Hello! It’s that time again where we announce our top 5 most pinned Pinterest pins of the month. Just like last month, it was an eclectic and awesome set of pins. Y’all have eclectic likes, and they really show with what pins you guys share! And, there was even a couple of repeats this month. Who would have thought we would have repeated pins? Wanna see what they were? Well, let’s get to it and see what was trending on our Pinterest in July!

5. Mirror Gallery Wall

This mirror wall is actually a work of art. The different textured frames layered on top of the reflective backgrounds almost makes it look like this is a wall of windows. Not only would this affect wow guests, but it would make any room seem twice its size. The attention to detail and slight asymmetry are what complete this look. Thinking about trying this for yourself? If so, place the mirrors facing a decorated or colored wall or else there will be no contrast in the reflection and it will just make the room look empty.

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4. Two-Toned Manicure

This DIY manicure was another favorite pin of yall’s! It’s a twist on classic French tips, but done off center and in black. Very modern and chic! It’s edgy enough to be bold and fun, but classic enough to still wear to work. Gotta love a style that can be worn everywhere, and can be created in the comfort of your own home! Plus, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

3. White Kitchen

There’s nothing like a crisp white kitchen to get everyone excited. This one has a little bit of that farmhouse element with that table, and then some eclectic elements with the light fixture and accenting on the chair legs. Really awesome, in my opinion. I love that the overall vibe of this kitchen is a stark, clean white, yet there are homey elements with the plant and raw wooden table. I just love it, and totally see why you guys did too!

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2. Black Cat Cake

It’s less than 100 days until the most wonderful time of the year and I am not talking about Christmas. Boil boil toil and trouble, this easy dish won’t burst your bubble. Make a cake so spooktacular that some people may actually believe you have magical powers. This awesome black cat cake is something I would die to have for All Hallows' Eve. Add some witch's brew (orange food coloring) and make the inside just as magical as the outside. If you’re cooking one of these up in your cauldron, make sure you place it on a black cake stand to complete the look!

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1. Home with Glass Curtain Wall

Our final pin of the month that was most saved by you guys was this gorgeous home. I can’t blame you guys at all for loving this wonderful cabin! I mean, check out the amount of space on the porches. There’s plenty of room to relax or have a small gathering with your friends. Plus, the glass curtain wall has to let in the best natural light, making it just wonderful to be in during the day. I would love to vacation here, especially with all of those plants around! This home is beautiful, and definitely worthy of being our most pinned pin of the month!

That's all folks, your top five pins from July. Follow us on Pinterest for some more poppin' pins to pep up your life! What was your favorite? Hit us up on Twitter, @FurnishMyWay, or comment below with your comments, questions, and thoughts.