From your cubicle, corner office, or perhaps even your couch—the work environment deserves to be just as exciting as you! Take some notes on the best (and easy) ways to add decor in the workplace! 

Work. To some, it is a friend and to some a foe. Being in the latter category must be miserable; luckily, I really enjoy my job! Because much of our day is spent at the ol’ nine-to-fiver, I have determined to make you like where you spend your days! Take that as lightly as possible because I’m no superhero, but I am willing to share with you ways in which you can achieve happiness in the workplace simply through decorating.

Everyone has their own styles and their own ideas about what makes for the best office space. For some, it is a lavish corner office, for others, it’s a relatively small office space or cubicle, and for the rest, perhaps it is at home, which could be a combination of the first two or maybe even the couch. No matter the location or size of your desk, I think it is important to consider three things in order to create a work environment that is perfect for you: organization, accessorization, and relaxation. (I’m not sure ‘accessorization’ is a word, but I’m sticking with it!)

Organization is the key to all of my happiness. That’s exaggerated, of course. If that’s all there was to it, I would be the happiest person on the block, perhaps even in the world. Organization is so great because it makes pretty much everything easier. Easier to find, easier to put away, and easier to throw away if need be. It doesn’t matter which system of organizing you choose because everyone works differently and likes different things, but I’ve rounded up a couple of ideas that I am pretty keen on.

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The Clippy Solution: they’re cheap and they’re easy to make. What more could you want?! Clippies aka clothespins (for the normal people out there) are ideal for sorting out the piles of paper on your desk! Clip ‘em now, file ‘em later!

Decor in the Workplace Office Space Organized Desk Past Due Paid Bills Paper Clips Clothespins


Speaking of filing things’s time to spice up your file cabinet! It’s as easy as spray paint-the best decorating tool there ever was! Remove that hardware, throw some paint on there, stick the handles back on, and voila. You’ve got yourself an entirely new home for all those important papers of yours. And, you can totally label those drawers and know exactly what goes where. I also like the idea of the weekly calendar on the side of the cabinet. Talk about being organized!

Office Space Decor in the Workplace Black File Cabinet Chalkboard Paint Storage Organization

Via Design Improvised

On a a larger storage scale, for organizing office supplies or maybe even just for decoration, I discovered this. Not only does this one fall under organization, I think it can also be called accessorization because it looks so pretty! Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes so if this “pretty in pink and polka dots” isn’t quite your thing, you’ll be able to find a style that is! Plus, these IKEA units are ultra-useful. They’re the best, and pretty well priced for the quality. They’re great in every room, and can fit into any style.

Turn that #officespace upside down, #decor in the workplace will crash that frown!

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Decor in the Workplace Office Space White Blocks Cabinet Gold Frame Storage Boxes Pink Polka Dots

Via StyleCaster

Accessorization is all about personalization and preference. I can’t tell you what you like; only you know the answer to that! You can design your decor to go with whatever you like, and you don’t have to listen to anyone who tells you that you have to have your desk set up exactly like such-and-such. Only you know what works best and looks best to you! I modeled my desk at home after these decor tips. It follows a sort of all-gold-everything-with-a-splash-of-white-and-aqua-too theme. I spray painted my scissors and my mini stapler metallic gold—just like this one! Surprisingly enough it looks really cute and also functions as desk decor. I dig it. 

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Decor in the Workplace Office Space Gold Stapler Spray Paint Tape Dispenser Personalized Stationery Paper Notepad

Via Josie Jones & Company

Another way to add little color pops is with a statement chair. That’s where the aqua at my white desk comes into play. It’s comfy (relaxation aspect too, yay!) and looks cool, just like me (kidding). You can either purchase a super cool chair like this, or repaint or re-upholster one you already own. There are some easy to follow DIYs out there, so don’t get bogged down if you can’t find exactly what you want. Remember: you can always make it!

Decor in the Workplace Office Space White Desk Wood Floors Apple Computer Contemporary Home Office

Via FurnishMyWay Home Decor Pinterest

Walls are a fantastic place to put your inspiration or just to jot down notes. While there are a couple dozen ways to do that, I’ve narrowed it down to my three favorites. The first really adds even more uses to the list of all the amazing things you can do with classic Kraft paper rolls, which some of you may remember I love! This is proof it’s great for more than just gift wrap! Do you know how many to-do lists I could create on this? You can literally sit and stare at the writing on the wall begging you to check those boxes off AND it’s innovative and makes for a neat office. This is just one of those cool office decorations we should all have. I only wish my penmanship was as good as this guy’s.

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Decor in the Workplace Office Space Kraft Paper Wall Mount To-Do List Check It Twice Sharpie Notes

Via Design Milk

The second and third ones I have discovered are more personal motivators than anything. You can decorate with things that you aspire to have or things you love, along with the occasional picture of your dog, Skip, and some office paintings if you’re into that. You can also turn this into a mood board to help you with whatever task you’re working on at work. They’re pretty great, and look awesome, too.

Stress happens to be a commonality in the workforce, more so for some than others. Relaxation is much needed and, although this is a novelty, it is supposed to actually be very soothing. I give you the Zen Garden. Zen ain’t in the name for nothin’! Grab yourself a little rake or pen from your desk and write your name in the sand, draw circles, do what you have to do to create that million dollar idea, or even design your own office with those pebbles. If that doesn’t work, you’ll at least look like the deep thinker you are when clients come to visit. Added bonus: plant life. There are many plants that are perfect for office spaces. Can’t beat that!

Decor in the Workplace Office Space Succulent Zen Garden Relax Relaxation White Sand Glass Bowl Fishbowl

Via Gardens of Wendiland

If I’m being honest, then for me, organization, accessorization, and relaxation are all tied together. I’m just not relaxed if things aren’t organized and often, accessories play a role in that! What is your ideal office space and how did you achieve it? Can you think of any other creative office space ideas? I love hearing about your interior design inspo and really want to know what you think! Tell me about it by sharing and commenting below!

**Featured image via FurnishMyWay Home Decor Pinterest