Summer is the time to make a splash! Get out the guest list because once you recreate these patio ideas you’re going to want to show them off! 

Ahh, summer! Long time, no see! After a freezing winter, I think it’s about time to put away the sweaters and bring out the swimsuits. With kids out of school and the sun beating down, sometimes the heat drives us out of town and we have the chance to put those vacation days to good use. Although I do love a nice, sandy beach, there's nothing better than walking out the backdoor and basking in the greatness that is my backyard. No check out dates, no room service fees, just me, a refreshing cocktail, and some friends. Luckily, this is a luxury we can all have! From tweaks that range from minor to elaborate, hopefully you will be inspired to transform what lies in between your house and your back fence with these unique patio ideas.

Two things I have a thing for are a) wood and b) flooring. So believe me when I tell you that this is probably one of my favorite ideas for a backyard patio. I love how the deck is decked out in wood, from the floor to the furniture. Having an accent color is always necessary and turquoise is never a bad choice! Generally, we relate the color blue and all of the shades that come with it to water (give me that pool), and somehow water relates to summer, and that makes me relate to this entire patio situation... needless to say, I really dig everything about this patio design.

Patio Ideas Teal Pillow Cushions Sunbathe Layout Mats Wood Flooring Panels Pallet DIY Zero Edge Pool Table Trees Green White House

Via Keltainen talo rannalla

For a somewhat cozier and probably more realistic backyard patio idea, take a look at this easy-to-acquire Moroccan inspired sitting area and get ready to inspire patio envy.

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Patio Ideas Bright Colors Patio Moroccan Theme Light Fixtures Tea Set Flower Carpet Hot Pink Pull Shades


Have some fun in the sun! Deck out your deck and head to the backyard!

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Typically, I’m more of a black, white, and gray type of gal but those fixtures are fantastic! Knowing myself, I would probably incorporate them into a softer color palette (like my black, white, and gray trio) for the cushions. The throw pillows would be bright and colorful to match the theme of the lighting. Because the great outdoors are filled with many flying, living, scary, gross things, i.e. bugs, aside from buckets of citronella candles and bug spray, outdoor drapes are a must! Drapes are great because you can tie them back or leave them down to create an insect-free backyard patio. Plus, they are great for shade when it gets too warm! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a look at this visual as an example. The rustic style of this patio decor is also pretty sweet, and the curtains perfectly match and keep those pesky bugs away!

Patio Ideas Barrel Tables DIY White Drapes Curtains Tan Couch Cushions Outdoors Rustic Country Chic

Via Centsational Girl

I touched on the subject a second ago, but I think lighting deserves a little more attention. String lights are the lighting industry’s best-kept secret. And yes, when I say string lights I mean Christmas lights. They are cheap, easy to replace, and look amazing. Seriously, instant glamour! If you have trees in your backyard, definitely give one of these variations (or both) a try as a part of your backyard design! You can find them pretty cheap any time of year now thanks to places like Amazon, and in so many colors than you can create whatever atmosphere you wish!

Patio Ideas String Lights In Trees Lanterns Lamps Mason Jars Christmas Lights in Trees Chevron Pillows on Brown Porch Chairs
Patio Ideas String Lights Tree Christmas Lights In Tree Wood Chair Throw Pillow Backyard Lighting

Via Hative

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating the drip-like lighting on the left, you can always wrap your lighting around the trunks of the tree. Still makes a wonderful visual, brings in lots of light, and you don’t need a super tall ladder to create it! Unless you want to wrap all the way up your trees, which is totally up to you and would look cool either way! Imagine this sort of lighting but in multiple colors, maybe in yellows and golds? That would be very romantic!

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If your budget or space doesn’t allow for a brand new patio set or construction for the new pool you want so badly, yet you still crave that cozy backyard getaway vibe, not to worry! “Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool” is best done when it is affordable. No one can relax when they have an anxiety attack cutting off the price tags.

To anxiety I respond with two words and a picture: Hammock Time (think MC Hammer without the ridiculous pants).

Patio Ideas Backyard Hammock Lights In Trees Lay Out Hang On Tree Stumps Sleep Naptime Pillows And Blanket

Via By Stephanie Lynn

There are so many kinds of hammocks out there in many, many shapes and sizes. Personally, I am a huge fan of them. Sometimes when I climb into one it brings me back to that time when I was just a five year old nugget, who swung a little too strongly and flipped over, only to land in a puddle of mud. As horrible as landing in wet dirt is (trust me), I have matured and have learned that swinging is meant for swings and hammocking is meant for hammocks... word to the wise.

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Lastly, for the perfect backyard oasis refreshments are a huge MUST, especially when it comes to the summer sun. Dehydration is no joke! When the heat waves roll through, cool off with water and the occasional beer or cocktail. I’ve proven that this is a 100% accurate solution to take that fiery sting away. If your patio isn’t stacked with a full kitchen and bar not to worry! Instead of running in and out of the house, letting all of that bought air out, try making your own outdoor pop-up bar and snack station! It’s easy, accessible, and friends and family will love it!

Patio Ideas Backyard Kitchen Pop-up Bar Snack Station Drinks Water Hydrate Wood Silver Metal Pots Iced Tea Lemonade Hot Summer Day DIY

Via The Kitchn

Many of the best memories I have are from sunny summer days and I can only hope that these patio decorating ideas will inspire you to make some of your own! If you have any backyard design ideas to clue me in on or memories to share, please let me know by commenting below. Have the most relaxing, enjoyable summer yet! And, as always, don’t forget to share with your friends and loved ones!

**Featured image via The Pink Pagoda