Do you have a lot of photos of family, friends, or travel you want to display in your home? Check out these creative and fun photo wall art ideas to showcase your pics!

Hello! I hope you all are well! I have wanted to write this post for a while, but it doesn’t really apply to me. I don't have a lot of photos. The photos on my phone consist of selfies with or without my dogs, pictures of my plants and crafts, and some travel photos. Most are not things I want to showcase in my apartment (read: those selfies I take when I am bored), maybe some of my travel photos eventually. So, even though this doesn’t apply directly to me right now, I still want to talk about the best way to display photographs. Well, I found some great wall decor ideas, whether you want to show off your wonderful travels or your loving friends and family, so let’s go ahead and get crackin’!

Photo Wall Art Travel Themed Gallery Wall with Photographs Typography Artwork Souvenirs

 Via Live Laugh Rowe

Gallery Wall: The first thing that came to mind was obviously a wall art gallery. I think they are just beautiful, and a great way to display you photo wall art. A gallery wall would work wonderfully for travel photos or even family photos. I like the idea of adding in things like maps, framed art, and souvenirs. For family and friend photos, you can add in quotes, or even items that remind you of the people in the photos. For instance, if I was to add in photos of my family, I would have some sort of cat item for my sister, a Star Wars trinket for my dad, and probably a hand embroidered quote for my mom. You can easily think of things that remind you of each person to add in some fun three-dimensional decor for walls to your gallery wall!

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Photo Wall Art Washi Tape Photo Frames Blue Yellow Multicolored Photographs

Via Brit + Co

Washi Tape Photo Frames: This is such a cute wall art idea, I couldn’t resist. I love the idea of sticking the pictures right on the wall and then adding washi tape around them to create frames. Such awesome framed art! You can totally go all out here, with different colors and patterns of tape, and even different patterns of “frames” like you see here. You can easily match this idea with your current decor, or use it as a way to branch out and add more color and pattern! You can even use the tape to create letters or words around the photos. I think that would be so cute, don’t you agree? And definitely cheap wall art too! This can also be used for holiday decor. Simply add in washi tape letters pertaining to the holiday, or add in a holiday themed picture and create your framed wall art!

Photo Wall Art Stickygram Photo Magnets Color Photographs on Fridge

Via Bless This Stuff

Photo Magnets: This is a completely wonderful idea. Sticky9 takes your Instagram photos and prints them onto small square magnets. Hello! You can easily add these all over your home! You can use them on your fridge, on dry erase boards, or even buy a piece of metal to hang on the wall. This is genius. If you want to do this yourself, you can print your photos and either attach them completely to sheets of magnet or add tiny pieces of magnet to the corners. This would be a great photo art DIY, and it would be so easy to move around, whether changing out the photos or moving into a new place. They would take up very little space, and be super light! Definitely some unique wall decor!

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Photo Wall Art Corkboard Gallery Wall in Office with White Desk and Chairs

Via decor8

Corkboard Photo Wall: I have always wanted a corkboard wall. That, and a chalkboard wall. A corkboard wall would be a fantastic way to display photos. You can use only part of the wall or the entire wall, whichever you feel works best for you. Then, just tack those pictures up! You can even add in quotes or 3D pieces to the corkboard to commemorate great times or great travels. I’m thinking for travel stuff you could add things like small containers of sand, or even bags of trinkets that aren’t too big. You can even add in the receipts or papers you gathered along the way. For family photos, I would mainly stick with quotes, or follow the idea with the gallery wall on adding items that remind you of the people in the photos. I’m totally diggin’ all the custom wall art you can make just by adding pictures to your walls!

Photo Wall Art Picture Garland with Jute String and Mini Pins DIY Fringe

Via Homey Oh My

Photo Garland: This would be a fun and simple way to display your photos. You can have them printed and use mini pins to attach them to jute string. Another cool idea I saw with this was to use either colored string to place your photos on, or even string lights. I think string lights would add a lovely aura to the photos, especially if the people in your photos are those you love! You could even use this idea for parties and holidays. Simply change the photos out, or use lights instead of string. If you pick lights that go with the holiday or party in question, it’ll really add in some awesome and simple wall art decor!

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Photo Wall Art Round Picture Display with Old Antique Bike Wheel and Clothespins

Via Just Imagine

Unique Photo Display: I love this display. It’s unique and fun! Not all of us have access to an antique bike wheel, though. If I was to use this idea in my home, I would use either a round frame and attach jute string to it, or make the whole thing out of string and attach it to the wall in the shape I want. Then, use tiny clothespins to place my photos where I want! You can try so many different shapes. Experiment. Maybe go with the shape of your home country or state, or of a place you’ve visited during your travels! You could even use the string to make letters or words, and then attach the photos within the letters. I think that would be awesome. Metal wall art would also be a fun way to go, if you can find cool shapes!

There you have it! Lots of interesting, fun ways to make an art wall to display photos of your travels or your loved ones! Do you already have a great set-up for your photos? Share it with me! I would love to see it. Don’t forget to comment below, and share this with your family and friends! Stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Shelterness