If kitchen is the name, color is your game! We’re cookin’ up kitchen color schemes you won’t be able to help but love. 

I am absolutely in love with color – especially color in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate a good monochromatic design. However, there is something about a pop of color that makes my heart sing. Today, I've chosen four kitchen color schemes that are definitely cooking up something good! 

Every kitchen has its own unique design and personality. Some cooking spaces are designed specifically for entertaining, some for functionality, and others to simply look pretty. So much goes into creating a beautiful kitchen and of these four it is impossible to choose which one I love the most (I am partial to the yellow one as my favorite color is yellow), but I am going to do my best to explain what I like about each. One thing is for sure—they all have a certain spunkiness that will delight any color enthusiast.

Each of these kitchen designs incorporates what I like to call color pops. That is basically just my way of describing a space with a white background and adding a pop of color. This can be done with the help of painting, appliances, cabinets, or other kitchen utensils and accessories. If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s that color makes us feel things. I don’t know what the science behind color theory is, but there is definitely something behind it. We can’t help but associate certain hues with different objects. For example: When I see blue, I think water. When I see yellow, I think of the sun. Color pops allow for different emotions or moods to be expressed. They also allow people to incorporate their favorite colors into their homes in a way that is not overpowering.

Kitchen Color Schemes with Yellow Oven Pop of Color Appliances Home Decor Interior Designs White Walls Modern Design

Via saucymom

Let’s start with the happiest of hues: yellow. There's one thing my mom always wanted and it was to have her kitchen wall color painted a soft, buttery yellow. Once her wish was granted, she said she just liked to be in there because it’s an instant mood enhancer. Though the shades of my mom’s kitchen and the one pictured are different, I think the effect is the same! 

The sharpness of this yellow oven is so bright that it makes the white walls and cabinets look extra clean and crisp. I thought it was interesting that the color is attached to the oven and doesn’t come from paint or art. It’s not every day you come across a large yellow appliance! Another perk of this kitchen is the broad, wide window! It's a great light source that constantly pours sunshine all throughout the area. Overall, the design is simple, but striking.

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Kitchen Color Schemes with Turquoise Cabinets Blue Cabinetry Pop of Color Kitchen Design Appliances Redesign Remodel Ideas

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Next up – blue! Personally, I think this was a brave choice because it covers such a large area, BUT it really draws the eye. The pop of blue against the white, crisp countertops gives this kitchen a playful and childlike feeling. By adding in the bright blue refrigerator and cabinets, the designer creates a uniformity that makes it impossible not to stare! Usually, I don’t care for matchy-matchy designs, but this one has an audacity about it that I just can't ignore.

Kitchen Color Schemes with Purple Cabinets Cabinetry Pop of Color White Walls Interior Design Home Decor Remodel Design Paint

Via Home Designing

I’m going to preface this by stating that this is probably the most unique of the four. This purple kitchen is out of this world. It has a futuristic feel that I find to be very cool. As soon as I saw it, I began to wonder what the rest of the house looks like and where the idea to have plum cabinets came from. I don’t think purple would be the first color to pop in my head when brainstorming kitchen colors, but I can’t say I’m not impressed by the results! 

Even with my initial hesitance, I find this design to be phenomenal. The space is open and wide, and looks like it can hold a large crowd if need be. With white floors and walls, the illusion of extra light floods this home, while the broad, tall window provides natural illumination. Wait! What is that above the sink area? Is that another window? This design is definitely utilizing as many light sources as it can and it’s perfect. 

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On another note, I LOVE the white table setting. I think it sets up a sharp contrast with the purple flowers that tie in with the cabinetry! The design was already clean and crisp, but with chrome appliances it is sleek, too. This design seriously makes me want to run out and buy as much purple paint as I possibly can and get to painting!

Kitchen Color Scheme with Orange Refrigerator Retro Fridge Pop of Color

Via Lushome

Last, but not least - orange! Feeling retro? Smeg is your go-to brand for appliances. They’re cool, classic, and full of color! There's no way to miss this beautiful celosia orange refrigerator. The intensity of this hue demands attention. It is the first thing I look at in this kitchen. Then, my eyes go straight to the colorful objects that are hanging right next to it. I think this eclectic design creates a fun aesthetic and I admire the courage it takes to have a bright, orange fridge. This kitchen’s design would be perfect for a young adult, possibly one without a lot of space. Not to mention that the orange color pop creates a sense of alertness and a feeling of joy. Who wouldn’t want that?!

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Take home message - I love me a kitchen with color!! Do you like your kitchens with a pop of color? After sharing our post, comment below and let us know what you think!

**Featured image via The Designer's Attic