Pink brings to mind cotton candy, bubble gum, and Valentine’s Day, not necessarily home decor. So here are my tips to help you add pink in the living room! 

The holiday season is officially over, but Valentine’s Day is just over the horizon so I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about one of my fave colors – PINK! Pink is such a versatile color and can be used pretty much anywhere in your home. Pink is a feminine color, which does not mean that it's only for women. It is known as a more playful, modern, and delicate color. Today, I want to talk about several different ways to incorporate pink into your living room; some less permanent than others. Whether you are looking to add pink in a big way or just want to add a touch here and there on a seasonal basis, I think I’ve got some pink living room ideas that everyone can catch onto!

1. Books

Pink in the Living Room Coffee Table with Books and Black Couch with Throw Pillows White Flowers

Via Maria Killam

Books are a great way to add pink to your living room in a subtle way. You can add a variety of books in different shades of pink to your bookshelves, you can stack pink books on top of your coffee or side table, or you can even do like me and “accidentally” leave a pink book on the couch. It's a great way to add pink, but not let the pink overwhelm your space, unless of course you want it to! 

Pink in the Living Room Pink Home Decor Ideas Accent Book Coffee Table

Via Manhattan Nest

I really like this idea here because not only is there a pink book, but the cable on the light is also pink! You can buy power cords in a variety of colors now, and you can even find really pretty industrial ones where all you do is screw in a light bulb and voila! You can have a cool light and add in a little pink in the living room! How cool would that be?

Pink in the Living Room Stack of Books on Table with Pink Ornaments and White Couch with Throw Pillows

Via My Friend Betty Says

Another really neat way to style your pink books is to add in a bowl full of, you guessed it, pink ornaments! I just love these pink glittery apple ornaments. They look fantastic in that black and clear glass container, don’t you think? Of course, you don’t have to go with glitter ornaments. You could pick up some matte or glossy ornaments instead. More power to you if you can find a cool shape, like these apples, for your pink decor!

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2. Flowers

Pink in the Living Room Modern Contemporary Living Room with Pink Home Decor Flowers Accent Color

Via Meg Biram

Flowers are a creative and lively way to add pink to your living room. Flowers are beautiful, give off an earthy scent, and can be the dash of color that your space needs. You can place flowers just about anywhere that you please. I love to see flowers in the center of a table with other design accessories surrounding them. Pink flowers are bright and can lift the mood to one that is more joyful. When I come home after a long day, the first place I go is my living room. This is why it's so important to have something here that will boost my mood and also looks nice.

Pink in the Living Room Neutral Living Room with Throw Pillows and Wall Gallery

Via Live creating yourself

I really like how subtle these pink flowers are. These are totally for the person who wants just a hint of pink in their decor! I bet they smell fantastic too!

3. Pillows

Pink in the Living Room White Living Room with Pink Home Decor Accent Pillow

Via decor8

Pillows are another subtle way to add pink to your living room. Unless of course, you fill your couch or chair to the brim with pillows. I am a pillow fanatic; my bed is covered with pillows of different shades, colors, patterns, textures, and sizes. You can do the same in a less obsessed way, by adding pillows of various shades of pink and/or with different patterns. Pillows are amazing because they have multiple functions. They are, of course, there for design, but they are also used to lay on and provide cushioning. If you want to add pink to your living room in an understated and refined way, then utilizing pillows just might be the right way to go.

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Pink in the Living Room Blue Velvet Button Tufted Couches with Pink Throw Pillows and Indoor Plant Decor

Via the Tao of Dana

I love this color combo! Jewel tones are my favorite, and I love the brightness these shades of pink add to this living room. Plus, these pillows make great pink living room accessories. If you were also looking for a color upgrade, check out this fantastic color scheme and give it a thought. It works great with many other colors too, like purples and even browns, blacks, and grays. So it can be a great upgrade to almost any decor!

4. Chairs

Pink in the Living Room Pink Home Decor Magenta Accent Chair in White Living Room

Via the Tao of Dana

Chairs are a more permanent way of adding pink room decor. You're letting others know that pink was added for a reason and they should take note. A bold shade of pink will command attention and bring life into your interior

Pink is a feminine color, BUT that doesn't mean it's just for the ladies! Think pink for your home decor!!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, May 22, 2016
Pink in the Living Room Colorful Accent Chairs in Living Room with Fireplace and Mirror Wall Gallery Colorful Rugs Contemporary Art


If you really want to let everyone know how much you love your pink chairs, you should totally mimic this decor! I absolutely love this pink living room set! These chairs look so comfy, and they are all a different shade! This keeps the pink from being too in your face, but still very dominant.

5. Couches

Pink in the Living Room Pink Home Decor Ideas Pink Couch Modern Eclectic Living Room Design Bay Window

Via DigsDigs

Couches, like chairs, are a great way to bring pink into your living room. Pink can add dimension and nuance to your space. I don’t often see a pink couch in a home, so it's definitely a unique statement piece. I have found that the lighter the pink, the more feminine and playful. And the darker the pink, the more cutting edge and modern the design

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Pink in the Living Room Pink Couch Floral Chairs Pink Curtains Light Blue Walls Colorful Living Room Turquoise Chandelier

Via Amazing Interior Design

This is such a cute space. I love how bright it is! From the turquoise chandelier to the lime green end tables, this living room is just fun. Add in the cute pink living room furniture like this couch, the pink, lime green and turquoise ottoman, and those awesome floral chairs, and you have a perfectly balanced and very colorful space! I can’t get over how fun this is. Even the curtains are pink!

That wraps up my 5 suggestions for adding pink to your living room. Thanks for reading! How have you used pink accents in your living space? Share, comment, and let us know!

**Featured images clockwise from left to right via Studio M Interior Design, Adorable Home, and Sadie + Stella