Unforgettable! That’s what your party will be! Especially with these awesome (emphasis on awesome) party favors that’ll make you and your guests smile.

Hello, friends! How you doing on this lovely day? For today’s post, I thought I’d do y’all a favor (pun intended!) and continue my plan a party series with a post on party favors! Seriously, I think party gifts for guests are the most under-appreciated part of party planning. It’s not common anymore to receive a little gift at a party you attend unless you’re at a little kid’s party. Which I think is totally sad and needs to change ASAP. Party favors are not just for kid’s parties, oh no. They are totally for adults too! And they don’t have to be just for weddings either! There are SO many cute ways to do-up a fancy schmancy party favor. Don’t believe me? Let’s go on a party favor adventure!

Party Favors About to Pop Soda Pop Favors Baby Shower DIY Plan a Party Ideas Inspiration

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For our first set of party novelties, I couldn’t resist sharing these super cute poppin’ soda pop favors. I love how unique and witty this idea is. Plus, it’s super-duper practical if you think about it. All you need to make it is brown paper lunch bags, cute printed labels or custom-made stickers, twine, and soda pop! These are totally great for a baby shower, don’t you agree? You can even set them up and use them at a gender reveal if you like, and have both blue and pink decorated soda cans. If you aren’t a soda person, even carbonated waters would work! It’s easy, simple, and then everyone at the party already has a drink! Score!

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Party Favors Pumpkin Favor Pouches Halloween Candy Trick or Treat Crepe Paper Pumpkins

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Pretty Pumpkin Party Pouches! Try saying that three times fast! Tongue twisters are fun, but these cute pumpkin party favors are even cuter. I love the idea of this project for a September “Welcome Back to School” idea for elementary school students or as a party favor for a Thanksgiving get-together. They’re just adorable treat filled pumpkins! If you like to throw Halloween parties, paint a jack-o-lantern face on these little pumpkins and bam, you have yourself a great party favor! Or, let your guests create their own jack-o-lantern face! 

If you made these pumpkins white and glittery, then you could use this favor idea for a Cinderella themed party. Just add a name tag with the words “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!” to this fun favor and it’d be perfect! These are so easy to make, kids can even make them! As a kid, I always liked being able to make something then take it home, so this would have been something I would have loved doing!

Party Favors Hangover Kit Party Favor Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Favors Tylenol Visine

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How funny is this party favor? I think this idea would be perfect as a gag gift favor for bachelorette or bachelor parties, or even for bashes for those who just turned the legal drinking age in your country. What do you think? Regardless of what party you use this favor for, it’s always good to remember to drink responsibly. At the same time, always be prepared for that crazy drunk uncle going bonkers with the margaritas. In that instance, your party attendees may deeply appreciate this favor! It’s just great to have for any party where alcohol is being served. Plus, it’s cute, would be both easy and cheap to make, and it keeps for a long time! I kind of want to keep some around just for the sake of random late night parties with my friends. You never know when this would come in handy!

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Party Favors Woodland Party Favor Chocolate Reindeer Party Ideas Inspiration Celebrate

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Alright, these woodland themed party goodies are absolutely darling. At the church that I attend, there’s a new mom who had a woodland themed baby shower. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend because I was out of town that weekend, but these favors would’ve matched her shower theme perfectly! It looks pretty easy to make too. Just some woodland creature toys, painted white, and glued onto the lid of a jar. If you’re a mason jar fanatic, this would be perfect for you! Who wouldn’t like getting a little reusable mason jar with food and a woodland creature on it? I am all about party favors that contain either something that can be used again and again, or food. This one has both! The little jar would be great for storing homemade lotions, scrubs, or even more food later on.

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Last but not least, is this darling and elegant party favor. I love this because I could totally see myself doing this for a bridal shower if I were to host my own bridal shower party. I have a lot of friends who love tea and grown up ‘tea parties.’ I know for a fact that this favor would be a huge hit with all my friends and family. This could be made as simply as a few tea bags within the card, or if you want to get really fancy, a sachet full of loose leaf tea! You can either make or buy a custom blend for your party, which I think would be super fantastic. If this is for a bridal shower, I would totally go with some sort of blend that has peppermint to help fight off potential jitters. There are tons of blends out there, or like I said, you can make your own or have one made for you. How special would that be? If anyone has a unique idea on how to do this with coffee for all the coffee lovers out there, you need to let me know in the comments below ASAP! I was thinking maybe some roasted coffee beans in a cute burlap bag would be nice, but I wonder if there’s a way to make your own roast or have one made for you. That would be kind of cool.

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I hope you enjoyed these party favor ideas! Which one was your favorite? What are some of the best party favors you’ve ever received at a party? Make sure to share this post with anyone you know who’s planning a party. I’m sure they’d love and appreciate the gesture a ton! Thanks for reading. 'Til next time, friends!

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