Being the pumpkin lover that I am, naturally I had to share my favorite designs with y’all, so that you too, can bring that autumn zest to your homes! 

Hello and happy autumn! Have you ever noticed that everyone always looks forward to summer when it’s cold and fall when it’s warm? It’s such a funny thing to me because it happens every year. I mean, I do it too, but can’t we just live in the moment, people?! But, with living in the moment comes a great responsibility to see beyond Pumpkin Spice Lattes and costumes and focus on the important things: pumpkin decoration.

From a decor aspect, you can go to the store/patch/side of the road, depending on where you live, and put a few on your doorstep...and voila! You’ve got yourself an instant fall decoration and you don’t even have to do any carving. Gotta love those simple and easy decorations! I have always carved pumpkins myself, though. As a kid, my mom would have me scrape out the seeds so that she could toast them for a delicious snack! Talk about YUM. That is still to this day one of my favorite things to eat in the fall! After scraping, I would carve away and attempt to make some type of face on the pumpkin.

Yes, pumpkin carving is fun but I wanted to do something a little different this year. Something that would really make an impression and complement the rest of the decor in my, I got to researching and looking around in magazines and on the internet and found a few of my new favorite/easy/non-carving pumpkin ideas!

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Pumpkin Typography Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Halloween Fall Autumn Home Decor Doorway Design Pumpkins Fun DIY

Via Beneath My Heart

Who doesn’t love a little typography? My favorite thing about this is the fact that it shows that Halloween (my least favorite holiday ICYMI) doesn’t have to be all about the scary stuff! It can be seen in a positive, friendly, and relatively humorous (ish) light. I love how this is very lighthearted, and you don’t have to try to spend all that time carving a pumpkin into that perfect shape. This way, all you have to do is paint! And did you notice the house number pumpkin? Too precious, and such a wonderful way to showcase your house number. Very festive!

Pumpkins Metallic Spray Paint Silver Copper Gold Rose Gold Color Sparkling Home Decor Interior Design DIY Do It Yourself


In this case and pretty much every other one, metallics are a go! This look was achieved by spraying a few layers of glam-in-a-can/spray paint directly on the pumpkin until you cover that orange-y glow. I really like that the stems were left unpainted, as if the pumpkins just grew and turned metallic all on their own. Or maybe even by magic? This must be what Cinderella’s fairy godmother got to work on when Cindy was in need of that horse drawn carriage. Fairy Godmother, if you’re listening, does spray paint come with a prince, too? We’re all curious here.

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Pumpkins Glitter Pumpkin Fall Autumn Home Decor Sparkles Interior Design Orange DIY Do It Yourself

Via Sweet Paul

On the subject of things that sparkle, glitter pumpkins are where it’s at. Dig deep for that inner diva and get to DIY-ing because this sparkly ball of fun is about to take that fall pumpkin decor to the next level. Andddd if this isn’t the color scheme you dreamed of, you’re in luck because glitter comes in about 97 colors! So if you want a yellow and purple polka dot pumpkin, you can totally do that (and please send pictures if you do), or you can theme it after your favorite horror movie (which could be totally awesome) or superhero movie. The possibilities are endless. But I do fancy the way this one dresses up the orange...very fall-y! And so simple. How easy is it to find orange glitter in the fall? Super easy. So this is perfect!

Pumpkin Design Home Decor Halloween Black and Orange Metallic DIY Texture Interior Design Holiday Decorations Fall Autumn

Via Grandin Road

Let’s up the ante a little and talk about these black and orange beauts. My favorite part about them is that not one is like the other. Different sizes, textures, patterns—you name it, it’s different. They are totally chic and gorgeous and I think I am in love. What could be better than black and gold pumpkins? If you find out, let me know. Gah, these are too pretty to be just pumpkins! I am dying over the black pumpkin that is front and center, half dipped in beads! Which is your favorite?

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Pumpkins Paint Pen Sharpie Calligraphy DIY Artistic Ability Creativity Halloween Decor Thanksgiving Centerpiece Do It Yourself Home Decor

Via CountryLiving

Last on my list of new finds, and I must say my favorite, involves the simplest of tools: paint pens and spray paint. This DIY is SO easy which means everyone should love it. Pick a pumpkin, pick a base color of spray paint, and pick a paint pen. That. Is. It. Well, that’s all the picking you have to do at least! You can do any design your heart desires and I’m sure it will look fantastic! A cool chevron like above? Perfect. Maybe you like polka dots, stripes, or even stars? Dude, go for it. I bet it will all look amazing. And you don’t have to go with the white base, you can go with whatever color you want! Have fun with it. Personally, I love the white base and gold design. It rocks. But you can do whatever you want with this, and that’s why it’s awesome.

Oh fall, how you’ve been so deeply missed. I cannot wait to pick up some pumpkins and get going on these no-carve pumpkin ideas! It’s going to make getting ready for fall and Halloween super easy, and I’m so excited about all the different possible pumpkin designs, I don’t know which to do first! Honestly, for purposes of snacking, I’ll still be cutting into one, but it will be sans face. I’m just in it for the seeds!

Which of these pumpkin designs will you be trying this season? All of them, perhaps? 😉 Share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they can have awesome decorated pumpkins like you! Also, I want to hear from y’all! Talk to me, below.

**Featured image via Just the Bees Knees