For some, tablescaping is a hobby and for others it’s something they’re just now learning about. Let’s work together to get those tablescapes looking too good to eat on! 

As a general rule of thumb, I’m pretty into the idea that having guests over should leave a lasting impression that makes them want to come running back at the chance of eating dinner in my home again. There is a lot that goes into having a dinner party. For example, you have to be aware of guests’ allergies, their likes, dislikes—and everything else that comes into play when considering/planning the menu. Not only is the meal a big deal, but the table decor ideas you may have (also known as tablescapes) are equally important.

I never really understood the whole spending a ton of time and money on things like placemats and napkin rings until now. It brings about a boost in confidence. I mean, the food may be horrible (which it won’t be, fingers crossed) but at least it was served looking all nice and pretty! Taking pride in your home (and your dinner party skills) is a must. I want to help you achieve your tablescaping dreams by walking you through a few examples!

Tablescapes Ideas Pink Floral Tablescape with Succulents and Flowers

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On with it! Placemats, cloth napkins, napkin rings, centerpieces, the list goes on and on. Really, you can create an intricate or a casual table setting; it all depends on preference! The four things I just named are pretty much staples for tablescapes. It’s not likely that you own seven different styles of dishware and these things are a relatively inexpensive way to spice up your everyday dishes! 

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Cloth napkins are a favorite because they come in literally every print you can imagine (love variety!) and are reusable. After a quick wash, they’re ready for use again. Plus, it really makes your get-together seem much fancier than if you handed your guests a paper napkin. Also, there’s less trash involved this way, so cleanup is as simple as tossing them in the wash. I love these colorful napkins! They can brighten up any simple set of dishes, or even go well with patterned ones!

Tablescape Ideas Napkins Color Yellow Orange Pink Purple Cloth Napkin Silverware

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More often than not, when I am a guest at someone else’s house, I always have that moment where I feel awkward and don’t know where to sit and the “where do you want me?” conversation ensues. Of course, this isn’t always convenient, and so name cards are sometimes needed. They can range from minimal to over the top...knowing myself, I love both, but unless you’re looking to spend a ton and send your friends home with a pillow featuring their name, many DIYs, like this lime option, are available (and cheaper) while still making your tablescape stand out!

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Tablescape Ideas Lime Place Cards Fresh Name Tag Name Cards Fruit Calligraphy Toothpick

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To incorporate both a placemat and a name card (plamecard?), I have found exactly what you need! This chalkboard placemat is personal, practical, and pretty. You can even get fancy with your lettering and add little sketches if you like to really personalize it for your guests. What’s not to love about this place setting idea? It can also be reused for any occasion, so you’re even saving some money this way! Score!

Tablescape Ideas Chalkboard Placemats Chalkboard Paint Table Dinnertime Menu

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This last minute tablescape idea is genius. How easy is it to use the food as your table decor? The super long wooden tray is also kind of awesome, and makes this finger food look super appetizing. I’m wondering how great this would be for sports parties. Load up the tray with finger food, set it on the table (with drinks in the colors of the sports teams, of course) and have at it! What a simple yet great idea, if I do say so myself. You can even change up the napkins and tablecloth for different seasons, and make it simple or a little more glitzy if you need to! I think a glittery or soft metallic tablecloth would look nice for New Year’s or Christmas!

Tablescape Ideas Finger Food Tablescapes with Colored Drinks

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When the holidays roll around and it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving, keep the stress levels down. Judgy ol’ Aunt Carol will have nothing to say about your tablescaping skills or the rest of your home decor! You can turn that ordinary table into this in no time. All you have to do is take a few moments to think about what you’re going to do before you do it. Do you want lights like the ones below? Make sure you have the ability to do so before you start trying to weave the lights around. You’ll save yourself some stress, and still be able to pull off an awesome tablescape because you’re so calm and collected!

Tablescape Ideas Thanksgiving Christmas Holiday Meals Home Decor Buffet Serve Yourself


Take time to sit back and figure out how to decorate your table for Christmas or a birthday party beforehand, or have a go-to ‘scape for those last minute get-togethers. Similar to getting dressed in the morning, it can be easy to overdo it in the accessory department...the same rules apply when creating a dining experience. “Dress for the occasion” is the mantra I would stick to. I’ll leave you with the perfect outdoor tablescape idea for summer fun! Check out the box lunch inspo below! How great and easy would this be to pull off?

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Tablescape Ideas Boxes Box Table Brown Bag Lunch Red Napkins Outdoor Picnic Outside Chic Design Home Decor

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I expect invitations to all of y’all’s up-and-coming dinner parties to get a sneak peek at your tablescaping ventures 😉 Just kidding. However, I do want to hear about what you think of any kind of party table design—yay or nay? Tips and tricks are encouraged from those of you out there who may know more than myself! If you get stuck, check out interior design magazines for decorating ideas that always seems to help me! Share and comment below with your thoughts and centerpiece ideas!! Happy tablescaping!

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