Creating art from nature is always gorgeous. This printmaking art made by Erik Linton is no exception! Each print is handmade and perfectly unique, like fingerprints!

Hello there, everyone! Do we have a treat for you today! We received a special package in the mail and let me tell you, it’s one of the coolest art prints I have seen in a while. It’s so awesome, that I just had to write about it! As you all know, I love nature, plants, and everything to do with the great outdoors. So, to see a print made from a tree cutting, well you all know that I loved it! Today, I’m going to tell you all about these art prints, and the wonderful eco-friendly print artist who makes them: Erik Linton.

Printmaking Art Erik Linton Mulberry Tree Print Original Woodblock Print Real Tree Stump Art

c/o LintonArt

Erik Linton is a printmaking artist from Utah who uses his artwork to showcase his love for trees, nature, and the great outdoors. What started out as collecting leaf skeletons and transferring the textures onto paper grew into the art he prints today. Linton never intended to be a professional artist, and actually has a Master’s in Public Health; however, he sort of fell into it. “My art represents freedom to pursue my passions as well as my dependency on nature in a very literal way,” he stated. “It’s also one of the ways I would like to leave a positive impact on the world; by helping people see and respect the natural world around us."

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Printmaking Art Erik Linton 900 Year Old Juniper Tree Print Real Tree Stump Art

c/o LintonArt

One thing that inspired Linton to create this printmaking art is how nature seems to always persevere, even in harsh environments. His favorite piece at the moment is this print of a nearly 900 year old juniper tree. This tree grew on an exposed and rocky hillside for almost 900 years before it died, in an area that it should not have thrived in. And yet, it lived for centuries. “The tree rings are extremely tight which shows the tenacity of the tree to survive each year of its life,” Linton said. “It was already hundreds of years old when Columbus found the Americas. It witnessed the change of Native Americans to pioneers and of buffalo to cattle.” To be able to capture the intricate details within this tree’s life by printing its rings was a challenge for Linton, but he loved it.

Printmaking Art Erik Linton Grand Canyon Cedaer Print Tree Ring National Parks

c/o Linton Art

I love how unique this shape is! The hard work and care that goes into printing these tree cuttings shows how much Linton cares about nature. He only uses pieces from trees that have already fallen naturally, so no trees are cut down in his artistic process. “I have always felt a strong connection to nature,” Linton stated. When he was in college, he received a grant to travel to the Amazon Jungle to research some tribes that had intimate connections with the land around them, and that’s what really lit the fire of his calling. “I came to realize that all of us have intimate connections with Mother Nature, but in order to properly care for nature and the environment we have to continually find the wonder in the most simple aspects of it. I decided to use my art as an instrument to present common aspects of nature in an unfamiliar way in order to enhance our awareness of the beauty that exists."

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Printmaking Art Erik Linton Alaskan Cypress Print Tongass National Forest Real Tree Stump Art

c/o LintonArt

This print here is the one we have in our office now. Man, I love it. It’s just so pretty! This particular Alaskan Cypress fell naturally near the Tongass National Forest. It’s one of the most unique forests in the United States due to the vast diversity in the plant and animal life found within it. This national forest is one of many throughout the United States that Linton has created tree prints from. Some prints are of full cuttings, some are of roots of trees, and honestly I could not pick a favorite! They are all so unique, and reflect different eras and regions throughout the United States.

Printmaking Art Erik Linton Locust Tree Oversized Print Real Tree Stump Art

c/o LintonArt

When people look at his printmaking art, Linton doesn’t want people to think about him. “I want them to see Mother Nature as the true artist and me as more of a publisher.” He said. “I reveal the stories that have been written by the trees around us.” Each print is completely unique, showcasing the life of the tree the cutting came from. “You can learn so much about the tree and the environment in which it lived by looking at its rings. It is like a written language that we can learn to read.” Because of this, no two prints are alike, and make wonderful, distinctive wall decor for any home.

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Printmaking Art Erik Linton Trio of Root Prints Yellowstone Glacier National Park Island Park

c/o LintonArt

Linton’s love of nature and trees in general inspired him to create his art and show us the language of the trees. His passion and desire to interpret what nature has to say to us in a way we can understand is why his art is so beautiful. He himself claims to be more than just an artist because he is publishing what the trees have to say. He would rather people look at what these prints have to say and think about Mother Nature than acknowledge the fact that he is the artist behind them. A common phrase he uses to describe his art is “ostranenie,” which is a technique of presenting common things in an unfamiliar way as a means of enhancing perception of the familiar.

You can find more of Erik Linton’s print art at the websites below!

Instagram: @linton_art



There you have it! A look into the life and art of Erik Linton. You guys should definitely go check out his work and support him! Which piece here is your favorite? Do you like one that I didn’t share? Let me know in the comments below, and share this wonderful art with all your nature-loving friends and family. Keep up with Linton’s art because he has some new ideas brewing that sound amazing! As always, stay creative (and green!), my friends!

**All photographs c/o LintonArt

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