If there’s one thing that comes to mind when you imagine the 1950s and 60s, it’s probably pop art! And, pop art decor is still making its way into modern interiors.

Andy Warhol said, "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." I’m sure the pop art icon, along with others, such as, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist didn’t expect for their style of artwork to be considered a tribute to the 1950s. Almost all of their work can be easily identified with this period of time. Ask anyone that’s ever been to a 50s style diner, the style lives on!

Now, you’re probably wondering what on earth this has to do with home interiors. Well, I’ve spotted quite a few fresh and fashionable ways to incorporate this time-honored artistic style into the modern interior.

Pop Art Decor - Out with the old, In with the bold

Pop Art Decor Cow Wall Art Andy Warhol Interiors Green Walls Turquoise Accents Living Room

Via Decoist

These vibrant and colorful interiors are not for the modest! They have a lot going on if you know what I mean. That doesn’t mean they aren’t deliberately styled and organized, but they aren’t ideal for those who favor a monochromatic, minimalist approach. These prints of Andy Warhol’s “Cow” series are classic. You will find a lot of similar silk screen work in various colors. These pop art posters make great colorful focal points.

Pop Art Decor Colorful Dining Room Pink Chandelier Leopart Dining Table Flowers Purple Shelves

Via Decoist

This pop art inspired dining area is a lively mix of contrasting prints, patterns, and vivid colors. From the leopard print table to the hot pink floral chandelier and pop art wall decor, there isn’t a colorless spot in the room! All in all this dining area reminds me of the fashion designer, Betsey Johnson, but you definitely notice a Warhol reference with that Campbell’s tomato soup can strategically placed on the wall! No coincidence that Betsey Johnson and Andy Warhol moved in the same social circles in their early years!

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Pop Art Decor Bold Colors Living Room Yellow Couch Wall Art Area Rug

Via Decoist

Milton Glaser, co-founder of New York Magazine and the creator of the iconic, “I heart New York” logo, has a portfolio to impress. You’ll notice two prints of his own work, front and center, in this living room. Whether it’s the bright yellow sofa, the linear pattern on the area rug, or the dynamic posters, this living room has an energy and spirit that epitomizes the late 50s and early 60s.

Pop Art Decor - Kinda classy, Kinda sassy

Pop Art Decor Black and White Living Room Pink Flowers Folding Screen Throw Pillows

Via Matt Pecson Art

This goes out to the traditionalist with just enough rebel and sass to take on a daring interior! These interiors have a much more classic presentation. These aren’t as bold and striking as the previous images, but there’s definitely enough to grab your attention! If you know anything about Marilyn Monroe, you know she was a woman of her own time. These replica Andy Warhol prints are a genuine pop art classic! Many people refer to these images when asked about Warhol’s work, and they make great pop art home decor!

Pop Art Decor Chanel Wall Art Hallway Pendant Lights Fur Accent Rug

Via 1stdibs

Coco Chanel was flattered I’m sure that Andy Warhol chose her first perfume for this iconic piece. This piece honors Warhol’s past work as an ad illustrator. This pop art wall decor adds a feminine touch to an otherwise modern interior. It’s not overpowering or dominating, but instead creates a nice balance.

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Pop Art Decor Black Writing Desk and Chair Graphic Art Apple Computer Globe

Via 91 Magazine

A “masterpiece of melodrama” right above the work space? This is such a creative way to use Roy Lichtenstein’s “Drowning Girl” pop art canvas. This desk area is a lovely example of minimal chic. The grand picture frame acts almost as a bulletin board with bits and pieces of inspiration scattered about. I’m pretty sure I’d be able to get a lot of work done and feel great about working in this space too!

Pop Art Decor Contemporary Home White Dining Room with Chandelier and Graphic Wall Art

Via Veranda

How about a view of Roy Lichtenstein’s “Red Lamps” at the dining table? The quirkiness is a great tribute to pop art style and attitude! This classic white dining room looks like the perfect setting for fine dining. It has a regal chandelier, rich wooden table, soft linen chairs, but then a pop of contemporary art for stylish contrast!

Pop Art Decor - Modern madness

Pop Art Decor Bedroom with Pendant Light Banana Throw Pillow Modern Interior

Via Sight Unseen

It’s not just any banana! This funky pillow is an iconic reference to Andy Warhol’s album artwork that was featured on the Velvet Underground’s first album. It’s a fun and breezy take on pop art decor. You don’t have to worry about big picture frames or nails in your walls. It’s as simple as the toss of a pillow!

Pop Art Decor Marilyn Monroe Wall Art Bathroom Hardwood Floors Bathtub Plants

Via AD

So, we meet again Marilyn. This time the actress’ portrait is stylishly hung in this ultra-chic bathroom. How much more of a design contrast can you get? Somehow this contemporary interior blends perfectly with the vibrant hues of these Warhol prints.

Pop Art Decor Bathroom with Vaulted Ceiling Wall Art Pendant Light Skylight

Via desire to inspire

Another one for Lichtenstein! How fitting is this Lichtenstein “Woman in Bath” replica in this bathroom? It’s so open and relaxing that it genuinely looks like a home spa. I’m loving how Lichtenstein’s work makes great use of softer and cooler colors that enhance the space, instead of completely changing the atmosphere.

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I hope you not only enjoyed, but were inspired and maybe informed, by some of pop art's finest artists! Take note, that Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are just some of my favorite and notable artists of the pop art era. They are by no means the only two! Please share any of your favorite pop art icons and art!

**Featured image (L to R) via Zillow and Apartment Therapy