Pumpkins are a great theme for an autumn wedding! Check out these nifty decorating tips so that you can maximum your pumpkin themed wedding! 

Howdy, everybody! There’s something about autumn that's just super romantic. Maybe it’s the cooler weather? The gorgeous fall foliage? The hayrides and pumpkin patches? Maybe it’s just the season itself (cue It’s the Time of the Season by the Zombies).

Autumn is the perfect time to get married because of these aforementioned reasons. Now, before I write anymore, I just have to clarify that I am not engaged nor am I getting engaged. I do, however, have a private Pinterest board dedicated to autumn weddings. Is that weird? Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway! We’ve established that I love all things autumn, and fall weddings are no exception. With that in mind, I want to share a cool wedding theme idea with all of y’all who are getting married: pumpkins. Pumpkins are perfect for a fall wedding because pumpkins are the epitome of fall! So, if you’re getting married sometime in the autumn months and are struggling with some wedding ideas, let me help you out!

Pumpkin Themed Wedding with Fall Foliage and Pumpkin Wedding Aisle and Entry


Let’s start with the wedding ceremony. When your guests show up to your wedding, you’re going to want to make a statement with your entryway. Check out this gorgeous wedding aisle. It’s covered in fall foliage and lined with pumpkins. The pumpkins are what make this entryway pop! Can you imagine walking down this aisle? So beautiful.

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Side note - let’s say you aren’t getting married but are looking for pumpkin decorating tips. Lining pumpkins along the outdoor sidewalk that leads to your front door is a great way to incorporate them into your autumn decor! They’d look super cute and gorgeous if you have autumn leaves and fall foliage scattered around your yard. Your neighbors would be super jealous!

Pumpkin Themed Wedding with Outside Pumpkin Aisle and Oak Tree Background

Via Southern Weddings

If the first entryway wasn’t your style, I have another option for you. This wedding aisle is decorated more simply, but don’t be fooled - it’s still just as beautiful. I love this wedding site in particular because I love huge oak trees. This wedding aisle is similar to the first one in that the pumpkins line the aisle; however, this is the type of fall wedding you’d see in the south because it is sans autumn foliage and leaves. But that’s okay! This wedding aisle is just as gorgeous!

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Pumpkin Themed Wedding with Pumpkin Holding Wedding Rings

Via Tulle & Chantilly

How cute is this baby ring-bearing pumpkin! This is such a nifty little way to hold your rings. Could you imagine presenting these rings on this little guy? Imagine the photos! Tie the rings to the pumpkin stem with a ribbon that matches your wedding’s colors (just like they did in the photo) so that your ring bearer doesn’t lose those precious gems.

Pumpkin Themed Wedding with Pumpkin Wedding Centerpiece and Orange Flowers

Via Happy Wedd

Don’t worry! The pumpkin decor doesn’t have to end even though the ceremony has! Let’s focus on reception decor. Table centerpieces are a great way to incorporate pumpkins. Doing a quick Google search showed me that there are so many different ways to make a centerpiece, so you can browse around and figure out what works best for you. This pumpkin centerpiece is my favorite because I really love how the pumpkins float in the water and are adorned with orange and red fall flowers on top. This centerpiece is simple but very chic and will definitely capture your guests’ attention.

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Even if you aren’t getting married, this is a great centerpiece that you can put on your entryway table, an end table, or even your dining room table! Be creative with your pumpkin themed decor!

Pumpkin Themed Wedding With White Wedding Cake and Pumpkin Groom and Bride

Via The Budget Savvy Bride

We can’t forget the wedding cake! This wedding cake is super simple but so cute. I love that the cake is all white because it highlights the pumpkin bride and groom. Isn’t that just super adorbs? You can actually DIY these little pumpkins and save yourself some money! Just order a basic white wedding cake from your baker and on your wedding day, place these little guys on top, and you’ll have a cute pumpkin wedding cake!

Instead of #SquadGoals, we are now #SquashGoals! Pumpkin decor is perfect for an autumn wedding! But if you aren’t getting married, take some of these ideas and try to spin them in a way that you can use them for home decor! Pumpkins are perfect for all types of decoration. Be creative! Let me know how you’re planning to incorporate pumpkins in your fall wedding (or decor!) by commenting below. Share this post with your friends and marvel at all these pretty pictures and ideas! Remember, #squashgoals!

**Featured image via Dskylight