Having a hobby is the perfect creative outlet to let your mind decompress and gives you something to do that you truly enjoy! Let me cross stitch you a guide as to why I’m considering this as my new pastime. 

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog...we’re extra excited around here because we recently launched our brand new Facebook page and wanted to invite all of our great readers to give us a ‘like’ to see great home decor inspo you’ll love! Speaking of things to love on, it’s a pretty general statement to say that everyone needs a hobby, but it is one that I think keeps us sane. We all have different things we spend extra time on that we enjoy. It could be shopping, perhaps it’s photography, or it might even be something like blogging...ya know, if you’re into that sorta thing. 😉

Some hobbies seem normal, while others seem weird. There are people out there who collect bugs and rocks and other random things. For instance, my boyfriend has a huge “everyday carry” obsession. It’s kind of a guy thing, but he really likes hunting down specific/expensive/special pocket knives and reselling them after he plays with them for a while. And mini copper flashlights...that’s also become a thing. I call these things his toys. We all need something or other that can act as our toys! I momentarily took up crocheting and knitting, but was never taught how to end the projects I was on, leaving me with a bunch of undone-somethings...it didn’t work out like I had planned. So, here I am years later looking into cross stitching.

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Much to my surprise, cross stitching is more than simply finishing a project and throwing it into a drawer never to be seen again. You can make bookmarks, Christmas stockings (!!!), cards, coasters, framed decor, and even gift tags! Way more than the fancy, super tedious projects you normally see with cross stitching, right? The list goes on and on, but I wanted to show y’all some of the cross stitch projects I was thinking of trying out as a beginner.

Cross Stitch Embroidery Hoop Needles Thread Floss Scissors and Design for New Project

Via weelittlestitches

Before we get started, I thought we should go over what you need for cross stitching. First, you’ll need an embroidery hoop, and of course needles. Embroidery floss is the best thing to use when making these great little gifts. For any craft project, you need scissors, which should be a no brainer. The thing that’s different is that if you’re wanting to cross stitch on fabric, there’s a special fabric with all these little holes in them. See it in the hoop? You can buy it at any craft store, and it’s pretty cheap. Those little holes are what you use to stitch in! The design of the key might really help you see how cross stitching works. See how it’s all divided into bigger squares? It’s super simple to do. Just count off the squares in the grid (they are normally a 10x10 square) and create a basted grid line. There are tutorials all over the internet for it. But you’ll only need that if you’re doing bigger embroideries. Otherwise, you can count it out as you go! Now that we’ve gone over what we need, let’s talk about cool projects!

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The first is one of my favorites because it involves gift-giving. If you’ve read any of my previous posts on gift wrap or hostess gifts, then you probably aren’t surprised by this. Adding a creative personal touch to any present is an added bonus that can be enjoyed by both the giver and the receiver. Plus, you know me; I enjoy gift tags, especially personal ones! And I LOVE these DIY bits...we all need to get to stitching and make some immediately!

Cross Stitch Gift Tags Gift Giving Presents Sewing Embroidery Sew Cross Stitching Pink L Brown Bag Tag Personalization Monogram

Via Flamingo Toes

Sort of along the same lines is another awesome paper product because who doesn’t just love pretty paper?! I know I certainly do. DIY cross stitched cards are perfect for saying ‘Thank you,’ ‘I love you,’ or even just a simple ‘Hi’ via snail mail. Knowing that you were the maker of this stationary will be a sweet treat for the recipient! Everyone loves knowing that they’re special and adding a person-specific stitch to a note will do just that.

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I did find a really cool tip about stitching onto thicker paper like cards. If you don’t have a super sharp needle, and don’t want to wrestle with trying to yank the thread and needle through the card, poke the design first! Use a sharp pointed blade (carefully!) and gently poke the holes in the design first before you start stitching. It can also help you get the eye of the needle through the card easier. Cool trick, right? You can tell they did that on the gift tag above. It makes it so much easier!

Cross Stitch Gift Cards To and From Presents Personalization Brown Bag Snowflake Dove Olive Branch Red Heart Sweet Treat

Via Luulla

My ultimate goal is to sit down, grab a needle, and make something that I can hang in my house once it’s finished. I was originally inspired to learn to cross stitch as a hobby by none other than the reigning queen of everything home and lifestyle: Lauren Conrad. Turns out she’s quite the cross stitcher! She posted this picture to her Instagram a while back and it set off a light bulb in my brain! I would probably throw a dress on what would be me and a shirt on what would be my boyfriend since we aren’t living the beachy-keen life in California. BUT nonetheless, I love this concept and the pup featured in this picture. The design is pretty simple too, so it won’t be too tedious! But, for beginners like me, we might want to try out the grid technique so we make sure everything stitches out okay. Lauren here looks like a pro, and we’ll work up to that eventually!

Cross Stitch Lauren Conrad LC Home Decor Lifestyle Blogger Hobby Town Puppy Dogs Puppies Sewing Embroidery Picture Frame

Via Lauren Conrad

If not cross stitching, find a hobby to get started on! It’s a great feeling to be asked what your hobby is and to actually be able to rattle off an answer or two that doesn’t involve something along the lines of Netflix and eating. Plus, it’s really nice to be able to show off things in your home and say yeah I made that! My vote is that you try and x stitch and see what happens! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to learn a new hobby, and don’t give up right away! Who knows? With a little time, you may become great at cross stitching! Remember, like all things, practice makes perfect!

Have you ever cross stitched before? I’m curious what projects you have completed and any tips or tricks you might have for this new venture of mine are greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading folks! Share and comment below!

**Featured image via Kollabora