special someone that you’d really like a marquise cut green amethyst rose gold ring.

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Stop and gaze at the rose quartz!

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings Rose Quartz Engagement Ring Gold with Diamond accents


I adore the way rose quartz looks with a rose gold setting. Seriously, if it were up to me, I just might opt for that exact set-up. I think this ring is stunning! Rose quartz is the birthstone of November and due to the pink hue, it often signifies love. How romantic, right? I think rose quartz is a great alternative to diamond engagement rings. For all the sentimental pink lovers out there, this may be the ring for you! If you love this ring, hint to your special someone that you’d love a cushion cut rose quartz ring with a unique rose gold ring setting with diamond accents.

Goodness gracious! I hope you’ve gotten your fill of unique non-traditional engagement rings today. I’m literally amazed by the variety of gemstone engagement rings out there. There’s so much more to learn about non-traditional engagement rings like metal colors, styles, and even more unique gemstones, we may be faced with having to do a non-traditional engagement ring series (woohoo!!).

"If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it..." It's not too late! #EngagementRings

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, February 26, 2017

Well, friends, what did you think? Are you loving these non-traditional engagement rings as much as I am? They’re seriously absolutely stunning and SO unique. Which ring was your favorite? What are some of your favorite kinds of gemstones? Don’t hesitate to share this blog post with your loved ones (or significant others). Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via Le living and co on Flickr