Work, work, work all day long, but that stops at the front porch swing aka the perfect place to relax...and you don’t even have to “pump” your legs. 

Hello, hello! Lately, the weather has been dreary and I’ve been longing for some sunshine and summertime. At the house I’m currently living in, I have a great porch swing that (in warmer temps) I would sit down and relax on with a glass of wine to close out a long day. Tangentially, if you’re looking for a place to have a conversation with a friend sans social media/technology distractions, the front porch is the place to be! Invite your favorite guy or gal over and swing for a bit. My boyfriend was my neighbor for a while and we would frequently do happy hour on the swing. As lame as it may seem, it’s actually very fun. I’m clearly easily amused!!

In a few short months, I’m going to be on my way to new places and that means I have to bid that cute white swing adieu. Because I’m me and love to spread good things around to y’all, I’ve bundled up some of my favorite (and maybe future) front porch seats so that you too might catch the fever and swing to new heights!

Porch Swing Repurposed Crib Upcycle DIY Recycle Candelabra Old Meets New Throw Blanket Home Decor Throw Pillows Backyard


This first one caught my eye for two reasons: 1. There’s a candelabra on someone’s front porch and 2. It looks like an old crib. After clicking on the link, I found that both of my observations were correct. What’s better than a porch swing chair other than one that’s a DIY made from an upcycled crib?!

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Porch Swing Fall Lantern Pumpkin Plaid Throw Blanket Light Fixtures Stone House Exterior Home Decor Interior Design Throw Pillows

Via StoneGable

I didn’t know before researching this post, but apparently traditional porch lights are out and fun lighting is in. Suspended lanterns above this festive fall swing take the cake for creativity! I love that the owner of this idea took advantage of the season while decorating her porch!

Porch Swing Black and White Exterior Straight Lines Greenery Stand Out Luxe Luxury Chic Black Shutters Cozy Home Decor Interior Design

Via LuxeSource

On a chicer note, take a look at this minimal black and white swing...It’s sharp, it’s crisp, and it’s got Kris Jenner written all over it. KUWTK is a guilty that I’m not proud of, but whatcha gonna do? I love that there are no armrests on either side of this patio swing. By taking them away, much has been added to the overall aesthetic. More often than not there's a place to put your elbows on a swing, but nuh-uh not on this one! In most cases, function is high on my list of priorities, but the only thing this seat needs to do is sit there and look pretty!

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Porch Swing Cozy Throw Pillows Colorful Tropical Beach Backyard Bright White Table Backyard Floor Cushions Exterior Home Decor Design


I know I’ve been using the reference “front porch swing” but that doesn’t always ring true. They belong in the front, in the back, on the sides...anywhere that they’ll fit aesthetically. Take this one for instance: clearly this is on a back patio and it looks awesome. Sometimes having a cozy outside swing like this one in the backyard is better because it’s more private and some might say safer! Doesn’t this have you longing for the tropics?! The greenery shading the porch swing cushions has me feeling all the feels.

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After seeing all of these picks can you agree with the fact we all need to spend some time swinging around? I can’t choose just one that I like because I love different elements of each. Maybe I’ll get really into it one day and design one with all of my favorite components. Which of these front porch swings is your fave? I’m eager to hear your thoughts! Drop me a line in the comments below!

**Featured image via Look Linger Love