The final installment of my painting walls with color theory series ends with bathrooms! Add these gorgeous and relaxing colors to update your bathroom. 

Well folks, this is the final installment of my painting walls with color theory series. It has been so much fun working on this series because I have been able to use my knowledge of color theory to help pick the best colors to paint walls in different rooms throughout your homes. I’ve covered a lot so far, but the last room I wanted to discuss is one that isn’t typically painted any exciting colors (at least, not since the 50s and 60s!) and it’s one of the most used rooms in your home! So, why not have something other than white walls in your bathroom? I mean, you spend a lot of time in there anyway, so let’s paint your walls some interesting shades!

Painting Walls with Color Theory Painted Walls in Bathroom in Bright Green with White Furnishings


What better paint color to have in your bathroom than the au naturel color of green? Check out the decor in this bathroom. Flower paintings and plants in a vase. You can literally be around nature, and that gorgeous shade of green for when, uh, nature calls. Okay, please don’t hate me for that pun. I couldn't resist! But seriously, green is awesome!

Who said your bathroom has to be all white? Be bold with some colorful painted walls!

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I’ve mentioned in my previous color theory posts that green is the color of stability and nature, freshness and growth, so this color really speaks to people. It can be a very relaxing color, yet not boring. And since we are updating the bathroom here to be not boring, why not add in some green? While you’re at it, check out my previous post on adding plants to your home here because there are some awesome plants you could totally add to this decor to really liven the place up. Get it? Liven? Like, live plants? Okay, I’ll stop with the puns for now. Moving on!

Painting Walls with Color Theory Painted Walls in Modern Style Bathroom in Sea Green

Via Lonny

With all the bathrooms I have seen decorated with either sailboats or sea life, I was surprised that sea green was not one of the more popular room colors. Hello, it’s totally perfect for a sea-inspired bathroom! Plus, it meshes the stability and freshness of greens with the relaxing, tranquil auras of blues. Talk about a multi-tasking paint color! This would be a fantastic color for someone who loves to relax and take long bubble baths because this wall color will emulate the sea. I can easily picture a sea green bathroom with sketches of sea life and sea shells hung on the walls.

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Painting Walls with Color Theory Painted Walls in Bathroom in Pale Blue with White Furnishings and Clawfoot Tub

Via Homedit

Pale blue is the ultimate color for relaxation and tranquility. It’s also the second best color for representing cleanliness, next to white. However, white is already a typical color for bathrooms, and blues are much more interesting, am I right? Look how sparkly and clean this bathroom looks. Plus, blues have a calming effect on people and are, like sea green, perfect for those who like to take very long baths to relax. This makes lighter blue paint colors a wonderful shade for a bathroom. I would keep to this same color scheme, with the mix of white and pale blue, because to me, this bathroom just screams cleanliness and relaxation. Which in turn, makes me feel less stressed. So, if you want a color to promote a clean bathroom, stick with this one.

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Painting Walls with Color Theory Painted Walls in Bathroom in Navy with Checkerboard Flooring


Navy and dark blues are also wonderful colors for a bathroom. Even though these darker shades of blue are seen as ultra-masculine, they still evoke those same feelings of calm and tranquility that lighter blues do, but with a twist. Darker blues also symbolize authority and success, and in return, can make you feel authoritative and successful. I’d say that would be a great start to any morning, to be around a color that can give your self-esteem that extra boost before you head to work or class. You’ll be surprised to see the difference that darker blues can make in your life. However, I will say that sometimes darker blue paint schemes can have the reverse effect and make some people feel lonely and depressed. Combat that by adding in some other shades, like pops of lighter blues, or even happy colors like yellow or orange.

Painting Walls with Color Theory Painted Walls in Bathroom in Lavender With Clawfoot Tub

Via DigsDigs

I absolutely love this one. I mean, purples are pretty much my second favorite color (behind teal, but that’s not important here), but man I love this color for bathrooms. Lavender is a very feminine color, yes, but that is not its only trait. Oh, no, lavender is a wondrous color. It’s the color of creativity, romance, and independence. And, because it’s part of the purple family, it also evokes feelings of power, royalty, and mystery. Purple combines the stability and relaxation of blue with the passion and energy of red.

Can you see why I love this color? It’s probably the coolest cool-toned color to see every morning and night. And well, several other times during the day. It’s one of those rare colors that can invigorate you, and also relax you. It’s my favorite shade of purple. And, totally a great color for a bathroom. When I was a little kid, I got to pick out a color to paint the walls of my bedroom and bathroom, and what did I pick? You guessed it: bright lavender for both! The rooms practically glowed, and I absolutely LOVED it. I so miss that color being everywhere in my life. If I could paint my bathroom any color, it would be this one. And not just because it’s my second favorite color (and favorite plant!). It’s because of the meanings behind the color.

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That’s all, folks! The final installment on my painted walls with color theory series. I hope I have inspired you to add painted walls to your bathroom now! Share this post with your friends and family, and don’t forget to comment and tell me what color you want to paint your bathroom (FYI: I would totally paint mine lavender again like I had as a kid!). If you have any suggestions on other rooms you would like to see me add, let me know and I’ll see if I can whip up a color theory post on it! Stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via DecorPad