Listen up, readers! I have 6 more awesome podcasts to listen to if you want to learn new things while you drive to work or exercise, and they’re pretty great.

Hello, readers! As you all know, I love to listen to podcasts. There’s just something about a good free podcast that keeps me listening for hours. I am a very auditory person, so I love being able to listen to podcasts while driving, walking to class, and even working on my charity projects! I’ve been over some of my favorites to get into, and a few more good ones I found along the way. Today, I wanted to talk about some good free podcasts to listen to that will teach you something. We all like to learn things, especially when we can learn those things while doing other things, such as writing a blog post about listening to said audio podcasts! These podcasts are fun, definitely not dry or boring, and will help you be smarter, and learn a little bit while you’re multi-tasking. How cool is that? So today, let’s go over some of those top podcasts, shall we?

Podcasts to Listen to Revolutions Podcast History Mike Duncan History of Rome

Revolutions is a history podcast that is kind of awesome. If you were the kid in history class that only wanted to learn about wars and revolutions, this is the online podcast for you! I always enjoyed learning about the reasons behind various wars, and what exactly went on during them. This podcast gives you all of that and more. Plus, it’s an easy podcast to listen to! The episodes aren’t too long, about 40 minutes each, and I typically listen to this one as I walk to class. Since it’s about a 20 minute walk, I can finish a full episode on my way to and from class. I can pretty much knock out 2-3 episodes a week this way. The good thing is there are a ton of episodes on this podcast, so you don’t have to worry about running out any time soon!

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Podcasts to Listen to You Must Remember This Podcast Karina Longworth History

From the logo, you can probably guess this web podcast has something to do with old movies or Hollywood. You Must Remember This by Karina Longworth delves deep into the hidden secrets and mysteries of old Hollywood. It’s a historical podcast, but this one is perfect for those who love a lot of mystery with their history. Karina reports everything she finds about different parts of Hollywood, mainly focusing on the first century of Hollywood. Sometimes she gets conflicting stories about events, but she explores them all and gets to the closest thing you can get to the truth in cases like these. It’s fun to listen to in the car or while taking a break from work.

Podcasts to Listen to Hidden Brain NPR Shankar Vedantam Science Podcast

I really enjoy this science podcast. Hidden Brain goes deep into why things happen, such as how we feel when we get on social media sites, how people spend their money and what that means about their personality, and so on. It’s really interesting because of how it digs down into the reasons why everything happens. Plus, I really enjoy the voice of the narrator, Shankar Vedantam. This whole podcast radio speaks to the social scientist in me. It scientifically answers all the quirky and interesting questions about life around us that you probably never thought to ask. The episodes are under 30 minutes too, so they’re great to listen to on the road or while working out.

Podcasts to Listen to How to do Everything NPR Mike Danforth Ian Chillag Information Podcast

This is another one in the NPR podcast network, but man they seem to have some good ones! How To Do Everything is that adulting podcast that we have all wanted. It literally goes through and tells you the best way to do anything and everything you could possibly think of. Need help quietly opening velcro? There’s an episode on that. Want crispier fries? They have one on that too! Have the desire to talk like a dinosaur? There’s an episode teaching you just that. It’s a brilliant radio podcast, and the episodes are around 20 minutes long. Just enough time to teach you something interesting in a fun way. There are a ton of episodes, too, so you won’t run out!

Podcasts to Listen to History Chicks Podcast Beckett Graham Susan Vollenweider

I love history podcasts. I love learning about the cool stuff in history. I didn’t like most of my history classes in high school (or in college, for that matter), but I love history podcasts like this one! The History Chicks are pretty hilarious, and they give you great historical facts in an easy to listen to way. The music is also pretty great. They go over the important things about women in history without getting too into the numbers or dates per se. Some of the women are real, some are fictional characters, but all are great! They are very passionate about history, and you can tell they love it. I think it’s the best podcast on history I have found so far. I actually have this podcast on right now as I type this!

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Podcasts to Listen to STEM Talk Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Podcast

Okay, STEM-Talk is not the typical podcast that I would choose, but I kind of love it. Normally, I‘m more into history, legends, myths, and fictional podcasts, not science and technology; however, this science news podcast has me hooked! Basically, every episode interviews someone important and fascinating in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. Dawn and Tom have great voices, and honestly the topics are fun to listen to because the people they interview are so passionate about their work. I was even captivated by the math episodes, and I don’t like math! But it’s always great to listen to people talk about their passions. If you love that, and learning new things about the STEM fields, this is the podcast for you!

There you have it, folks! Another awesome set of free online podcasts to listen to while you work so you can learn some new things. Do you already listen to one of these? What do you think about this set? Let me know about your favorites in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with those you know! And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image c/o Siddharth Bhogra on Unsplash