Turn your office space into the ultimate inspiring, creative, and productive area by using color theory to find the perfect paint colors! 

Welcome back to my series on how to use color theory to add painted walls to various rooms in your home! I love being able to incorporate things I have learned into real life scenarios, and this series has been super fun! We’ve covered how to use color theory to add colored walls to your bedroom and living room, which are some of the most used rooms in a home. But there’s a very important place in your house that can benefit from color theory. What place is that, you may ask? Well, if you’ve seen some of my other posts, and know that I’m a grad student aiming for a PhD, you’ll notice I have a tendency to talk about one particular place in the home: the office space. My office space is a nook, not a room, but that’s okay. Even if your own office space is only an area in another room, you can still use color theory to help boost the creative and productive mojo in that space. Are you ready? I have some awesome paint color ideas for you!

Paint Colors for Office Productivity Red Walled Gothic Inspired Office Space Black Desk Leather Chair China Cabinets Wall Sconces Desk Lamp


Red is a versatile color. You’ve already seen it being a great living room wall color because of its stimulating nature. Well guess what? That’s what makes it fantastic for office spaces too! And it fits a variety of decor styles. Check out this gothic-inspired office space. Man, that red wall is SHARP! It just gets your blood pumping so you’re ready to tackle any work you need to get done! I love how the black plays off of it, making this room great for working on projects, writing papers, or working up your business plan. This room just feels like it belongs to someone who knows exactly what kind of work they’re doing, and what they need to do to get it done. Many shades of red will give you this same feeling, from bright reds to deep wines. Find a shade that makes you feel important (it sounds crazy, but trust me!) and you’ll be super productive!

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Paint Colors for Office Productivity Orange Accent Wall White Desk and Chair Wall Art Ampersand Furry Rug Desk Lamp

Via Thistlewood Farms

Orange is similar to red in the fact that it is also a stimulating color. Orange is the color of creativity and enthusiasm as well. Go with a shade that isn’t too bright or too dull. For a painted wall in your office, you want a shade that’s easy on the eyes, like this orange here. Every time you walk into this office space, you’ll be inspired to sit down and get right to work! Oranges can be a little overbearing, but adding in lots of white makes the color seem less harsh. Even though pink and orange are so not my favorite colors, I actually love the idea of pink accents. I think they would add a fun, feminine touch. I think you could easily make this room more tropical by incorporating a bright blue. Darker blue accenting could make the office more masculine. Pretty cool, huh? Those colors will still keep that creative and optimistic vibe the room has, just with a different spin.

Yellow is that super happy color that works great in an office. It’s cheery, pleasant, and adds energy to the room. Yellow is perfect for an office because it stimulates the creative part of your brain by appealing to your sense of ego. There’s a bunch of sociology mumbo-jumbo behind it, but yellow actually helps to boost your self-esteem, which makes you more productive. Pretty cool stuff. I love the way that the office space on the right has a lot of white furniture to help make the yellow not seem too too happy (which can just be weird, am I right?). The office nook on the left was definitely made for creative people. Check out that art on the walls. It creates interest and breaks apart the yellow walls so they aren’t overwhelming. Those could easily be exchanged for wall paint designs to make the office space more personal and unique.

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Paint Colors for Office Productivity Olive Green Walled Office Space with White Accents Throw Pillow Floor Lamp Floating Shelves

Via Apartment Therapy

We have talked about green being a soothing color and it’s a fantastic color for pretty much any room in your home. Depending on the shades, of course. For an office, stick with sage and olive shades. These colors promote the same encouraging and soothing freshness of other shades of green, yet they add a balancing and productive atmosphere. How? These shades of green are reminiscent of the color of plants, which makes them remind you about growth. Growth means productivity and bam, you have a great color for a work space. Bright greens have this same feeling of growth, but those shades are hard on the eyes, which is exactly what you don’t want in an office. When choosing paint colors in this color family, you want a shade bright enough to keep the room lively, but dull enough to not distract you. Sage and olive greens, broken up with white furniture like this, give off that exact vibe. And while you’re at it, add in some great office plants to make this space even better!

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Paint Colors for Office Productivity Dark Gray Walled Office Space with Design Wall Gallery Wall Yellow Dress Floating Desk


This may be my favorite shade to paint an office space: deep dark gray. Gray is a color that promotes focus, being less harsh than black, and therefore it helps you be creative and get your work done. Plus, dark gray is great to work with, as you can add pops of color to make your space exactly how you want it very easily. You could add pops of other great office paint colors like red, orange, yellow, or even sage or olive green to make your office space perfect for getting work done. I love that this one has a design wall, or a mood board, for even more focus and productivity. You can check out my mood board post here for tips on how to add one to your office space!

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Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

There you have it! Ways to use color theory to add painted walls to rooms in your home, office space edition. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, and comment with any wall painting ideas or musings on any of these colors. Keep checking back for my next post in this series! Stay creative, my friends!

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