You’ll be over the moon about balloon decorations when you see how much they have to offer! 

Age three was a big year for me. That was the year I discovered balloons. Everywhere we went I would ask for one to parade around with tied to my wrist. Now, for those of you who don’t have kids but had a childhood, you’ll probably agree that as a tot you thought these round, floating blibs were pretty freaking cool.

I tend to associate balloons with celebrations and let’s be honest, we all have something to celebrate. To me, decor is an essential element of any party. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, it’s all about the presentation! If easy-peasy is your favorite cup of tea, remember these ideas for your next soiree!

First up to bat is my new found favorite: gold balloon letters! They come in just about any size and several metallic tones. Personalization is all the rage as of late, so spell out just about anything you want and I think you’ll have a real winner on your hands!

Balloon Decorations Gold Mini Foil Balloons Letters Alphabet Event Planning Party Bowl

Via Studio DIY

Don’t get to thinking that because they don’t float, they can’t swim! Foil letters can be stuck to anything with the use of Glue Dots. Doors, walls, counters... get creative with it! When in doubt, use this as a rule of thumb: mason jars are great for just about anything. This includes, but is not limited to, being used to house your balloon letters in a bed of sprinkles, as shown below. I kind of think this is awesome. What do you think?

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Balloon Decorations Gold Foil Balloon Letters Mason Jars With Confetti Sprinkles Letters On A Stick

Via 100 Layer Cakelet

I used to feel differently, but as I have gotten older I have begun to appreciate birthdays more and more. There is something about getting to live another year that led me to believe “the bigger the number, the bigger the celebration.” Below, the big 5-0 is posted on the wall with a stream of black and white memories and, of course, birthday balloons to add color to the scene! Not only am I a huge fan of the age in pictures idea, but the reality is that if you took away the helium, it would be as bland and boring as they come. Bottom line: balloon decor is always a good idea!

Balloon Decorations Black and White Photos Fifty Years Old Birthday Party Silver and Yellow Balloons Mini Champagne Bottles

Via Martha Stewart 

Along the same lines as the last, this idea incorporates the balloons and the pictures to be used together! Dinner and a (picture) show? I can’t argue with that! I just think this idea is so simple, yet gorgeous. I love the soft colors of the balloons they chose for both of these events, and it would be so easy to incorporate these into any event you want! There’s just something awesome about mixing balloons with photos. You can print photos so cheaply now, so this has got to go together so easily!

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Balloon Decorations Pictures On Balloons Gold Balloons Above Table Display Food Appetizers and Wine On Table

Via Wedding Chicks

If regular helium balloons are too typical for your taste, these last few ideas will spice ‘em up! Color anxiety is real. It happens when I go get a manicure, it happens when I go shopping, and it definitely happens when party themes are involved. The last case I mentioned comes with good news! Eliminate that stress by going with an interesting alternative that is seldom used: clear balloons. “Ugh, but clear is so boring,” you say? Not when it’s done this way! S/o to whoever decided to attach pom-poms to the outer layer of a balloon! An orb glued to an orb is a concept that I hadn’t considered, but wish I had. They are so fun and aesthetically pleasing!

Balloon Decorations Pom-Poms Clear Balloons Color Pop Orb Blue Sky Clouds

Via Design Improvised

Similarly, I love the sparkle and glitz that comes with dipping the bottom section of a clear balloon in confetti glitter! Pretty much anything can be put on or inside these things. It’s a great way to save a few bucks and still come out on top. I think it would also be fun to used colored confetti too. The possibilities are endless for what you can put in or on these balloons, as long as they still float, of course!

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Balloon Decorations Clear Balloon With Gold Confetti Glitter Glued To The Outside White Brick Wall Mirror Gold String


Last, but definitely not least, is the mother of all balloon decor: the balloon arch. Now, this is not just any plain ol’ arch, it is more of a statement piece. These can be super complex, or super simple, depending on the look you are going for and the time you want to spend on it. Take a look:

Balloon Decorations Balloon Arch Florals Attached Greenery Shades of Pink Striped Pink and White Table Cloth Flamingo Cake

Via The House that Lars Built

What I love about this arrangement (other than all of it) is the flowers and greenery that are tucked all throughout the layers. Adding plants and flowers to any event is a great way to keep the oxygen flowing! This entire arch was constructed with the help of tape and Glue Dots, as well as chicken wire for the shape. Carve out a little time, and this bright balloon arch decoration can easily be recreated!

Is it even a #celebration without #balloons? Didn’t think so! Get creative with balloons on any occasion!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If this post has taught you anything, let it be that you can never go wrong in your event decor endeavors when balloons are involved. As I said before, they are the biggest indicator that a celebration is underway! No matter how you display them, whether it is a balloon decoration idea sparked by this post or one you developed on your own, I am always thrilled to hear what y’all have to say! Show me what you can do by sharing and commenting below! Have fun with it!!

**Featured image via Studio DIY