Stare those stairs in the plank and let them know who’s boss with these easy design ideas that will transform your staircases. 

Hi hi hi! I’m back and have a new topic of conversation for all of you wonderful people out there to read about, look at, and imagine how you’re going to make it happen at your house. As you saw from the featured image, we are going to be discussing stairs. Not just any old stairs that are covered in carpet, made of wood, or concrete—that’s all fine and well—we’re going to kick it up a notch and focus on ways to give ‘em a little sprucing action with some fun stairway ideas!

To start off, I want you all to take note - giving something a more pleasing aesthetic doesn’t have to involve a ton of money or an entire demolition type of situation, where you start from scratch. I used the word “sprucing” because that’s exactly what we’re going to be seeing some of today as we look at some freaking awesome stair designs. Yep, that’s right. All of these ideas can be done easily, and are all cost effective ways to upgrade those stairs of yours! Let’s get crackin’ and take a look at some super cool staircase designs!

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1. These Danish-style steps are pretty amazing! Each stair is the perfect contrast from the one above it, showcasing a true variety and the true definition of what mixing-and-matching should look like. I love that there is only one area that has a touch of red, while the rest are simple variations of the blue and white patterns around this interior staircase design. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that these are not tiles and they’re not paint...but instead are made from wallpaper! Easy peasy stair style. And, something that can easily be changed up if you want. Super cute, right? (Cute pup, too!)

Staircases Stair Risers Stairs Wallpaper Danish Style Steps Interior Design Red White and Blue Mosaic Tiles House Design

Via Brit + Co

2. A little texture here, a little texture there...this is one of my most favorite design tricks in interior design. Various textures around a house are a subtle detail that makes a big difference! Because we just talked about wallpaper in the steps above, I thought we’d continue the theme with panels made of white textured wallpaper. It’s small enough not to draw too much attention to itself, but big enough to be noticed and admired in this stairway. I love how classic and pretty this stairway is. The dark stain on the tops of the stairs is a perfect contrast with the white textured wallpaper!

Staircases Textured Wallpaper Stairs Stair Risers Black and White Print Home Decor Interior Design Second Level Two Story Homes Houses

Via Amassing Cents

3. Accent walls are nice and all, but why not skip the craziness of picking one to paint and stick to the thing we only have one of?! Accent stairs are an easy pick and an attainable option that gives a lived in house a homey feel! I’m really digging the color of these steps, too. Who doesn’t love charcoal gray? Such a beautiful contrast with the white space, and it really packs a punch without being overbearing. So great, and easy to do!

Staircases Stair Risers Staircase Stairs Accent Statement Wall Herringbone Flooring Gray Greige Wood Railing

Via Remodelista

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4. Step-by-step Jonathan Adler stuck to the nautical theme of this beach house. Traditional railing is so out and rope is so in...kidding...kinda. I like rails that are different, and this one certainly is. This staircase took on the role of being blue so you don’t have to! I love that three tones of one hue were taken and repeated over and over until the desired level was reached. Very cool and very unique. You can totally use this type of idea with any color you like, and change the rope railing to a material that fits with your decor. Going steampunk or industrial? Maybe a chain instead! The possibilities are endless.

Staircases Stairs Jonathan Adler Beach House Nautical Themed White Paneled Walls Accents Statement Steps Home Decor Interior Design

Via DIY Showoff

5. Sometimes we need something a little more permanent than paint and wallpaper in our lives...that’s why God created tile. I love this pattern because it’s unique, makes an impact, but is also very subtle. It lays low and doesn’t draw too much attention to itself while still continuing to look really cool. Though if you were looking for more of an impact, you could totally do that too! By using Talavera or even patchwork tiles, you can really make the stairs in your home pop with color and pattern!

Staircases Tile Stairs Stepping Stones Gray White Minimalistic Interior Black Hand Rail Home Decor Simple is Best Small Rug

Via Camille Styles

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6. If I had little kids and a two story home, I would probably be picking out house numbers right now. I love that they are different shapes and sizes and are added on top of the center yellow painted stripe. This little girl seems to love it too! It’s not every day that you see something like this. I believe that it was the Backstreet Boys who said, “What makes you different, makes you beautiful,” which I believe is applicable in this particular situation, among many others. This would be so easy to replicate, and you can match the stripes and numbers to fit in with your home decor. I love stuff that can work for anyone!

Staircases House Numbers Address Stair Steps Staircase Stairs Second Story Little Girl Yellow Painted Stairs


Sometimes it’s not ideal to live in a home that has two floors, but making the best of that situation is what this post is all about. Plus, if you got it, flaunt it, right? When you forget your keys upstairs, the style and grace that exudes from your staircase design will make the extra steps worth it and the climb won’t even matter anymore... 

If you have house stairs, take into consideration what one of these ideas could do for your home! Be creative and have fun with it! Share this with a friend or comment below telling me about your sweet stair ideas. Thanks for reading, guys! Have a good one!!

**Featured image via Buzzle