Looking into the past while remaining in the present is like being in two eras at once. These overlapping photos by Nick Sullivan take us there! 

There are certain pictures that float around the world, and the second you get a look at them, you know you’ve seen them before. I felt that way when viewing this portfolio of photomontages by Esquire’s fashion director, Nick Sullivan. It’s an interesting idea to take the old and the new and mesh them together. Nostalgia is the main feeling I get when I see these photos, but I'm also amazed by the creativity and skill that went into creating them. My favorite part is how perfectly the black and white snaps mesh with the modern day backdrops!

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you old school Bob Dylan strolling around in the present day. Check out how impeccably the trees in the modern photograph fade into the ones lining the black and white brick road that Bob Dylan once traversed.

Overlapping Photos Bob Dylan Brick Road Trees Black and White Photographs Messy Hair Trench Coat Old School Famous

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Decades after the original photos were taken, Nick Sullivan re-captured iconic places and famous landmarks in order to provide a clever comparison and show how things have really changed. For example, no way did Cary Grant slide into a nice, black Range Rover!

Overlapping Photos Nick Sullivan 21st Century Old With The New Pictures Black and White Then and Now Esquire New York City Paris
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New York, Paris, and Los Angeles are among the places that Sullivan went to track down the exact spot these iconic celebrities were at all those years ago. It was important for him to make sure he was in the right place at the wrong time (haha, get it?)!

Overlapping Photos Model On The Street BMW Old Picture In Time Compared With New Photo Of The Same Street Europe Strike A Pose
Overlapping Photos Busy City Hustle and Bustle Grocery Shopping Black and White 20th Century Walking Down The Street Looker

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Isn’t it amazing? Nick Sullivan knows that styles have a tendency to come back around in a new and improved way. He took that concept and created a great series of photos. History might repeat itself, but Nick Sullivan knows how to highlight differences to perfection. If you enjoyed this nostalgic artwork, please share and comment below!

**All images c/o Nick Sullivan (@nicksullivanesq)