We’ve got a special feature for you guys: our top 5 pins from last month! Take a few minutes to check them out and tell us what you think.

Hello! It’s that time again where we announce our top 5 pinned Pinterest pins of the month. Just like last month, it was an eclectic and awesome set of pins. And, there was even a repeat again this month. Who would have thought we would have another repeated pin? Wanna see what it was? Well, let’s get to it and see what was trending on our Pinterest in June!

5. Farmhouse Dining Room

Hello, gorgeous farmhouse dining room! Farmhouse style is so in this year, and this simple yet rustic dining room is a great example of how chic and neat farmhouse decor can be. I love the mix of the mismatched chairs and table with the crystal chandelier. It really gives a touch of glam to the space, especially with that button tufted couch in the back! I can totally see why you guys loved this pin.

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4. Little Boy with Bear

Oh, my heart! This is so stinkin’ cute. I’m reminded of watching old Winnie the Pooh movies and cartoons, with this tiny child carting around his oversized stuffed bear. It’s just precious, and you can tell he loves his bear very much because he refuses to let him go, even though he will get very dirty in the process! I also love how dapper the little boy is dressed. So cute, and really adds to the overall awww factor.

3. White Kitchen

There’s nothing like a crisp white kitchen to get everyone excited. This one has a little bit of that farmhouse element with the table, and then some eclectic elements with the light fixture and accenting on the chair legs. Really awesome, in my opinion. I love that the overall vibe of this kitchen is a stark, clean white, yet there are homey elements with the plant and raw wooden table. I just love it, and totally see why you guys did too!

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2. Gray Bedroom

Our second most shared pin was this gorgeous bedroom. I can totally see why you guys like it so much! It's been one of our top pins for the past 3 months! I think it’s wonderful. The wooden flooring, the soft, gray toned bedding and pillows, and the pom poms on the duvet are classic, yet fun. Add in the light bulb string lights and that glass end table, and it goes from soft and chic to having a hint of industrial flair. Just enough to add a new vibe. I would totally have a bedroom like this!

1. Home with Glass Curtain Wall

Finally, our pin of the month that was most saved was this gorgeous home. I can’t blame you guys at all for loving this wonderful cabin! I mean, check out the amount of space on the porches. There’s plenty of room to relax or have a small gathering with your friends. Plus, the glass curtain wall has to let in the best natural light into that cabin, making it just wonderful to be in during the day. I would love to vacation here, especially with all of those plants around. This home is beautiful, and definitely worthy of being our most pinned pin of the month!

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There you have it! June’s top 5 most shared pins from our Pinterest. Which was your favorite? Honestly, I can’t pick just one! I also love that there wasn’t an overall theme again, but an eclectic mix of pins. It shows that you guys love variety as much as we do. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below, and keep on pinning!