Everyone with a garden knows that you always get pests. Pests are the worst! These awesome pest repelling plants will help eliminate pests naturally!

Hello! When planting a garden, you find out very quickly that garden pests and pesky insects get involved. Many of these can be good insects, but sometimes we get ones that are annoying. Spiders and scorpions and flies, oh my! What are we to do other than spray harmful and smelly chemicals all over our garden? Well, my friends, that’s where I come in. You may not know, but there are many plants out there that actually repel these bad insects! Natural pest control plants, if you will. You may already have, or are planning to have them in your garden! Neat, huh? Today, I’m going to go over a few of them, and tell you which insects they repel, and if they bring in beneficial insects too! Let’s talk about pest repelling plants!

Pest Repelling Plants: Citronella

Pest Repelling Plants Citronella Plant in Orange Pots Terra Cotta Pot Insect Repellent

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Known as the Mosquito Plant, this awesome little guy wards off mosquitoes. Citronella doesn’t need full sun, so it is easy to put near doors and keep those mosquitoes from coming into your garage or house. Citronella plants have a very fragrant yet pleasing smell. I keep one on my patio so when my back door is open, less bugs come in my house. Of course, it doesn’t stop the bees, which like the smell of this plant too, but bees are great, beneficial insects. I just don’t like them in my apartment because I’m allergic to them. But hey, no flies or mosquitoes come in! It’s also thought that cats don’t like the citronella plant, so if you have a feral cat problem, or a neighbor cat problem, this might help!

Pest Repelling Plants: Lavender

Pest Repelling Plants Lavender Plant in Metal Pot and Water Collector Blue Door Brick Walkway

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I mentioned some of the awesome things this wonderful plant does in my herb garden post, but I wanted to reiterate. Lavender plants ward off a lot of insects such as scorpions, mosquitoes, and flies. As someone who hates mosquitoes and flies, and has a mother who is allergic to scorpions, natural insect repellent plants like lavender are a must. Plus, I have no idea if I am allergic to scorpions as well, and I do not want to find out. 

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Keep lavender plants in full sun, and if you can get them near entrances like windows and doors, they’ll help keep those pesky bad insects away. If you have pets, this is also great because fleas don’t like lavender either! This’ll keep fleas at bay, and if your fur babies get fleas, you can rub them down with lavender (or give them a lavender bath) and the fleas will leave! Lavender also attracts good insects like bees and butterflies to help pollinate the rest of your garden. Win!

Pest Repelling Plants: Lemongrass

Pest Repelling Plants Lemon Grass Plant in Yard with Wooden Placard

Via Bonnie Plants

I have always loved the small of lemongrass, but have never grown any. I have a jar of lemongrass essential oil that I use in my diffuser a lot, but I had no idea exactly how many insects it repels. Insects that don’t like lemongrass include mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and even ticks! This plant is great for those who live out in the country. I would keep this plant near a door as well, to ward off those nasty bugs and keep them out of your house. Since I grew up in a place with Jumanji level mosquitoes, mosquito repellent grass is great in my book! If you have fur babies, and they get ticks, you can give them a lemongrass bath to help shake them off. You could even add in lavender to help keep off the fleas as well. This is another one of those pest repellent plants that bees love, though, so be aware of that!

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Pest Repelling Plants: Marigolds

Pest Repelling Plants Marigold Plant Multiple Varieties in Dark Blue Pot

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Marigold plants are awesome! They also repel nasty pests, and they are great companion plants for tomatoes! There's such a long list of insects that this plant wards off it’s hard to include them all. Flies of all sorts, mosquitoes, nematodes, and many, many others. This plant is also said to deter rabbits. If you have a rabbit problem in your garden, or you’ve noticed them hanging around and fear for the safety of your plants, grab yourself a few marigolds. They also come in many different varieties, although most are in oranges, reds, and golds. They’re very pretty, so if you are looking for pretty plants that repel pests, this should be at the top of your list.

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Pest Repelling Plants: Mint Family Plants

Pest Repelling Plants Mint Family Plant Peppermint Sweet Mint Spearmint Lemon Balm and Bee Balm

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Plants in the mint family are known to keep away flies and are herbs that repel mosquitoes. Varieties like peppermint, sweet mint, spearmint, lemon balm, and bee balm are wonderful for this purpose. Plus, all of them are great in herb gardens! The one thing about mint plants is that they are very aggressive, and can take over a garden quickly. So, keep these puppies in their own containers to keep them in check! Bee balm also attracts bees, and butterflies are also known to flock towards bee and lemon balm!

Pest Repelling Plants: Rosemary

Pest Repelling Plants Large Rosemary Plant in Yard White Picket Fence

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Rosemary is another great pest repelling herb. It is very hardy, and mosquitoes and flies do not like it. Other pests that don’t like rosemary are slugs and snails, so if you want those out of your garden, plant more rosemary! This plant grows well in containers, but if you let it grow in your yard, it can grow to be several feet tall! I’ve seen a rosemary plant that was actually taller than me one time, and I’m 5’ exactly. That was a tall rosemary plant! I also just love the smell of rosemary, and use it a lot in my cooking. Though, I don’t think I would ever need one quite that large! You’d have rosemary for an entire lifetime, and then some!

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Well, there you have it! Some great plants for pest control to add to your garden to keep away unwanted insects! Do you have some of these in your garden already, or know of any other pest repellent plants? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends! As always, stay creative, my friends.