Every good DIYer has some pallet projects up their sleeve. I’ve gathered my favorite pallet wood ideas just for you!

Some time ago, my grandma and I discovered HGTV. I remember watching some morning craft show while I’d get ready to go to school. Fast forward a few years and they started publishing a magazine. Once we found out about the HGTV magazine, I got a subscription for my grandma. I very specifically remember both of us loving a painted piece of furniture on the cover of one of our first HGTV magazines. She was determined to find a dresser for me to paint teal. There were no objections from me - I love teal! College got in the way of our dreams of a teal dresser. Then finally I graduated. Three years ago I painted my first piece of furniture… and I haven’t stopped since.

Since that first dresser, I’ve learned a lot. Now I’m not only painting old furniture, but restoring discarded furniture and even building some from scratch! Furniture projects have become quite a passion of mine. I’ve painted a set of chairs, restored a dining table and chairs, a dresser, coffee table, night stand, TV cabinet, and built a desk and kitchen island from scratch. Currently I am working on a bathroom cabinet and a set of barstools. Like I said, I enjoy furniture projects!

Many of these projects have used pallet wood. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that pallet wood can be used for a wide variety of things. I used it on my coffee table top and the sides of my kitchen island. I’ve also made a marquee sign with pallets! I love the look that pallet wood gives a project. There’s so much character in the wood! The best thing though? The cost of pallets I’ve used in my projects is $0! Ah, the beauty of recycling. While there are some places to purchase pallets, I prefer to use reclaimed pallets (pallets that were to be thrown away).

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Pallets can be used for so many different things. To make this a little bit easier on everyone, I’ve divided my DIY pallet ideas into three categories: decor, storage, and furniture.

Pallet Projects - Decor

Pallet Projects Shanty 2 Chic Address Planter House Number DIY Brick Outdoors Curb Appeal Wood Outdoor Decor

Via Shanty 2 Chic

Every house needs their house number displayed, so why not show it off on some pallet wood? I love how this not only has a place for the numbers, but also a little spot to grow some succulents! It’d be a great boost to anyone’s curb appeal!

Pallet Projects Pallets Art Etsy Mountains Ideas 234Woodworking Wooden Mountain Range Wall Art

Via 234Woodworking

Just as pallet wood can be made into decor outside, it can also look pretty nice inside! I particularly love this piece of pallet art because it layers multiple colors of pallet wood, showing off all the beautiful character!

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What I love about pallets is there seems to be no limit on what you can do with them. You can paint, stain, burn, carve, or even attach something else entirely and use the pallet as a backdrop. Just search for pallet art on Pinterest or Etsy… there’s a never-ending supply of inspiration!

Pallet Projects Pallet Wall DIY Entertainment Center Living Room Dark Stain Wood Decor

Via Cape 27

Small pallet projects are great, but bigger is better. Whether behind a TV or behind a bed, pallet walls are just amazing. You can leave the wood bare, stain it, or even paint it different colors. Whatever your choice, a pallet wall is bound to look amazing in your home.

Pallet Projects Pallets Wainscoting Chair Rail Boards Decor Wall Whitewashed


If you don’t want to cover a whole wall in pallet wood, why not try making some pallet wainscoting? Standard wainscoting can give any room a design boost, but with pallets, you can add a whole other level of color and texture! If the untreated wood bothers you, try whitewashing, to tone it down a bit.

Pallet Projects Kitchen Countertop Counters Mixer Backsplash Wood Pallets Concrete Decor


Pallet wood can also be used as a backsplash! In this kitchen, the pallet wood is paired with concrete countertops. I think I’ve just found my dream kitchen. I absolutely love the color and texture the pallet wood gives this kitchen. Pair it with simple white cabinets and let the character of the wood shine!

Pallet Projects Dark Stain Ceiling Dining Room Pedant Lights Whole Pallets Wood Drop Ceiling Decor


Pallet wood isn’t limited to just your walls! I’ve shown you a pallet wood ceiling before, but this is a whole different take on the idea! This suspends the entire pallet from the ceiling! This would be great in an industrial space (like shown) to cover up some of the exposed pipes and duct work.

Pallet Projects - Storage

Pallet Projects Bathroom Shelf Pallets Wood DIY Etsy thestandardcollectiv Fire Treated Organization Storage

Via The Standard Collective

The bathroom is a place where you can never have too much storage. What I love about this bathroom shelf is that it somehow manages to make your toiletries look beautiful. Not only that, but it multitasks as a towel holder!

Pallet Projects Etsy APT8ecodesign Coffee Station Spices Tea Coffee Mug Hanging Jars Organization Storage

Via APT8ecodesign

In one of my first blog posts, I showed you a pallet coffee storage station. This one is obviously a little different. It’s smaller, but still packs a punch! The point I’m trying to make is that any room can benefit from a pallet shelf! Pallets can be used in so many great ways; it’d be a shame not to take advantage of that.

Pallet Projects Pallets Wood Ideas DIY Organization Storage Jewelry Organizer Rack Knobs


That’s right… pallets can even be used to hold your jewelry! I’m not much of a jewelry person myself, but I imagine this could be a great storage solution for many people! With some knobs, hooks, and shelves, you can customize a pallet to hold whatever you need!

Pallet Projects Wall Storage Pallets Whole Pallets Organization Stunning Designs

Via TreeHugger

I don’t know if I’ll ever have space for something like this, but I’d certainly love to have a pallet storage system like this in my home! While some of the pallets on the wall are only serving as decoration, many are holding books, magazines, and paint and fabric swatches! It’s a wall made specifically for storage. And it looks great!

Pallet Projects Whole Pallets Outdoor Yardwork Yard Water Hose Shovel Plants DIY Organization Storage

Via Our Little Acre

You can never have enough outdoor storage. I love how this pallet idea makes everything easily accessible and easy on the eyes. There’s not even much work involved with this pallet project! Find a pallet, paint it white, add some hooks, and attach it to the wall! Simple as that.

Pallet Projects - Furniture

Pallet Projects Furniture DIY Coffee Table Chevron Living Room Books Plants

Via The Merrythought

As amazing as those other pallet projects are, my favorite thing is using pallets for furniture. Let’s just stop for a minute and admire this coffee table. Not only is the top beautiful, but there’s built in storage underneath! No need to leave your books and magazines on top to clutter the space - just stick them in the cubby below! Easy access and easy on the eyes.

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Making pallets into furniture may seem daunting, but don’t worry! There are lots of helpful DIY instructions online to show you exactly how to make pallet furniture. For example, Manda at The Merrythought has a fantastic post on how to make this very table.

Pallet Projects Pallets Desk DIY Computer Home Office Furniture Ideas Wood


If you’re running low on space, this pallet desk could be perfect for you! It can fit into just about any nook you might have. It’s simple, but stylish and gets the job done. What more could you ask for?

Pallet Projects Pallets Wood DIY Ideas Bookcase Shelving Rustic Ideas Furniture

Via 99 Pallets

What would a unique pallet projects post be without a bookshelf idea? I’m a bit particular about bookshelves (after all, they have to be sturdy enough to hold all my precious books) and this one is just perfect. It would certainly take quite a few pallets to create since it’s entirely built out of pallets, but would be worth the effort!

Pallet Projects Pallets Wood DIY Barstools High Table Stools Seat Chair Ideas Furniture

Via 1001 Pallets

Once you take apart a pallet, the pallet boards can be used just like any other type of wood. So why not make some barstools? Everything you make with pallet wood is unique! Even though all four of these stools are made the same way, they each look different because of the textures of the pallet wood.

Pallet Projects Pallets Bed Wood Storage Furniture Headboard Drawers Bedroom

Via I Love2Make

One of the most popular pallet wood ideas I’ve seen online is a pallet bed frame. Many of these beds use whole pallets in their design, but I’m a bit particular to this version. Not only do you get a stunning bed, but you also get a little bit of storage!

Pallet Projects Pallets Dog Bed DIY Pipe Industrial Wood Furniture Puppy Pet

Via The Charming Farmer

If you’re going to make yourself a bed, you need to do the same for your pets! Plus, it’s a good excuse to play with more pallets!

Making stuff from pallets may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. I’ve said it before, but the beauty of pallets is that you can make just about anything with them. Pallet wood brings any project such great character. There are quite a few pallet ideas in this blog, but I have to say that I’ve only scratched the surface. Did any of these pallet creations stand out to you? Are there other DIY pallet projects you’ve seen that you love even more? Have you ever worked with pallets? I don’t mean to overrun you with questions, but I’d love to know the answers. Don’t forget to comment and share with all your pallet-loving friends!